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In Progress X-Piratez! Ironman! No spoilers! Oldschool X-COM Total Conversion with mutant amazon pirates. Death to the star gods!

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
I've always done the same. Is there actually a specific slavery decision point? I always assumed it was just another tech on the tree you're supposed to get.
I don't know, but I do know having a Gnome in your 'inventory' that you haven't recruited yet can trigger a minor event. So it's at least theoretically possible that having or not having slaves could likewise trigger an event. If anyone wants to share the answer, spoiler it, I don't wanna know.

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
We open up our new run with another easy farm demolition. 70 apples is a great reward for such a trivial mission.

We research Nepotism, which will let us give Oasis a permanent +15 max freshness. This is yet another layer of gameplay that lets us make ridiculously strong soldiers in the long run, with enough investment.

Interrogated one of these guys hoping for some more fuso tech, but no dice.

We have discovered that that moon is not, in fact, a moon. Probably good to know. Not like we can get there though.

I'm honestly kind of flabbergasted we still haven't hit 2k infamy at the end of a month. I've literally been forced over that threshold while TRYING to stay low infamy in the past, by like month 3. The game is really screwing us over with missions.

Six months have now gone by and we haven't had a single young uber or castaway as a mission reward. Insanity. I should have seen half a dozen by now, easily. This must be related to the 'male touch' tech tree, it's either that or some kind of cosmic scale RNG curse. Thank god we haven't lost any of our start gals yet.


Huzzah! We lasted at least half a year.

Shitty, there's a common version of this event that rewards us with space suits. Ah well.

Damn, this was a rough one.

I finally get around to researching these, which unlocks electronics research. Sadly, that still won't be helpful until we also find a nailgun to unlock proper workshops. Also, like, 2million dollaros.


Well, it's not my favourite mission, but we can get some tokens here at least.

We got some nice terrain for this one. The city is a ruin so the lights are all off, and these guard towers give us some great overwatch potential.


Or, alternately, 3 enemies with shotguns could swarm out of the nearest building and unload all their ammo on our scantily clad melee gal immediately. Fuck.


Looks like Slut is going to end up bedridden for another couple weeks at least.

At least we had plenty of energy and space to pull back for healing.

I'm not going to put her back on the front lines, but she can whip these poor unconcious bastards to get xp for the mission. Yeah, that rewards xp for some reason.

Managed to catch an image here of an enemy firing shots inside the fog of war. In this case, they were firing randomly all around them, which indicates they went crazy. Always good to see.

The last few enemies go down easily enough, just being some smoothie and bugeye traitors. The bugeyes can be dangerous, but this one only had a pistol.

Well, uh, at least Gandalf got some bravery?


These ones are basically harmless, with a mere 1 extra tile of nightvision over a normal human.

These fuckers, however, have 20 NV, the spotter trait that lets them share that info with other snipers, and Sense 3, which lets them detect us through walls and ceilings. They can really fuck us up when we think we're safe. Probably the reason Slut got ambushed, I bet one was on a roof somewhere.

Maybe I should be researching more of our loot to boost infarmy? That shit is impossible to track so I've no idea how much of a difference it actually makes.

It certainly didn't give us any helpful info. Cute turtle though.

Another issue we've had shit luck with is the shipping. Normally I see a lot more craft landing nearby to ambush and steal engines from. We've mostly only seen armed craft and stuff moving between cities. I suspect this is just how traffic tends to be in europe. My more successful runs were in more remote areas.

Fuck. Well, I'm getting desperate, so lets try anyways. We do have that 14mm gun now so maybe we can-


ABORT ABORT holy fuck those missiles are strong. That was a single hit. Infuriating. The trucks might actually be the way to take those down, I suspect they could tank their ammo supply.


Another fairly shit mission. We can probably handle this, but it's be a fight against like 20+ bandits holed up in houses and barns and shit surrounding us. We'll almost certainly take injuries and we can't afford to not have a team ready to go for a lucrative mission.

Our big rock smashing project is finally done. This was an immense amount of labour, but it opened up a ton of vault space for us and got us some random loot.

Hmm, I'd say that's pretty lame except we got a mystery box. Those things sell for 666k dollaros, and what they have inside is so good I'd never even consider selling one. We actually got lucky to get one this way I think. Sadly, we can't open it right now.


We can at least open the old earth weapon boxes. But these were really mediocre. Nuke buckshot sounds cool, but it doesn't fit in the more useful shotguns. Bah.


We finally got around to interrogating the air sailor. This doesn't unlock new aircraft for us yet, but I suspect it's a prerequisite. For now it lets us research test flight, which is a repeatable research that gives us tips related to aircraft, like how the combat works and such. Very useful, but we don't have the brainers to spare right now.

Here's a nice one to finish though! These things are a tad awkward and expensive to carry around everywhere, but we can bring one with us on missions and leave it with the gear. Then if anyone gets really fucked up, we can have them run back to the bus to get healed up.

