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In Progress X-Piratez! Ironman! No spoilers! Oldschool X-COM Total Conversion with mutant amazon pirates. Death to the star gods!

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
Priest shenanigans like that are why I usually smash my own entrance somewhere less exposed, though it'd be a bit tricky if you're taking morale penalties.
Definitely a tactic I don't use often enough, the only mission I do it on regularly is the brothel. Will try to do it a bit more in the future.
I think the Cutlass might outperform the Bandit Knife on all the Ubers you have now, even accounting for accuracy and TU cost.

Also, I dunno if you know but the Pipe adds 1.25 of the base damage as Stun on top. So if Slut rolls 50 concussive to HP, it then adds another 60 in Daze on top. Its better than the Ax against anything you'll face for a long time.
Didn't know that about the pipe, nice tip. Though I think I sold our pipes off. Will keep the next ones we find. Re: Cutlass, I think it's one of the best melee weapons we'll have for a while, but sadly it belongs to the 'traditional' category, and that is the one title I'd really rather avoid building up. Actually, do you know of a stabbing dagger type weapon that doesn't give trench fighter? That's another annoying one but I'd like to get some dagger training on an ogre in the future to build up reactions. Also, in regards to the pipe (or any other weapon) does that stun damage occur independantly of the hp damage? Like supposing an enemy has like, 45 armour and we roll 50, do we get 5 hp and 6 daze damage? Or would that be 5 and 17? I should just test it once we get brainer outfits...

Cheap, plenty, has radar, nasty fucking stats, they should be everywhere really
Ooh I forgot about the radar. Bought some to help us hunt down stragglers. Though what I really want is a pack of

I never actually played X-piratez so I am going to vote for somewhere near Jerusalem

I actually tried out some starts nearby, but it's actually a troublesome area. We would either get a start in the Theban Empire, which has a whole special arc I know little about and was worried would get us killed in a lame way, or some no country starts that also include persistent income penalties. If there's a next time, I'll try the Theban start though, it's one of the interesting ones.
Have me as a gal or peasant cap'n, let's call her "Belém Belle", one of my future descendants. Give her a pleasing brown-skinned appearance (is curly long black hair a thing here?), because that's what true northern brazilian beauty is like.

Anyways make me into some Zone Stalker dude or somesuch, please.

Make me an Ogre and have me carry one of those terrain smashing tools if it pleases you. And maybe a weapon that gives strength condemnations too :M

If you add me as a gal, I'd like her to be called Dolores. From the latin word for pain, "dolor".

Will get everyone added in as it becomes viable. We've had kind of bad luck finding random gals to recruit so far and I don't want to give you all slave soldiers that can't contribute much, at least not before we unlock the dojo.

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
See, Global Warming is beneficial. That 200 infamy will be over $60k at the end of the month, suckers!


Not sure why this was requested (and don't want to know, best guess is it leads to nun outfits?) but it was quick and we've got some more brainers now, so here we go. Maybe I should start posting these instead of the in mission screenshots. Alternately, I could post the stat block version, which we also get when we research a captive or a monster carcass. Let me know if anyone has a preference!

And we got this as a freebie research for the interrogation. Nice, since it spared us from losing the damned thing, and it is one of the important early game researches, oddly enough.

Behold the power of SIX brainers. Yeah I feel like even 20 wouldn't be enough right now. The fact that they're so expensive really makes cash tight in the early game, which I like. Makes decisions on how much to spend on crew, vessels, buildings runts and researchers feel really impactful.

We've got about 5 more pages of stuff that's not even on the immediate todo list as well, although some of it probably should be. We don't actually need stun batons any time soon for example, while that builder's hall contact is pretty important.

Our second of the 4 big early tech branches is finished. Ironically, we didn't rush this for access to weapons.

But rather because it leads to this. It has double exclamation points for a reason. This is, without a doubt, the most important tech in the game. If you don't pick this up you're severely handicapped, as it unlocks a pile of easy, incredibly lucrative missions and special rewards.

This is going to be a recurring pentalty each month, or possibly more often than that? I think it's just random. Anyways, there's probably a tech to mitigate this at some point down the line, but we're not anywhere close to it yet.

We also researched Craft Weapons, which lets us get the statblocks for a few of the primitive ones, including our glorious light machine gun. It's, uh, real fucking bad. I'm pretty sure we can craft primitive weapons more effective than this.

Shipping like this is very tempting to fly at and try my luck. Our trucks could even catch something this slow. However, ships don't necessarily move at their top speed. This thing could very well have a top speed of 800, meaning even if I sent our much faster airbus to just get a visual on the damned thing, it might get caught and shot down. Since our truck would probably run out of ammo before killing anything this big, and we lack the means to kill the 30+ crew it probably has, I let it and all the other traffic go by unharassed for the moment. Which is a shame, because I'm pretty sure at least some of it is primitive ground couriers that are basically free loot, which will stop appearing before long.


Our third of the big 4 techs. My personal favourite, it unlocks a lot of primitive tech, including some excellent early weapons and armour options.

I kind of wish more of you were clueless newbies that could offer suggestions that weren't just outright optimal gameplay. The game has so many ways to go about things. My personal bent is to pursue animal skinning, as it'll lead to some nice body armour and cold weather gear. But we want pretty much all of this pretty soon.

Another critical research- or so I thought. It didn't actually unlock what I thought it would. I think we need fire first, to get alchemy and then proper booze production.

:shittydog: (Though I forgot to actually buy some until just before I made the post. Next time! )

I took a shot of this tech because it illustrates the freedom and branching paths the game offers. I personally think the bounties are the best option for early craft weaponry (It includes a gunship that is a cut above the thrashed helicopter referenced here) but these all seem pretty valid, aside from perhaps the 'Krazy Hannah' contact, which seems like it arrives way too late in the game to be a viable option. Maybe it was easier in a previous build, or I'm doing something wrong. Whatever, don't care. We'll be aiming for either repairing the bird or getting a gunship from jack, depending on our luck with missions.


So those money purses we keep looting can be opened in manufacturing to split it into individual coins. I was kind of stumped for a while though, because doing this with the money purse results in a lower final sale value. I've since figured out why this is a good idea though.


We've had nice luck for random events so far. Not amazing, as there are some really spectacular ones we could get, but we haven't had the terrible ones either. It's entirely possible to just suffer over 1000 infamy losses to random events like this in a single money, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and putting us in danger of outright losing. The fact we've had reasonable random events has meant I can focus more on loot than infamy, which helps a fair bit.

I'm not sure, but I suspect the game is suggesting here that we send an expedition of some sort to Thebes at some point to unlock some special voodoo related missions? I've never actually tried that and don't want to be spoiled on it, but the game feels pretty mysterious when I see stuff like this. I assume once I do figure out how it works getting voodoo up and running much earlier will be a real option.

Here's a list of prizes we can get immediately from doing bounties. There are 3 different factions we can run bounty missions for, and the prizes unlock the option of purchasing/researching these things, rather than simply being one time rewards. Of particular interest is the pirahna, suppressed pistol, and mutant martial arts. However, the Piranha is in conflict with another potential use of jack's tokens, so unless the game blesses us with a lot of his missions, we probably won't see it for a while. Acquiring these also reveals newer, more expensive rewards.

We've had a very quite month so far, basically racking up a lot of tech without any missions to go on. That's fine for now though, we're not under much pressure at the moment, and have more research options than we can shake our considerable stockpile of sticks at.

This bad boy is what can let us win those ground races. However, it also requires a hangar. I'm reluctant to replace either our trucks or the airbus at the moment, and we can't build a third hangar just yet.

Another key piece of technology that is easily overlooked. Without one of these built in our base, we won't be able to research some very important things.

At long last, a mission! And one that should reward us with a new gal! A fellow escapee at that, which means much better starting stats. Having enough able bodied crew on hand to take these missions is an important consideration, as if we start losing members and stay too wounded to take these, we can fall into a death spiral.

The map is quite tiny, and the presence of this little bunker implies our foes are probably of the two legged variety, rather than a horde of scorpions. Which is lucky, because critters tend to have a huge advantage in night missions.


Ah, this is probably our first significant threat we've encountered. Well, aside from the priest, but those don't show up in groups. Aside from having some actual guns fairly often and some light body armour, these guys have a special property: Spotter. If they get shot, they immediately learn the position of the attacker, and can return fire even if it's beyond their vision radius. It's guys like these that will prevent us from simple setting up firing squads to overwatch everything into oblivion in later missions.

Son of a bitch! A secnd gunman nearly takes down Masochist Slut from the shadows. It's not often humans get the drop on ubers in a night mission, but cluttered terrain like this can make it a lot more likely.

I think she came within 1 hp of falling unconscious on the spot, which would have been especially dangerous, as it would mean healing her would put her right back into the line of fire without any TU's to run away.

I pull her back to the shuttle to get patched up where she loses enough blood to fall unconscious. However, I made a blunder here; I didn't pull her far enough inside the craft, so when she got back up, she was standing stupidly outside the craft, vulnerable to being finished off.

Luckily she simply falls unconscious again and so won't be a target. The gunman that shot her is proving elusive though, which has me very worried.

We find another highwayman on this hill south of the bunker. Javelins, researched and manufactured courtesy of violence, are incredibly potent early game weapons with 150% base accuracy and up to ~90 damage in the hands of a gal near her default maximum stats for throwing and strength. The drawback is that they burn 30 stamina per shot, but they're perfect for missions like this against a handful of more dangerous foes rather than a swarm of cannon fodder.

The mission is dragging on, the last foe frustratingly difficult to find. This is where a couple dogs would have been very helpful, even if they would be likely to get shot and die. Certainly would have been preferable to our gal being shot. Morale is starting to get low as well. Thankfully our rogue outfits at least prevent us from losing extra freshness each round, which can be crippling if you bring heavy armour into the desert.

We finally found the bastard, standing creepily near our napping comrade. Enemies can actually pick up items from the mission gear stash in the ship, which can be disastrous if you bring along some really powerful stuff as a last resort for nasty surprises. Luckily, we aren't exactly hauling around a supply of rockets just yet.

As the loot screen attests, we didn't even get a god damned gal. The whole mission was a boobytrap! Argh! What a waste. Masochist is going to be in bed for 2 months.

At least our stats continue to grow. I think all 4 of the gals we sent here got the following title. Yes, we get stats as a reward for having stats. :balance:

In significantly better news, we've unlocked another important tech: Cave Hunts! We can now send our army of runts into the nuclear sewer beneath our base to go scavenging and hunting critters. They don't risk dying, and will provide random loot, albeit requiring an investment of 835 runt hours for each trip, once we factor in expended supplies. A big opportunity cost of profits for sure, but worth it in my opinion.

This setup should produce the supplies at a rate to match them getting used up. Hopefully we see the desired result soon.

Another lore dump. Again, the game has way, way more than this. I'm just posting the stuff most relevant to the plot, such as it is, or more general overview stuff. Or ones with funny writing or nice pictures. I think once I get the weapon summaries done I'll do a huge encyclopedia dump post without commentary, so anyone interested without the time to play can read the lore. That won't be for a while yet.

Our head brainer has given us a second, less insulting personality test.

This is actually an aspect of the game I don't understand yet. If we keep telling her to fuck off, we'll eventually be declared a 'Perfect Captain' and get some free infarmy. However, we'll still receive random events that indicate we're lacking certain personality traits. And researching any of the more specific options gives us entries for those traits and, AFAICT, heavily influences the random events which can have multiple outcomes. For example, an assassin can show up, and some options seem to make it likely we beat the crap out of her, while others have us naively get poisoned instead. I feel like it might be an important and viable choice, but maybe it's just 90% fluff. And I like not knowing, at least for now. Maybe I'll look up the answer after I feel like I've squeezed most of the juice out of the game. For now, I'll leave it up to you guys to decide what sort of captain we'll be.


Another bit of bizareness I don't get. The game seems to imply that if I take our airbus (or maybe a larger ship is needed?) and land it in a country getting 'big spikes' in shipping, I'll... do something good? Improve monthly income from that nation? Get infarmy? Avoid some sort of penalties?

I've no idea what consitutes a 'big spike' in any event, as the graphs tend to be clusterfucks like this. Is it just the red one from the first month? Have I not seen one yet? Shipping can get much higher, I know that. I feel like this is a non-issue that will become clear once I manage to research hyperwave decoding and can see what their ships are actually doing as they fly around.

Our base is still shabby, but it's looking a little better. We've got plenty of room for crew now, a mess hall, and several spots to build over to rapidly construct some important new facilities once we research them.

And I've researched our first real gun that isn't a rusty pile of crap. We'll buy a batch of these and keep them around for when they're useful or can get easy target practice.