Another training option. All our zone stalker dudes should be eligible for this, I'll have to sign them all up, that +4 str makes a big difference for normal humans like them.


There are a few events like this that give you penalties for ignoring critical research. Our head Brainer isn't wrong here, we really need to get our research going. We just need money to do that even more. I've been working on turning the second hideout into a money farm, but it takes quite a while to set up safely.

Fuck. I'd really rather not risk getting our only gunship blown out of the sky, but I'm getting desperate as we fall behind in tech and infamy. Hopefully this is just some lame mining ship that won't fight back.

Fuck me, even better! It's a ground courier!


It doesn't even fight back. Hell yeah! Never actually caught one of these before.

Well shit, that's not an unarmed civilian. At least these guys are fairly weak...

Welp. These guys are NOT fairly weak. They've got spotter and sniper, and good long range rifles. Good morale and hp too, just generally solid enemies.


Did I mention they like grenades? Yeah. These fuckers carry tons of grenades and throw them constantly. Since they know where you are if you shoot them or their henchman, it's pretty much impossible to avoid getting hit by them without some superior overwatch covering fire to just kill anyone who gets anywhere near us. Obviously, we can't do that with just 6 people and a white picket fence.


On the bright side, we're so tanky we can survive a grenade.

On the downside, there's no fucking cover in this crash site, no buildings to snipe from, and our male soldiers have shit nightvision so they can't reliably hit targets further than shotgun range. ARGH.


Did I mention these guys have good fucking weapons? Because they have good fucking weapons.

This fucker here just ate 4 bullets without going down. Nasty rifle shots at that. Just shit RNG really, these guns can roll all the way to 0 damage I think. We can't tell until I research one, and I'm not destroying our best guns to research them.

Oasis started a fire over here after switching to the incendiary smg we won from the ratmen invasion. I'm generally not a fan of start fires nearby to reveal our position, but in this case it let modron line up a killshot from a screen away. Nice.


Worried about more grenades, I decide to spread these two out a bit after they healed eachother. Energy is a problem now too since injuries cause it to recover more slowly.

Motherfucking grenades! I can't even find the guys throwing these. They're probably behind full cover, tossing them over walls after we got spotted by a third party or with lingering knowledge from someone we killed.

Luckily, we have another gal nearby. There are only 4 wounds, so if I heal 1 for +3hp, that should keep her alive at least one more turn while I drag the body back away from whoever the fuck is killing us.

Average Manatee must have been down to low single digit hp and died from the overstun damage. Motherfuckers!

Meanwhile, on the east flank, oasis eats a hail of gunfire shot through a window. Thank god for that armour or we'd be dead for sure.

I finally spot the convoy itself. There doesn't seem to be any turrets or anything at least.

There are, however, SO MANY FUCKING ENEMIES. Did I mention they suicide bomb us too? Yeah, that's a fucking thing. This asshole dropped a grenade at like point blank and died from it. Pretty much everyone is wounded now, except cleve.


Cleve, who is now out of TUs and like 4 tiles away from an enemy with an assault rifle. Great.

Luckily, Modron makes some hail mary shots and takes the fucker down from beyond line of sight.

Oasis ends up losing consciousness. She should last a while longer at least, but she's far from everyone else, and enemies have ran up between us an her.


Like, a lot of enemies. God damn I would not have done this mission knowing what I do now. Way too fucking risky. But we're too invested now. In for a penny, in for a pound.


Gandalfina is getting closer. The fact that she's our only gal left, and doesn't have enough energy to sprint there is a huge problem. The men don't have nearly enough TUs to move that far and administer healing or pick her up and bring her back.


I didn't catch it, but some fucker was firing an energy weapon at us from this field. Cleve tossed a flare over to reveal them, but no dice, they must have moved.

Hah! We found him after all. Fucker has a scary looking gun, but Optimist takes him out.

Last bastard is hiding up in the corner here. Time to end this.

Son of a bitch, I've never seen one of these before, and I've raided their bunkers and shit. That's a nasty melee weapon. I'd like to capture him, but I'm not risking a vibro blade in the ribs of our last gal.

Cleve solves the problem with a gas grenade. Seems a touch poetic.


There were 24 of these bastards. God damn. We got a lot of infamy.

And we got some pretty good loot. I don't know what a 'wyvern plasma gun' is, but I bet it hits like a truck. I do know that those scoped carbines are awesome, the supply boxes can carry gunship ammo, and that RCF/EP ammo is electical and good for capturing people with rifles.

We even got my favourite title. All the best shit on here.

But damn, even with all that, this was our worst mission to date. We lost what were hands down our two best soldiers. I'm pretty sure they had more kills between the two of them than everyone else we've ever had combined.



And just to give me an extra heart attck, our base gets attacked AGAIN while our ship is on it's way back. Thankfully, it was blown to bits before it could land.