The last of the big 4 branches is unlocked as well. This one is undoubtably important, but most of it's fruits feel like more longterm investments, aside from repairing the little bird.

We also get a proper description of the unique lab our base is home to. Because of it's overwhelming efficiency for providing research space and the fact that a lot of stuff requires it to be built or researched, it means abandoning our initial base or using it as anything but a dedicated research facility isn't much of an option in the near future. The that access lift in the middile of the layout, it also heavily incentivizes us to build a third hangar and make it our interceptor hub, though maybe there are better ways of utilizing the space.

Despite our focus on research rather than finding new loot to research, our options have only balooned. We've got half a dozen pages of stuff not shown here as well, and half of that is likely to either unlock more research or be an important thing that impacts our gameplay. For now, I'm going to try aim us towards acquiring sniper rifles, armour and cold weather gear, a training dojo and even more income. We've found the chitin plates we were looking for in the cave hunts, which means some light armour will be on it's way before long.
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Jul 17, 2023
ꑭ ОШБр
'traditional' category, and that is the one title I'd really rather avoid building up.
I didnt understand what Traditional meant lol. Avoiding cause of Energy Recovery malus? That -5 after 200 kills? You'll collect enough TU by then to offset it, part of it with Slasher even. It doesnt really matter.
You can skip a turn and recover 33 Energy on a 100 TU gal by default, right? Whats -5 in the grand scheme of things?

What you might or might not want to avoid is anything that drops Freshness per Turn in combat... That would put you out of commission quickly. This cannot be easily recovered.

Actually, do you know of a stabbing dagger type weapon that doesn't give trench fighter? That's another annoying one but I'd like to get some dagger training on an ogre in the future to build up reactions.
Dont avoid commendations. You earned them! Let it happen... naturally.

Also, in regards to the pipe (or any other weapon) does that stun damage occur independantly of the hp damage? Like supposing an enemy has like, 45 armour and we roll 50, do we get 5 hp and 6 daze damage? Or would that be 5 and 17? I should just test it once we get brainer outfits...
You can look it up in Anal if you want to. But Pipe and Wrench (concussive dmg type) have a toStun multiplier that applies to damage past armor. So a 50 roll vs 45 armor would have been 5 hp and 6 daze.
Weapons of Daze dmg type roll daze vs armor and have a little (or not) toHealth multiplier. So a Ball bat rolling 55 daze vs 45 armor would do 10 daze dmg and 5 hp (0.5 toHealth).

You dont need the brainer outfit if you are not really ironman - in a sense that you can reload - just whack your own unit.

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
voiding cause of Energy Recovery malus? That -5 after 200 kills?
Eh, it's not the only source of that malus though. And even -3 can be pretty significant if your recovery is hindered by enough things (weather, freshness, equipment, smoke). No fun being on the low stamina struggle bus, especially when using melee or thrown weapons, or trying to keep enemies from shooting you to death with your evasion.
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império do Brasil
So Cave Hunts are useful? I thought they were useless compared to harvesting Hellerium in free moments.

Chitin is good, you can make Chain Armor with it. And that is just excellent for melee fighters. It will allow you to do missions vs melee critters like rats and spiders with minimum casualties. Chain Armor for melee gals and Warrior for Snipers is a helluva combo.

Rusty Niner is not a bad starter gun, I recommend researching it and getting the Shiny Niner and its magnum loads, Shiny Niner is the best early game autoloader pistol IMHO until you get the Handcannon, Big Iron, Manstopper and Confederate Eagle, it has decent weight and decent magazine size.

I never used Javelin in my games, only Bow. How does it compare to Bow?


Sep 6, 2007
When you don't have good tech high strength/throwing girls are gigastacy killing machines compared to virgin Plain Jane guntoters. The early bow isn't very strong (usually) but throwing axes, javelins, fuso knives to sunblades etc really take dudes down and use fixed TU allowing for multiple ranged kills on the same turn. This is even more true with +TU gear, especially
hyena rider.

My only base assault so far was early game before I had good shit, arms or armor. Ecce:


12 kills, including one CYBERDISC taken down by a little fuso knife. Later in the mission she got shot in the back after running forward and doubling back by a cyberdisc she couldn't see (fucking how?) while walking through a door fortunately. She was on fire with 12 fatal wounds. I was able to sprint a girl to her and save her with healing over the course of two turns. The next turn she gets up, picks up all her gear. The next I got another girl into a jam because I thought the mission was about over. Island Typhoon injects crack and sprints halfway across the map, throws a fuso knife through an Osiron Sec's head and ends the mission. Out for 65 days afterward. Saved only by the bit of plasma resistance on Aggressor armor. The base also had a VIP but I didn't know what the fuck that was at the time so I just killed her because my girls were in danger and I deemed a capture too risky. Been kicking myself over that ever since.
Slightly spoilery but not really.


Feb 22, 2021
Javelins and most other throwing weapons are really just melee weapons with a ranged attack when you get down to it, very strong.
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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
We finish researching underground missions and get this nice tip regarding a bug as a result. I'd prefer the bug simply not be in the game, but hey, at least we've been forewarned.


We also finish our research of the chitin plates. Sadly, our chitin armour won't look nearly as sexy as this.


Our month actually rolls by with so few missions (at least ones we can handle) that we can't quite make our budget. Fortunately we're only about 100k short and have some extra loot we can sell stashed away still.

Cave hunting complete! Not a bad haul. You can get some other stuff too, but it's mostly meat and chitin, with the chitin not usually being quite this common. 34 plates is enough for 5 suits!


Our income might not be up to snuff, but our infamy rating is still passable, fortunately. The crew will grumble with that kind of score, but not outright mutiny.

More time goes by, more research gets done. Recruiting peasants is now an option. We'll probably get a small cadre of them together as well at some point. They have their uses.

Another long term penalty we'll have to deal with, this time due to our starting location rather than a research choice. This is basically an irrelevant nuisance though, 50 infamy is really nothing.


And we get offered our first bounty mission!

It's the easiest one by far. The bounty missions do tend to be more interesting than regular missions. They tend to involve gimmicks like allies, time limits, gear restrictions and so forth. This is a particularly unique one: We're tasked with damaging a building without injuring any of the farmers hanging out here.

Target acquired.

I generally find grenades too awkward to use for real combat, but they'll do a good job here. Mission goes off without a hitch.


Not exactly a big haul, and we get no experience, but it's free money and a handful of tokens in exchange for 3 grenades. Not a bad deal. We'll be needing hundreds of tokens though, not dozens.