I finished the socializing tech but still no onsens. I know social hierarchy is important for some contacts though. I think our tech bottleneck might simply be our low rank. Aggravating.

Fuck. Zombie hordes give plenty of infamy but if there are some of the special types we might get totally fucked. Do I risk it? I think we have to at this point. Really wish we had some nun outfits...


Jul 17, 2023
So I just read how the Spotter/Sniper mechanic is implemented nowadays.
Every Humanist Soldier is a spotter and sniper now... You hit/kill one, you instantly become visible to everyone on the map and can be fired upon without LOS.
Can I de-enlist from melee duty? Cause this is fucking retarded... :lol:

You should abuse fire, smoke, lighting, grenades... the whole shebang.
Losing original ubers to humanists when you cant even recruit hands is bullshit.
Jan 7, 2012
:negative: RIP

Seems to be the standard way to go, you're king of the world for a few dozen missions till you suddenly hit a brick wall of unfathomable power.

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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
Heh, yep, the humanists are fucking bonkers in that scenario. Not sure if all the courier convoys are like that or we just got shit luck, but that was an even rougher army than that stupid gun runner mission. In my previous games I didn't really tangle with them until I had like 60 frontal armour on the melee squad and people that could 100% snipe them dead from 30 tiles away and then hide behind cover, and a squad of 10-12 instead of 6, showing up in a warship with proper hatches.

I'm still holding out hope we'll recover and rule the world though. We're on the cusp of a whole bunch of things that will be huge force multipliers. New ships, new training, new armour, new buildings. Just need to not shit the bed for a bit longer.
Can I de-enlist from melee duty? Cause this is fucking retarded... :lol:
Too late now! Well, I'll start training other skills too. You're still definitely the one I'm throwing in front to try and evade stuff though, your melee skills is too high to ignore now. But I'll stop trying to use melee on missions where it's a terrible idea.
Are you repeating interrogations on the same enemy types? How do you know when to stop or what are you looking for?
I don't know for sure, but I do know that eventually you can finish learn everything a subject can be interrogated for and it will no longer be an option. Aside from that (which we're not there yet), I'm mostly waiting to see some low level stuff I've seen before. Like, I know an academy medic can give you intel you could have gotten from a nurse, but it's not a full overlap. I just don't want to get like, "Survey mission" or "Armored Ambulance" when I research a medic when I can get that from the nurses.


Dec 3, 2008
So I just read how the Spotter/Sniper mechanic is implemented nowadays.
Every Humanist Soldier is a spotter and sniper now... You hit/kill one, you instantly become visible to everyone on the map and can be fired upon without LOS.
Can I de-enlist from melee duty? Cause this is fucking retarded... :lol:

You should abuse fire, smoke, lighting, grenades... the whole shebang.
Losing original ubers to humanists when you cant even recruit hands is bullshit.

Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

Damned Registrations

Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
We got a couple of these from our recon expeditions. We'll turn the second one in for a little bit of mutant bounty tokens.
imgur already axed an image from the update before this one.
Interesting. I'd assumed it scanned for titties right after the upload, but apparently not. Weird. They were smooth captives, basically a generic term for human babes.


Oct 9, 2012
great, killed by wolfensteins. where is bj blazkowicz when you need him

Damned Registrations

Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
So, I remembered to check the Sargeant Training option. Sadly, it's useless right now. We can't afford a recovery time of 16 days for such minor stat gains when our roster is so thin. Aggravating.


Also aggravating is where our ship landed on this zombie mission. It's not even close to being worth the risk of losing someone here, so we take some potshots and then take our leave.

Doing this is infamy neutral, and nets us a bit of xp at least. It's a shame we didn't have the tools needed to clear them out, as these missions are basically massive amounts of free infamy and xp when you do.

Another assassination attempt outcome. Haven't gotten any of the ones where we get poisoned because we're an idiot, so my captain type influences events theory seems to be holding up.

Loot from the 3 supply crates we got from... somewhere. I forgot already. Nothing exciting here anyways. Dynamite is powerful but basically impossible to use with our current team. Shame we haven't gotten any catgirls yet, they excel at making use of bombs.

Another zombie hunt, another shit landing position. This one is slightly better, so I give it a shot though. However, after a single turn, they've closed in to this position. Zombies are incredibly tanky. The grenade launcher fails to knock any of these out, and they tend to take about a dozen bullets to put down. Cutting weapons do better, but even a katana or chainsaw might take a couple tries. Since zombies basically OHKO anything they bite, and while they have low TUs, their bite attack also consumes almost none, letting them bite like 15 times if they start their turn next to an enemy. We bail again.

I finish researching the car parts. Alas, it unlocks nothing but a beastiary entry. We need contacts and workshops to make use of them.

We get one of the govt agent rescue missions, always a milk run. This one is a variant I've never seen though, they were apparently taken out by a pack of dogs?! Even easier than the ballers.

Or so you would think, but one of the shitty peasants we brought along manages to shoot our own dog in the back with reaction fire. Motherfucker! Summarily executed.

The boys are at least picking up some nice stats and titles with those carbines. Now if we could only find some sniper rifles... maybe I should give the slots another try.

We get a chance at a warehouse mission. While lucrative, this is a hard pass. Jungles are total clusterfucks, and the heat will drain our freshness, keeping us out of missions for a week or more.

Stats on the carbines wie got from that humanist convoy. These things are good shit. Excellent for both begininer and experts, with high accuracy and range, and rarely needing a reload. They fall off a bit vs really tough targets though.

I feel like the game is trying to tell me something.

One of the warehouses is a temperate zone, so we load up and head out. Turns out it's in a city with streetlights. Not ideal, but we've got guns that can destroy streetlights now, so this is pretty workable, especially since we landed in the shadows.

A bit of tactical lightsource deployment. Paradoxically, it's the shitty peasants and newbies I generally give stuff like grenade launchers to, as accuracy isn't really needed here.


Having forgotten our snazzy robo parrot at home, I deployed the meat version to give us a lay of the land. There's an issue though- while the parrot thankfully isn't taking cold damage per turn, it is taking stun damage. Given it's low hp, it'll probably die if ignored for too long. Luckily, we solve this in the most logical way: by feeding it some of our radioactive beer.

Compared to the gun runners and that convoy, this mission is a total cakewalk. Only about a dozen enemies, half of them being unarored wimps with cheap weapons. And even the security have no sniper or spotter traits, so they couldn't even find us as we picked them off from a distance.


Not an amazing haul, but the aqua plastics will be nice for making our own armour eventually, and more importantly we got some tools.

Another secret door event. A 50mm cannon would be a godsend, but sadly we can't possibly repair one right now. We'll need to research the parts first, consuming one, and then we'll need to find a couple more as a cannon requires 3 to build iirc.

While easy, the warehouse missions also tend to take a while, as the enemies stay holed up in their little fort and we can't safely rush in until we get better gear. This leads to a lot of freshness getting used up and we take a couple days to recover.


During those couple days, we interrogat one of the medics we captured and unlocked some stuff. Organ Traffickers is way out of our league, but mutant origins is a tech I've been waiting for. Usually I'd have gotten it months ago.


Our next warehouse mission is out in the boonies, and their base has explosive barrels littered around it. Modron helps educate them as to why this is a bad idea, with the help of his little friend.

Speaking of little friends, we brought the robo parrot along on this run. These fuckers have the same TUs as normal parrots, but 1000 energy so they can basically sprint everywhere at all times. They also shoot lasers from their eyes for 30 TUs, with infinite ammo.


Oh, and they have 100 reactions so they don't get reaction fired when something spots them while scouting, they see in the dark better than gals, and have THIRTY ARMOR. Only 10 hp still, but even so, this bastard shrugged off half a dozen rounds due to my poor attention leaving him exposed. God I wish I could get more of these.

We set up a nice little firing squad on the road and pick guildies off as they flee their burning base. Like shooting sheep in a barn.

Sadly, due to a couple fuckups, we also lost 2 peasants on this run. Fuckup 1 was not expecting them to circle around the north side of the base. Fuckup 2 was having someone stand on top of a fallen enemy. These dickheads carry small computer devices around that act as lightsources when they die. Very easy to forget, and impossible to notice in night vision.


At long fucking last, the game deigns to give us our first young uber. Not even from the common missions that grant them, but from a fairly rare event. Whatever.

Another research milestone completed.

Honestly I was only doing it to work towards workshops, but a couple of these are actually quite handy too. We'll work on weed and radars for now, and get the radio soon too.

We also found an arc welder at some point? Nice.

Sadly, like most other prisoners, young ubers get released after being interrogated. Meaning we can't actually fucking recruit her.

Jesus christ, not the rating I was expecting after all those missions and fucking up that convoy. What the hell happened?


Ah. That'd fucking do it. Apparently there was a metric fuckon of shipping going on in california. That was too far away for us to have realistically done anything, even if I had noticed. I suppose I could have sent a truck convoy over there to fart around and something something influence things? Whatever, it won't matter if we can just get a proper fighter in the air and rake in infamy that way.


Oof. This was to be expected. At least it' not the actual mutiny. We were just barely above the -1000 point threshold where we risk a gameover if it happens again this month. That said, we missed out on a lot of income because of it.

Faced with our continually dire circumstances, I decide to relax some of the RP I was doing with our troops. Slut busts out an smg for this mission to practice accuracy and take down some fools.

Another one of these missions. Honestly weird we haven't gotten like, 12 of these by now. They're normally very common.

This was an image of our monthly budget, explaining how the plantations in our second base have a negative maintence cost, thereby giving us 200k each month without even having to sell shit. However, imgur deems the blue and pink text to be sexually explicit.