Amusingly, the result of having a low infamy month isn't even always bad. RNG gonna RNG.

We start researching some accessories for our vessels too. We can't get anything crazy yet, but they can help us reach certain missions or maybe scout out some targets.

And at long last our research of scale mail is complete. There's a normal variant as well, but this one with the shield offers an extra 5 frontal armour, some extra resistances (basically immunity to small monster bites) and a massive boost to melee evasion. Assuming a gal with 100 REA/MEL stats, we're looking at -70% chance to hit from anything adjacent to her, and even more than that for ranged weapons at that range. This is what makes melee not just viable, but valuable.

While we're discussing gear, a comparison of our two best pistols:

The niner is perfectly serviceable, but the blackmarch is only 1 less point of damage in exchange for some significant benefits. Not listed is that the blackmarch clips hold 18 shots instead of 9. Considering we can burn through 7 in a turn with snapshots (or 6 with a niner) that makes a big difference in time spent reloading. We bought half a dozen of these, and we'll put some to use in our next mission.

Another shambler hunt! We go during the day to make finding and being found by our targets faster. Our doggos also make their debut here. We sadly can't bring many on our bus, as they count as crewmen, and the site was too far to make the trip by truck.

Our trusty companion's most useful weapon: annoying our enemies into submission. It's actually not half bad, given they have 100 TU's to work with and it bypasses armour.

The plan is simple: lure the dumb brute into our firing squad, where reaction barking from the dogs will eat the rest of it's TU's and freeze it in place before it can attack.


Success! Round one goes just as planned.

Round 2, however, hits a snag. The shamblers have better reactions than I gave them credit for, and manage to get into melee range before being barked at. And once in melee range of a dog, it'll choose to beat instead of bark, which won't drain TUs.

Oasis789 goes down, but luckily it's mostly stun damage.

Our doggy on the other hand isn't so lucky. 30 less armour and 30 less max hp lead to drog dying in his first mission. RIP doggo. We'll avenge you with firey suffering.

Some more xp to the pile, including a fair bit of reaction points for the dogs. Perhaps if they live long enough they can become real warbeasts.

Not exactly the kinds of condemnations we're looking for.

Though worse ones certainly exist...

One of the many, many variations on the visitor event. No prisoner this time...

But we get a free research instead! There are a TON of these lore dump researches, generally acquired from books or interrogations.

Meanwhile, our actual research plods along. A fair number of this kind of spoiler researches exist, where you get reasonable specific but not precise directions on what you should be doing to hit another tier of technology. Although it took me quite a while to realize that a stun baton qualified as a 'special tool' I needed to research before I could unlock electricity. Somehow we were disassemling computers before that breakthrough, which had led me to believe we already understood that the zappy stuff was.


More primitive tech as well. This unlocks some fun options but probably nothing we'll use. There just isn't a lot of practical use for a big twohanded sword, as it's wild overkill for pretty much anything we face right now.

Huh, that's small and slow enough we might actually take it out! It's moving in the right direction too. Trucks away!

We can assign pilots to our vehicles, and theirs stats influence the combat. Gnomes make excellent pilots. The gal is along for the ride largely because she might receive stat exp from the combat, and piloting is the easiest way to raise bravery.

Well, we're still faster than it, so it's not some secret death squad. Lets get a visual.


Oof. Not a courier, but a bandit car. Well, we're already here so we can give it a shot, but I'm not optimistic.

Yeah, this isn't going to work. We can soak a lot of rockets, but our piddly gun can't even get through it's armour when it does hit half the time.

This is the sort of random event referencing our captain's innate qualities I referred to before.

There's a few of these tongue in cheek 'anti-hints' that get given to you freely over time. Though this one kind of reflects my actual feelings on the subject, as sending out vessels to simply scout terrain has never given me any results AFAIK. Perhaps it requires a much longer time investment. When we get another base or two up and running, I'll try make some expedition parties to just hang around and see if they find anything after a month or two.

We've unlocked the option to buy some armour for our boys. Still pretty crap, especially compard to our new scale mail, but it'll let them survive a hit, maybe, from the front.


Aside from the on foot expeditions, this tech unlocks a more abstract one as well, where we buy a 'recon expedition' object from the black market, it sits around in our vaults for 40 days, and then we get some loot and intel back. These are pretty hit or miss, but they can potentially find us uber gals we can recruit, so I'll be investing in these in the hopes of bolstering our ranks, since we've had crap luck trying to find them in missions and didn't pick the tech option that lets us buy them.

Another bounty misison! Sadly, this one was far enough away that we ran out of batteries before we could get there, and it despawned on our way back before we could refuel and slap an extra battery on. Oops.

More irritating random events. Come on, give us the good stuff!

We finally get another viable mission: Yet another church robbery. We're still short on gals, so we bring a few dogs in their place. Dogs have a handy inbuilt motion sensor function:

This time the priest isn't hiding in the church. He pops out an unloads a tommy gun at one of our merely 3 gals on the mission. Kinda sketchy.

Luckily, we only got hit once or twice. That frontal armour is invaluable here, saving us a ton of potential damage taken.

I opt to charge in at him, rather than hoping our pistol can take him down at range. Once there, we shoot him point blank a few times, putting him down. Pistols can still be deflected in melee, but the chances are much lower, and our own decent melee stat helps overcome that chance as well, even when using firearms.


Our dogs have been doing the heavy lifting when it comes to scouting, but they've been paying for it. Andhaira here is our last one standing, and he goes down as well, shot dead from offscreen. 30 hp and 5 armour doesn't get you a lot of survivability vs guns.

This church has it's own little side entrance around back. Very helpful.


Gah! I thought this was a safe little indoor room, but there was a line of sight to a railing above, where some goon tossed a molov down on us! We lose our turn and pass out, but fortunately survive.

Shrine maidens aren't always harmless. This one popped out with a niner and got a few shots in before the mission ended. Again though, armour saved the day.

Kind of a shitshow overwall, but at least we didn't lose any gals.

Bringing fewer people on missions has it's advantages when it comes to earning commendations. These multi kill types tend to not be all that powerful, but they do add up.

RIP We hardly knew ye.

Another bizarre one.

Ah, we get one of my favourite missions! No more time for today though, I'll have to run it tomorrow.



Feb 22, 2021
Oh yeah I forgot about picking the captain personality, I know a lot about the first choices but not so much about the second ones. Pick Cunning Captin! A captain must be cunning as well as brutal after all.