With enemies like these, Slut literally walked into a crossfire and ate about a dozen shots from the sides in a single turn, without taking a single point of damage. Holdout pistols are utter garbage.

Findishd researching the guild tools. The staplers are actually a half decent weapon for a particular mission we're nowhere near accessing.

Continuing our spree of easy missions that basically only reward cash and infamry, we raid another temple. Our spawn in point here is actually terrible, with a dude carrying a molov overlooking us from that window. Luckily we take him out with the machinegun.

A bit later Slut displays some melee expertise by shield bashing 3 enemies into submission in a single turn after barging through the front door. But then I spot another fucker with a molotov on the balcony. With only 10 TUs left, we're about to be BBQ.

But then Cleveland Mark Blakemore comes in with a steel chair scoped carbine and reaction fires the unlucky bastard in the head before he can throw. Nice save Cleve! I forgot he was even there.

Meanwhile, Optimist 2 is boring Cleve's mighty pickaxe to make us another entrance in the side. We swarm in and clean things up pretty nicely.

Not too shabby. Our infamy gains are a bit better now that we've interrogated some of the church members we're capturing.


This room is a real money maker. For a cost of about 85k and 12 sectoweed, along with about 28 days, we can turn a plantation into a weed plantation and then harvest it, gaining 240 sectoweed for the effort. Done at the start of the month, it'll even have turned back into a normal plantation for the maintenance tick, giving us free money. 240 sectoweed can be turned into a fuckton of money via manufacturing canteens o' wisdom or cigars, but sadly, we don't even have the 12 we need to get started right now. Because the game is being a total fucking douchebag and not giving us the missions where they spawn, like crackhouses and brothels. Worse yet, those missions are probably less likely to spawn now that we're 6 months in and have started unlocking other missions. It is what it is though. We'll find the weed eventually.


Case in point: one of the tougher missions that are spawning due to passage of time. We're not doing this one, we need a 12 man team to even stand a chance of success here.

Aside from the helpful tips, these weapon category summaries tend to unlock stuff too. In this case, it'll lead us towards better craft weapons. I'd been planning on just getting some from the bounty rewards, but we've been getting shafted there too, so we might night to craft our own. At least that will free up tokens for more slot machine abuse.

Another critical tech I've neglected too long.

I don't actually use the smoke grenades much, not being terribly familar with their mechanics or which enemies can see through it with thermal vision. Guerrilla gear and kevlar armour both sound nice though, and this will lead to night ops gear eventually, which is a godsend that will let us break the game over our sexy knees.


Another sign that time marches on. Though I think this triggers even earlier if your rank is higher. At any rate, 6 months in isn't that long, we've sitll got plenty of time to catch up.

In an act of brilliant heroism, Slut gets some knife practice in against a yeti after sprinting through the snow. Shamblers down!

The stat gains continue to trickle in. The boys are all at least above 50 TUs now, letting them be a bit more mobile while providing fire support for the gals.

I finally remember to research the trophy we got from our last bounty mission. I'm honestly baffled here, as I usually get 3-4 of these for one of those traitor hunts, and we instead got a measely 1 after two missions. It's not because of the captures either, it's just loot they carry on them. You could literally knock them out, pick it up off the ground and retreat and still get these. We've just had amazingly shit luck to not have like 12 of these by now.


Another warehouse mission instead of the shit we really need. The grind continues!



Feb 22, 2021
Case in point: one of the tougher missions that are spawning due to passage of time. We're not doing this one, we need a 12 man team to even stand a chance of success here.
This mission is pure bastardry, it's a very good thing we're not doing it.

Hunting mutant traitors is actually the one exception where you actually do have to kill them to get the trophies, no other bounty mission works that way. If you capture them you can execute them for the same tokens but you of course have to research them first whereupon the brainers will vanish the prisoners.
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Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
Hunting mutant traitors is actually the one exception where you actually do have to kill them to get the trophies, no other bounty mission works that way. If you capture them you can execute them for the same tokens but you of course have to research them first whereupon the brainers will vanish the prisoners.
Huh. I kinda thought that might be the case based on how many captures we got in both cases, but that still seems bizarre. Whatever. Makes things easier in the long run.

Damned Registrations

Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
We've finally researched the overcharged radar. This bad boy not only has a higher range, but has a 100% hit chance attack on base assaults. The firepower, sadly, is low enough that it won't shoot down everything, but it's capable of knocking some stuff out on it's own, and most things if the flak gun on our armoured vaults lands a hit too.


We've also started researching the hull and drill set, now that we're getting closer to workshops.

And we run that freezing warehouse mission. Luckily for us, it takes place in this nice city with a fucking sniper outpost right next to us.

The streetlights are a bit of a problem, but nothing a light machinegun can't solve. Although we're running out of ammo for that thing.



I should get more heavy weapons for our boys, they could use the extra strength. Access is a problem right now though.

We've also started getting these. One for the autogun, which is just insanely accurate and deadly, and another for scoped carbines, which is surprising. One of us is apparently a kickas sniper.