Er, if there's still time to choose.


Sep 6, 2007
I reckon if you're going to conscript Codexers without their permission the gnome ought to be MerchantKing. X-Piratez does not feature turnips however.

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
Our glorious quest begins! We've only got 2 gals standing, but with chitin shield outfits and some knives, that's all we need. Little fuckers can't hurt us at all. Theoretically, they could eventually whittle down the armour, but it'd take dozens of hits, and their accuracy is about 10% from the front.


On the other hand, they can outright kill a gal in something like a rogue outfit if they get behind and inflict a dozen wounds in a single turn. Armour is critical to trvializing this mission.


Fortunately the map isn't too big, because after a few turns of slaughter, the rat morale breaks and they start aimlessly wandering around instead of coming to us. And unlike humans, rats don't qualify for surrender, so we have to render every last one immobile.


Nice chunk of infamy for slaying a bunch of rats. Shame we couldn't save the kitty. They can spawn anywhere in the cave, and are suicidally aggressive, so it's rare I manage to save any of them.


We get some nice melee training out of it, but the real prize...


Are the titles. Splitting ~30 kills between just two gals, using melee weapons at that, gives a bevy of titles and their attendant stat gains. Including one that gives increased armour, which is acquired by killing 'monsters' with melee attacks. Sadly, imgur deemed that picture to be thoughtcrime.


This, however, is apparently fine. Not often you get to kill 11 in a single mission.


We have declared ourselves to be a cunning captain! We receive the following traits as a result:




Interrogating a highwayman has given us intel on some of their craft. We'll have to keep an eye out for targets moving at or below 125 knots at low altitude.


We've also begun researching our mysterious hull. It'll be a while before that pays off, but I figured I'd get the ball rolling.


Another plot related event that always seems to happen.


Along with a warning. Never seen these yet, hoping they're a lategame threat because the prospect of losing our earth lab or something is terrifying.

Our worst month yet, I nearly didn't have the cash to make ends meet. Hopefully things pick up soon.

Since we're so light on crewmembers that can actually fight worth a damn, I've decided to invest in some force multipliers.

The downside to these ludicrous stat buffs and immunity to being wounded and bedridden, is that the gal takes up 4 slots on a vessel, will end up naked in a base defense, and is a great big soft (albeit bulky) target for enemies. Still totally worth it if we can only field 3 gals at a time because of wounds and lack of recruits.

We get another shambler mission! Not the most lucrative, but we can pull some value out of them now that they've been researched. And we've even got some cold weather gear:


The bad news is, I once again forgot to load the trucks with said cold weather gear. We got lucky though, and they spawned right next to us. We bumrush them, and while our new hyena rider doesn't have a melee weapon or bow to exploit the massive pile of TUs, she does have a bite attack that will do in a pinch.


Our agressiveness gets a gal and a dog clubbed. Gandalf will be fine, but the doggo sadly perishes.


One of the other dogs grants a title by accidentally barking at our hyena rider when it somehow missed the shambler. kinda weird that attack isn't 100% accurate.


2 more live shamblers acquired! We can't do anything fancy with them, but live animals give much, much better rewards when butchered. Shambler stew for everyone!


A big milestone in our techtree. Sadly, we are severely lacking in the funds to build these.


We get a great bounty mission next. This one is pretty barebones, basically just a search and destroy against some weak thugs. But it's for Jack, whose tokens are hard to acquire.


Our roster is still in terrible shape, and we're down to just 2 dogs from the 5 we started with. Even so, this should be easy enough.


We find the mission target hidding behind a window with an SMG. Should be easy pickings.


Motherfucker! I tried to circle a dog around the hills to the south and he still sniped it with a snapshot from like 15 tiles away. Those truck headlights are a deathtrap. RIP Planetar.


Our truck turret easily turns these buildings into swiss cheese, revealing more enemies.


And oasis is able to pull off some hit and run tactics with our new trusty steed. Sadly still has godawful throwing skills, but the spear will be more than accurate enough.

5 enemies? No problem. Stab stab stab.


Another nice chunk of inarmy in exchange for the life of a dog. Hopefully there's no SPCA faction. We got plastasteel too!

Exp gains for the hyena rider seem very slim consider the number or kills. I expect that's a balancing factor, since it's so much easier to rack up kills. Something to consider, and won't be a problem in the long run once we hit out stat caps.


And titles are certainly easier to acquire while riding around!

Probably the first result influenced by our 'cunning' choice of personality. I've never actually seen this result before.

This looks like a mediocre haul, but animal poison is actually a bitch to get this early on, and unlocks some nice weaponry.


We also research fire. This also unolocks a lot of nice stuff, and is required for workshops later on.


We've found another slow moving target. I decide to risk scouting it with our airbuss, which has 850 top speed now with the overcharging purchased.


Welp. That's not a civillian craft. First time I saw this I thought it was a giant whale, as it kept showing up over the water. It's a necropirate zeppelin, and we definitely can't take it on right now. Those fuckers throw dynamite and are tankier than shamblers. The zeppelin probably hosts about 20 of them, along with a turret or two. If we DID take it down, it'd lead to some superior aircraft, but we're in no position to attempt that.



Feb 22, 2021
They've been around as long as country start bonuses at least but you do need to research (named) dogs first before you get animal riding, so they're a bit out of the way.

Starting in Turan gets you 3 of them and a fast way to get more if you like that idea, although Dio did add some events to troll players who go that route...
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Feb 24, 2007
A rare mission type. We don't have the troops to attempt this though, and I can barely remember what it involved (only attempted once and got wiped.)


A simple watchtower mission can be handled with just 2 gals though. We brought our last dog along as well. There's a nice QoL feature where units revealed by radar leave pings on the map when you hold down alt for the rest of the turn. Z level is ignored, but even so, quite helpful.

A large ship has landed nearby. We won't be able to shoot down such a vessel any time soon, so this is a lucky (albeit risky) chance to loot such a vessel. It's even nighttime!

Hmm, it appears to be a mining vessel? Not the most lucrative find, but will be lightly guarded too, and the vessel itself will no doubt include a lot of nice loot like scanners and engines.


Holy mother of god what the fuck is that. It vaporized one of the expendable slave soldiers I brought along.


Well shit, I've never seen one of these before. I probably should fuck right off in case one with a rocket launcher is nearby as well, but I'm also tempted to try take it down and get an awesome alien weapon.


The power of flaming arrows reveals that this fucker is not alone, however.