Finally the game is cutting us some slack. We should have done like 5 of these by now. The bounty missions don't display the 'sea' estimate, which makes them a bit scary at first, but they're all actually quite easy compared to their rewards.

Unfortunately, most of our roster is fucking exhausted after the warehouse seige. So we're only sending in one gal and some soldiers, not even the zone walkers, just some slaves.

To compensate for this shortfall, I have a plan:


Pro tip: If you see an opened door in the fog of war, some sneaky little fucker is nearby.

These missions only ever have about half a dozen of these fuckers. They've got terrible stats, terrible weapons, and are basically at the level of the drunken ruffians standing around the campfire. Pure target practice.

In exchange for our legendary battle, we get like 500 infamy, because that's how bounty missions that drop tokens work. Where were you last month??!

A bit more frivolous research as I decide to ramp up the number of brainers. We've got plenty of apples still and our missions are at least pulling in loot if nothing else. Heroes' Blessings are actually pretty hard to get, but they give us income and storage just like slaves or culture does. Additional they can be used to make some ribbons that give a nice passive morale regen in battle. Or if we gather the funny number of them we can combine them into a super blessing that gives a decent chunk of income. and maybe unlocks awesome voodoo shit or something who knows.


Fuck it. We've gotten this far without the pirahna, we may as well spend the tokens and get our gunships elsewhere.

Roll them bones!


We cash in our copper and iron coupons first. Nothing too special here, although that advanced medipack is nice. I'd like a dozen of those please. But the real prizes are going to be the zortrium and tritanium coupons, the highest value types we can even use right now.

Well shit, that's disappointing as fuck.

That's even fucking worse! What the fuck RNG!?

However, our 3rd tier titanium tickets make up for it. Aside from some nifty anti chem stuff and a lousy chaingun, we get the moth of all weapons: The quad launcher. With this fucking things we can handle pretty much anything. Remember that crazy uber zombie with the plasma shot-chaingun? Yeah this thing would vapourize him in a single shot. With this in our back pocket, we can even take on the likes of shrine ships carrying cardinals and bishops for the church, if we find one landed. Unlocking some tougher missions may be in order.


Well, soon anyways. First we need to overhaul our armour. This is a big step.


I also get around to researching primitve weapons, which leads to tools (and poisons, which can be fun) which in turn leads to workshops, eventually. Big tech tree is big.

I also get this unlocked, which is a step towrds dojos, and maybe onsens? Honestly baffled why we have no onsens. I know it's available super early. Must be something silly like a bit of food or monster parts or something. We'll figure it out eventually.

I research one of these too, just incase it unlocks some kind of gun catalogue contact for us. No dice.

At least the gun it ID'd for us isn't a common one we could have done ourselves.

I start turning in stuff for goblin tokens as well. Unlike the other two factions, he gives us a fair bit of coinage with our tokens instead of just rep.


We also research a pile of old earth books, vainly hoping to unlock schools. Nope, just some lore.

But at long last, we've got enough for this. Aside from the unnecessary tip about how to unlock dojos, we get access to one of the best stun weapons in the early game.

Interrogations continue too. He just gives me the specs of one of their skorpian smgs I could have done myself, but whatever. I mostly did it for the extra infamy the next time we catch one.

Welp, better than nothing. We've been on the raggedy edge for months now, but I think things are starting to tip in our favour.


Another tech I research just because it's quick. Not sure if this really unlocks anything or not, but I've gotten tech unlocks from sillier stuff before.


And finally we research the specs for our uber gals. Just for comparison, I capped the pages for the boys and peasants as well:


And now, at long fucking last, we can research martial arts, which will unlock dojos.

I also bought about 9 of these. Accuracy over 100% might seem redundant, but it's actually crucial for taking out enemies with good melee stats. In the hands of a trained soldier, these things can knock out even heavily armoured troops quite reliably.

Another low level bounty we should have done like 5 times by now. Things are looking up if we keep getting these.

I also pull out a new toy to play with: the brainer outfit.


It's basically a discount mind probe, recquiring line of sight to use. Aside from being great for gauging new potential threats, it's the only ingame way of getting a lot of info about targets, like reactions, morale and hp totals. Combined with the research to understand their armour values and traits like nightvision, camo, and spotter/sniper traits, it gives us more or less the whole picture. As we can see here, highwaymen have shit accuracy and reactions, but pretty solid bravery and hp.

Aside from including the scanner, the brainer outfit itself has some nice perks, including a hefty 5 point reduction in enemy camo, 4 extra nightvision, and some fancy resistances to things like chems, electricity and fire.

Plus it's damned sexy. We also get a free database spawned into our inventory (the quickslot in this case) as long as we have room. Which isn't much, but lets not look a gift horse in the mouth.