I've encountered these before, and they have hundreds of hp and armor in the 60+ range. Realistically we can't scratch these guys except with melee.


These are a bit more managable, but yeah, in these numbers, this is a hopeless scenario.


So much for our 'lucky' encounter. At least we didn't lose anything important.

At last, we have a gunship. A terrible, fragile, slow gunship, but it's still better than the trucks. Well, we also don't have it yet, we need to build the fucking thing. But we've got the parts for it, as it's wreck was found in the tunnels under the base via research.

Still a shit weapon but way, way better than that LMG. Craft weapons have a 100-200% damage variance, so it can even punch through a bit of armour, provided the target isn't shooting back.


We get another important tech too, which will let us start turning that rubble we excavated into gemstones. Not as profitable as making grog, but when you factor in the cost of removing the rocks it consumes, it's worth doing. Plus if we don't need to sell the gems, we can probably use them for something later.


Another mission I'd sorely like to take, but our hands are in rough shape still. Ideally I'd like 6 well trained gals or 4 trained and ~6 middling recruits. And better gear.

Well fuck me, it's not gals but something arguably even better!

Hell yes! We'll need to interrogate them before we can recruit them, but it'll be a quick process.


Not quick enough to try this mission though. Which is a shame, I've never done this one and would like to give it a shot.

I finish another oddball tech in my now frantic attempts to unlock Gambling. Never had this much trouble finding it before. Glamour is an odd resource; we get it for finishing missions quickly as well as some other stuff we unlock later, and it can be used for a variety of things. It's kind of like fame. We could also sell it, but that seems like a desperate choice considering how useful it can be.


Research complete! These guys are basically slave soldiers, but with better starting stats and a pair of special titles you can't acquire through combat.


Cleve will be the first of them.


Having titanium bones has it's advantages. Cleve won't be going down easily.

After some bad events and a mediocre month mission wise, I decide to research Bonding Ceremony, which I know will give us a small infamy bonus.


And this unlocks Chataeu de Mort! What the hell?! This is a big find that will increase our income a lot.

We run another rat slaying mission and one of the cats spawns near us for a change. Busy indeed.


We even end up using a medkit on one of them, and manage to finish the mission with both of them alive! Nice! Our infamy and funds should be decent at the end of this month, I think.


Masochist Slut is back on the front line, but has clearly been traumatized by having to butcher the rats as they beg for their lives. War. War never changes.


Again, scads of titles for this mission.


This is another rare one, as friendlies are often in hopeless situations and behave suicidally. Very nice to get on Gals, who have very poor Freshness stat compared to other unit types.


Our other 2 zone stalkers have joined the party as well. As you can see, they won't be getting picked off by a stray bullet so easily, and make decent marksmen right off the bat. TU and Stamina still need a lot of work though, as does melee.


Cleve is ready to (de)construct some bunkers in the name of Codexia.


Or some churches as the case may be. This is probably the nicest one we've seen so far. I'm a bit worried about the priest up there though, he has a flamer and elevators are hard to approach safely. We end up picking him off with pistols from the shadows though. Even 20% accuracy is plenty when you have 3 people taking 18 potshots combined each turn.

Masochist Slut has a nice new weapon we looted from the rat basement. I don't know it's stats (I'm afraid to research it in case our brainers dismantle the thing) but it's one handed and very accurate, much more than the knife. I suspect it's quite good.


Cleave tanks a few bullets like a pro. 'Tis but a scratch!

Masochist Slut charges inside, and the temple has a very favourable layout for a melee assault.


A Savvy Girl found her way up top and equipped the flamer the priest dropped. Fortunately we had eyes on the location so this wasn't a nasty surprise, and she goes down without incident.


Not too shabby. Cleve will need a couple weeks to recover, but we got a good haul of loot and xp.



Another bit of luck. This could have just as easily been a -400 infarmy event or something.

And at long last, I unlocked Gambling. Apparently I had needed to research the Bag of Cash. Which I didn't want to do because the damned things sell for 180k and research destroys it. I should have interrogated some drug dealers instead and gotten it for free. But no matter. Gambling acquired!


This is why robbing people for blue credit chips is more useful than simply ransoming them for cash directly. Time to play some Gacha. The real expense here are those bounty tokens; we'll need 550 to unlock a nicer gunship, but this feels like the better choice right now.


See you next time folks!

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Feb 24, 2007
Behold our loot! Well, it's a two step process. We spin the slots for coupons. Then we exchange the coupons for the real loot, which is also randomized.

Copper tickets are the lowest tier, but at this stage, even they'll provide some good shit.

Dart pistols can be acquired from academy bases, but they're not common so this is a nice find. Combat shotguns will be good for poorly trained soldiers. The bow is trash, costing way more energy while being less accurate. It's main value is some special arrow types we'd need to research. And Fuso knives are excellent.

The ninja stars are also excellent. The explosive cannonballs could be nice in a pinch, if we end up in some weird situation where we need a ton of AoE firepower and don't mind destroying the loot. The X-Bow is a decent underwater weapon.

Electro-flares are great for night missions, much more practical than flaming arrows. We got a decent rifle too.

Make that three decent rifles. The Carbine is the lowest tech of the three, but arguably the most useful; it's incredibly accurate and gives sniper titles that grant a lot of accuracy. Stasis grenades are excellent for capturing tricky targets like giant spiders or other things that are likely to bleed out before being stunned. The gas grenades will be handy too for capturing weak enemies, would be great vs the church if I remember to use them.

Lastly we have the results of our 3 tritanium tickets, which were sadly a bust. The R-Rifle will be nice if we need to fuck up a tank, but those robes aren't useful any time soon and I don't know how to use the sonic pulsers, they're probably some kind of grenade we need to research to even prime.

Speaking of research...


Our money issues are essentially solved for the next few months. We can keep this up for 80 days before we run out of apples, and those aren't that hard to find.

Our newest psychopath weapon. Not sure if it's better than the battle axe or not. It's certainly powerful, at any rate.


More contact from our pen-pal.


We've got a decent balance heading into the next month. Depending on how it goes I might fire up a second base to use as a money maker. We're still very short on hands, so it'd be hard to defend. We've also yet to break the 2000 infamy threshold for the the next rank. I'm okay with that, as the higher ranks tend to bring more trouble than benefits, at least until we start exhausting our tech tree, which we're nowhere close to doing.

The recon expeditions have returned!


Like the slot machines, these are also a multi step process. First we had to buy them then wait 40 days. Next we debrief them, getting reports, strongboxes, and possibly some people. No joy on that front though.

The loot wasn't bad though. They certainly paid for themselves if nothing else, and the reports will get us closer to making some important contacts.

Truly we are a cunning master of negotiation to get free money like this.

Another tech that isn't useful on it's own but leads to some important things down the line.


Some people were discussing throwing earlier and whether it's useful in the long run. Yes it is, and this is why. Those arrows in the skill and power formulas? Exponent markers. For those shit at math that means:

50 throwing gives you about 62% accuracy and 23 damage.
100 throwing gives you 250% accuracy and 67 damage. Which is bananas for a weapon that takes one slot, weighs 3, and uses a meagre 16 TU's to fire. A hyena rider could fire 8 of these off and still have enough left to sprint an entire screen away.
150 throwing gives you basically infinite accuracy (you'd be over 100% even firing beyond sight at max weapon range through cover) and ~130 damage. Which is enough to fuck up a tank. 150 throwing would be hard to achieve, but isn't impossible with the right titles and outfit. Why the game categorizes these as 'joke' weapons is beyond me. A lot of those are actually really good.


We're starting to collect a lot of junk piles. Now that we have a use for chemicals (fuel) I suppose I'll having the runts start cleaning them up and see what we get.

Hmm, this might be doable. I think a lot of these craft with weird speeds are necro pirates. We've got the guns to take some down on the ground now, so lets see if we can start a fight.

That's a necroplane alright. Though it's the wrong colour. This might be a tougher target than I thought.

It is indeed. We get away safely, but we won't be looting any wreckage today.

Instead we find yet another church to harass. The game has been weird about sending us a ton of these. There are other missions to do guys, I swear!


Another bottomfeeder enemy we actually lose infamy for killing. They actually have a bit of melee evasion, but they tend to be armed with cheap pistols and have no bravery or hp to speak of. More annoyingly, they function as spotters. Fortunately the church doesn't have much in the way of snipers to take advantage. The Priest could, but he probably has a short range weapon anyways.


In this case, the priest had a shotgun. Melee is dangerous work, but the scalemail does it's job, and the extra armour from titles is helping too. This isn't even enough of an injury to warrant pulling back to safety.

Trying out our new rifles with the zone stalker boys causes a problem.

The game froze. Music kept playing, and it went ahead a couple frames after a minute or so but that was as far as it went.

Welp, fortunately the game autosaves every turn. As long as the whole mission isn't corrupted or something we'll be fine.

Apparently it saved after we took the shot? Whatever, good enough for me!

Over here we have a gal in a gym outfit showing off some kung-fu. This only works in a couple of really crappy outfits right now (it's essentially a weapon built into them) but I do think it's neat.

In practice, the main value of this is that we can target someone directly above in an elevator, or a body on the ground we want to keep from waking up without killing. The flurry thing is neat in theory, but because it's technically a ranged attack, it can be 'deflected' just like guns can. Not very easily mind you, but enough that it's not worth the risk when you can just punch 6 times.

Gym outfits give some bonus xp to your base stats (TU, HP, STA and STR) which is why I had it equipped to begin with. It's not for getting a scrub up to the level where they can at least equip proper armour.

We get titles for capturing people alive too, but they tend to be pretty lackluster compared to the difficulty of acquiring them. Still, every little bit adds up.

Not bad for a gal that started with 11 strength. Numbers must go up!


Jul 17, 2023
ꑭ ОШБр
150 throwing gives you basically infinite accuracy (you'd be over 100% even firing beyond sight at max weapon range through cover) and ~130 damage. Which is enough to fuck up a tank. 150 throwing would be hard to achieve, but isn't impossible with the right titles and outfit. Why the game categorizes these as 'joke' weapons is beyond me. A lot of those are actually really good.
Isnt it max range of 10m? You cannot throw em further, its blocked, there is no acc drop off. Which might be less than 10 tiles, I dont remember.
Free protip: No chance to pen a tank. If a tank has 100 armor, ninja stars roll vs 150 effective armor. And lose half the power because of tank stab resist, so down to ~65. Max 100 dmg vs 150 armor is not enough.
But dont believe me - you should try it out!
Everything is a joke in the game so no reason to believe anything lel.

Damned Registrations

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Feb 24, 2007
150 throwing gives you basically infinite accuracy (you'd be over 100% even firing beyond sight at max weapon range through cover) and ~130 damage. Which is enough to fuck up a tank. 150 throwing would be hard to achieve, but isn't impossible with the right titles and outfit. Why the game categorizes these as 'joke' weapons is beyond me. A lot of those are actually really good.
Isnt it max range of 10m? You cannot throw em further, its blocked, there is no acc drop off. Which might be less than 10 tiles, I dont remember.
Free protip: No chance to pen a tank. If a tank has 100 armor, ninja stars roll vs 150 effective armor. And lose half the power because of tank stab resist, so down to ~65. Max 100 dmg vs 150 armor is not enough.
But dont believe me - you should try it out!
Everything is a joke in the game so no reason to believe anything lel.
A: You're right about the range, I was getting them confused with javelins (up to 18 range if you can still hit) and blowdarts (power drops off rapidly after about 5 tiles?)
B: From what I've seen, heavy stuff like tanks actually tend to resist pierce (bullets) much more so than stabbing or cutting. Could be wrong about a tank though, stuff varies wildly. Throw in RNG on the damage rolls, and attacking from the rear where the armour is thinner... I'll be trying it out for sure, at any rate. I've taken an armored car out with a katana before.

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Feb 24, 2007
We've completed a third hangar, courtesy of our minecraft research. They're actually one of the cheaper things we can construct. For now we'll keep a car in it to hopefully win a ground race or two, but later I'm going to try keep an extra interceptor in there and see if I can take down some tougher craft by tag teaming them.


We get a potentially lucrative mission. Distress calls are exceedingly random. This one isn't from an uber gal (or pretending to be from one as the case was with those bastard highwaymen) so it can be pretty much anything. Government agents, merchants, catgirls, avademy students, church leaders, who knows. But they almost certainly have a ship and fewer than the usual number of guards, so it's a lucky chance for us.

This is an excellent sign. The guild are basically the merchants on earth. If there's a hostess here, it's not a mining expedition but rather some sort of courier or diplomatic party. High value targets are going to be here. Well, high value compared to what we've seen so far.

Time to put our tranq pistol to use. The hostess is obviously not a tough cookie, but she'll give some decent intel most likely.