A couple more enemy stat readouts:

50 bravery is actually much, much worse than 70 due to the mechanics, and these guys lose morale like crazy when teammates die (stunning doesn't trigger morale changes AFAIK though) and they have even worse accuracy, which doesn't matter much with their short range spray and pray type weapons. Also, a measely ~25 hp.

The fancy guys are more or less the same, they just tend to have pistols instead, making them even less dangeorus. Easy to capture, but also easy to accidently kill with reaction fire.

Strange fellow here somehow ended up right next to this sharp guy with no backup and all his TUs spent.


Luckily, our foe has a shitty shotgun. Between it's low damage, probably a penalty vs armour and it's crap range...

Even a shot from the side where the armour was thinner did piddly damage. Strange Fellow II simply stares down the barrel of the gun and laughs it off.

Huzzah! We got the sectoweed we needed to start our own weed farm! A month from now we'll have more than we'll ever need and be turning the excess into tons of cash. This basically means we have infinite money. Barring a base invasion that loses us that base, we're going to make insane amount of money, fast enough to start several more bases and destroy the economy. I've never actually done that before, simply hoarding 15 million dollars in my last game for over a year, but this time I'm going to do it right. More bases, more brainers, more craft. Absolute domination.

I normally get this tech much earlier, but I also normally have more hands than decent firearms, incentivizing a lot more melee and powerful bows.

Whatever. We just unlocked three more major techs. The first for our air superiority, and the latter two for workshops.

We've got some nice stuff queued up now. Labs are on the back burner again until our money explodes and we can afford to hire another 20 brainers or whatever and really get the juice out of them.

Yet another secret door. I'm begining to suspect these show up more often for cunning captains. If so, that's an excellent perk. Perhaps the mission pool or lack of wandering ubers is also being influenced though.

Who knows. I'll look it up after I've won in defiance of the unknown.


It perhaps bears mentioning; the very first tip you receive in the game is "Read or die". I quite like a game built around such a premise, and it lives up to that statement. Woe to whatever glue eating plebian tries to play through this game without paying attention to all these info dumps.

I a bout of infinite wisdom, imgur has deemed the follow image, which was a combination fo the following four images cropped and squished together, to be explicit. Fortunately, all the full sized images themselves are apparently safe for work!


I asked for suggestions on which codex to follow way back in the begining (or people offered anyways? I forget) but at any rate, we're now close to actually making that decision. Current votes are:

I wanna see the Green Codex

Salvage the ship and pick Red

Which makes for a 3 way tie. I've got one in mind myself, but won't vote unless as a tiebreaker. There's still at least a day or two before it's time to make the call. For those that are new or whatever, here are the options:

Our money problems seem kind of sorted to be honest, but I've got no idea how many riches are actually in there. And a fucking massive gun seems like a nice prize all on it's own.

I'm not sure what's going to be in the pods, but I suspect it'll either be ubers or gnomes. Either of those would be a MASSIVE boon to us. The medical facility might also allow for reviving fallen hands or something, who knows.

We can't get spike rockets right now, but they are indeed commonly available and we'll have access to them pretty soon. If the weapon can spam them out or carry more than a meagre 8 shots, it's probably one of the better options for air superiority. And, well, a fucking armory? Hell yeah! A pile of high tech weapons and armour would be a godsend for making the most of our small roster.

I've actually done this one (and only this one) before, so I've got some idea of what the rewards will be. It's certainly a strong option AFAICT, but I'd honestly rather see a new one. I'll stick with whatever the votes land on though.

The choice manifests as a manufacturing job, rather than research. However, to do the job we need 70 empty space to even begin (and maybe a proper workshop? I've never tried but it might also be possible to rush this by building a bunch of extractors instead to get the room needed.)


Another new mission we're not going to take. These guys aren't that tough, but their loot is ass and they are just dangerous enough to us right now that I don't want to risk it.


Another bit of tech. Weirdly, this unlocks nothing else. You'd think it'd do something for missions or contacts or something, but it's just a vessel accessory. Admittedly a pretty nice one.

Stats for the poor farmer whose barn we're about to explode.

Protip: There are two kinds of wheat in the game. Normal wheat, and uberwheat. Uberwheat fucking GLOWS. Do not leave your stealthy night-ops snipers in a field of uber wheat. OTOH, it makes for easy kills on certain maps, sniping idiots walking through it from dark barns.

At least! This is the answer, eventually, to our shitty roster. With this, we can start turning slave soldiers and peasants into, if not elite killing machines, at least perfectly competent grunts that can reliably land shots with carbines and carry around a medkit and bodyarmour. We're putting one in each base immediately.

Proper guns, here we come!

Well, once we get the other prerequisits. The first is just duct taping a pair of existing guns togeher, which requires no research, and the later is unlocked because we already research the 50mm cannon parts we found before.

Fuck, we need just one more part. Maybe we'll luck into it.

We got an event that gave us some cleaning billts. Before paying them (4500$ each) I research one. The 50 infamy is worth about 16k in cash, bizarrely enough.