We're also trying out a new outfit this mission, which we received with either the expedition loot or the slot machine, I forget which. It's a Theban Dress. Probably meant for some kind of voodoo practice but we couldn't research it. I've never seen one before so maybe it's rare and does something cool? The stats do not impress though.


Well shit, it has a built in healing function. A quick one too, 12 TU is next to nothing for wound healing. We might put some of our lower brave gals in this to train their bravery up.

It includes a stimulant too. Nobody got wounded so I couldn't test how strong the heal was, but it didn't cost much energy, just a bit of freshness. A very powerful tool if you don't mind the recovery time between missions.


Oh-ho! Look what we have here. Pilots often end up dead or missing when you shoot down a vessel, and obviously don't hang around outposts and such, so finding one can be tricky. This will unlock some new options for us.


The standard guild grunt. Better weapons than the low level bandits and street trash, but still terrible stats. They can be nice to capture though, as they can reveal some tech related to things besides shooting people.

These guys aren't quite as important as their title would imply. Another easy capture, will offer a better ransom and maybe a bit more intel.


These guys are lower ranked than the team leaders, but arguably more valuable, as interrogating them can lead to flak jackets and such.


In any event, all of the guild personnel have terrible melee skills, so standing a gal next to one essentially renders them harmless.


Easy mission, only killed a single enemy, and that was mostly because I got impatient.


A nice haul. No ship engines, sadly, but a few valuable objects and a lot of new prisoners.


Too many new prisoners in fact.


We'll sell off the savy girl and sharp guy.


Titles ahoy!



Hmm, this is just barely within our speed limit. It's very small though, so it can't be that dangerous. Let's give it a shot.


Yep, I expected that. Little fucker was only pretending to be that slow.

We can probably take this on. Our Gnome is giving the little bird some pretty decent accuracy and dodge bonuses.


Fucker! We'd have won I think, but we've got no way to catch them. Their actual speed is 420. To shoot something like this down with a slow craft we'd need missiles to knock them down suddenly instead of chipping away.

Indeed! :rage:

Hmm. This is probably a bad idea, but lets give it a shot. We've got 3 elite troopers, a gun specifically made for taking out armored cars, and some other decent grenades and guns besides. If turns out to be too much we'll just run the fuck away.


Yes. Definitely just a fruit delivery convoy. The bazooka is for, uh, 'security.'


I elect to show up during the day, since armored cars can probably spot us at night more easily than we can spot enemies. This turns out to be a good call; these street lights would have left us exposed anyways, and we lack the firepower to shoot them out quickly.

Khor rushes into the nearest building but falls as soon as he does. RIP combat doggo.

Well shit, never seen these guys before. That looks like a nasty gun and some decent armour. This is going to be rough.

This I was expecting, albeit not so close to our starting position, or in such a wide open map. Good thing we brough the big gun.


One of our slave soldiers attempt to chuck a hallucination grenade into the building, in hopes of getting them to start killing eachother. No dice. He not only misses the throw by a huge margin, he goes down in a hail of gunfire after making the throw.

I send the other slave soldier around the side to perhaps set up a good grenade next turn, but he also eats some bullets. There are a lot of enemies in there!

He does manage to see the next turn though, and lobs a grenade. Sadly, his strength is so low he can't even target the tank from there, and it's another useless throw.


Cleve takes the shot against the car. It's a direct hit, but the damned thing is still standing! Shit. There's not enough extra TUs to return to cover, I was really counting on that shot doing the job.

Cleve weathers a storm of bullets and manages to get inside with Pierre and Optimist. It's just the three of them against the world, now. Remember what I said about retreating before? Yeah, not actually an option. I can't find any escape tiles.


Oh! Err. Hello there. I forgot cars can move very far each turn. Excuse me while I just...

*Sounds of vault door closing*


Uhh. Nobody home. Try next door?

After using up SEVEN first aid charges, Cleve is at least stabilized. We're not going to survive another volley like that however.


Hmm, the car has moved on. Drat. Was hoping to get an easy shot off with our remaining R-Rifle round. Instead we find this brave door to door fruit salesman. We send him on his way.

Well, we'll have to settle for taking pot shots at the goons without wheels. They've even helpfully turned their backs to us.

We spot the car again, but it'll cost 25 TU for a snapshot, which would leave Cleve exposed outside with no way to get back. We'll hope for a better angle.

Optimist is racking up the kills. Honestly, I'm surprised the enemy morale hasn't broken. These guys have balls of steel.

He takes a shot too, but from some smaller guns that don't inflict nearly as much damage. Even so, the wounds need to be patched or he'll bleed out eventually.

There goes the last of the first aid kit. We've got 2 bandages left, with 2 charges a piece.

Pierre spots the car on his way back inside after taking his pot shot. This might be as good a chance as we can get.

No pressure cleve, but if you miss this shot we're definitely going to die, we can't make the run back to our gear in the open.

Pro tip: If you're going to destroy an armored car in melee, make sure you're immune to explosions.

With the car out of the way, I actually feel pretty confident. Most of the remaining enemies are armed with pistols and shotguns, not ideal weapons for a ranged shootout.

Our rifles, on the other hand, are pretty ideal. Though cleve just has a shotgun and a knife to his name at the moment.


The other reason to be confident is that our super soldiers here regenerate health over time. Between that and their unbreakable morale, things should turn in our favour in the long run. Freshness is a concern but even that probably won't take us down before them.

Generally 22 turn fights are a bad idea. To be fair, this one hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped either.

We suffer some more injuries.

And with this one, our healing supplies are exhausted. We're still regenerating for now, but the next hit we take will but a clock on the mission before someone dies.

There are so many of these fuckers! It's a good thing we brought spare ammo.


The bastard unloaded his smg multiple times at point blank. Our melee skills were too low to deflect it, and our reactions too low to gun him down before he finished firing.

RIP Optimist. You shall be avenged!


Jun 18, 2018
My team has the sexiest and deadliest waifus you can recruit.
Welp :salute:

Sign my junior identical twin up, should you get a slot/ chance

The first time I was playing blind and encountered an armored car I had nothing on hands that could damage that darned thing other than a hammer. One gal charged it, put in a solid bonk, got gunned down, and next turn another one ran up to the corpse, picked the whacker up and turned the tonk into scrap metal. Quite a memorable experience.

I don't think it exploded then, though. Could the explosion be random, or dependant on how is the armored car destroyed?

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