I bit the bullet and bought enough brainers to fill our lab space. Now that we've got 13 going, it's time to shorten that list by picking up the info dumps on all these random guns. That, in turn, will give us better chances of valuable info from interrogations.

Cute pirate girl just wants to be friends. I think she's one of the voodoo masters? No spoilers please, about her and especially not about what the various codexes do. Or anything else or that matter.


Jul 17, 2023
like most other prisoners, young ubers get released after being interrogated
is that what happens...

metric fuckon of shipping going on in california
did shipping give negative fame in old game builds like from 2020? anyone know? civilian traffic at least doesnt, right? this might be a base?

But then I spot another fucker with a molotov on the balcony. With only 10 TUs left, we're about to be BBQ.
does freshness regenerate with hp in parallel at base? same rate?

i wanna see the barb berseker armor variant. it has no shield but a HOWL ability that does tu stun and moral dmg, pls try out! but u take hp damage on ise


Jul 17, 2023
Honestly baffled why we have no onsens. I know it's available super early. Must be something silly like a bit of food or monster parts or something. We'll figure it out eventually.
no u wont lol

also show second base layout
is it elevator in the corner and 3 gas chambers kek?

Damned Registrations

Furry Weeaboo Nazi Nihilist
Feb 24, 2007
Well shit, guess we're all aboard with green.

did shipping give negative fame in old game builds like from 2020? anyone know? civilian traffic at least doesnt, right? this might be a base?
I think it depends on the type of shipping. I know that if you get one of those swarms of footmen searching for your base and don't gun them down so they go away, you get MASSIVE infamy penalties. Like multiple thousands. Lost many runs to that nonsense before I learned how to get the little bird in the air quickly enough. I'll send a ship over to look for a base though anyways, lots of shipping might indicate one was built. Not that I think we could destroy it in all likliehood based on the last time I invaded one.

does freshness regenerate with hp in parallel at base? same rate?
It does not, sadly. Freshness only regenerates for hands at full hp. This can actually be a big problem if someone was brought to 0 freshness and wounded; they can show up in a base defense with 0 freshness and be basically helpless and prone to going crazy.

The recovery rates are also different. Freshness recovers based on the highest freshness recovery stat of the buildings in that base. Which right now is 6 from our mess hall I believe. Another reason I want the Onsen, it has 10 iirc.

Hp recovery is a bit weird. I think the recovery is some combination of % based and flat amounts, and again, some buildings like the Onsen and sickbay can boost those numbers.

i wanna see the barb berseker armor variant. it has no shield but a HOWL ability that does tu stun and moral dmg, pls try out! but u take hp damage on ise
Can do. I've never actually tried it myself. Losing a few hp won't be a big deal, but I'll need to find a good mission to use it on, something with cowardly enemies in tight spaces like a brothel or crackhouse would be perfect.


Aug 5, 2009
Project: Eternity Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Sign me up for whatever needs doing cap'n.

I played xpiratez a few years back. I managed to survive a few ingame years and in the end I found some high level landed ship with an enemy wearing power armor. I threw everything I had at him, and it didn't even scratch the paint.

I tried a few more times, but I bounced off even quicker. There's simply too many researches, guns and enemies for me to get into it. And every patch the dev seems to add more. Really wish they would stop adding new stuff and instead balance/polish the game as it is.


Jul 17, 2023
Losing a few hp won't be a big deal, but I'll need to find a good mission to use it on, something with cowardly enemies in tight spaces like a brothel or crackhouse would be perfect.
Dont need tight spaces, I believe. It seems to be 200 tile range 100% acc but you need LOS.
Slut would have 130 Bravery and roll 50-150 TU damage at 30% TU cost and 1 HP.
200-600 morale damage but that gets modified by enemy bravery and I dont remember how (multiplier? at 100 enemy bravery that would be 20-60 morale dmg? still nifty).
Enemy armor effectiveness is 0.1 and stun dmg taken is 0.25 of 50-150 roll.

So say, Osiron Sec has 50 frontal armor, reduced to 5. Takes an avr roll of 100 daze dmg. Thats 95 TU gone, 24 Stun, 400 morale dmg/6 bravery=66 eff. morale dmg. For the price of 1 HP.

Also would be nice if you could kill 10 things with poison dagger or poison arrows...
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Feb 24, 2007
So, as requested, the layout of our secondary base. As you can see, bit of a clusterfuck. I wanted to have a hangar in place for a ground vehicle though, those races are quite helpful if you can win won. We, of course, have won zero races thus far because the game is a bag of dicks and keeps starting them in the fucking southern hemisphere. Whatever. We're going to fill most of the empty spaces (ones not bordering the hangar) with workshops and crew quarters so our runts can crank out a steady supply of drugs to sell.


Also requested, is Slut's newest fashion trend. This doesn't actually provide any more armour than being totally naked, so I'm going to wait to deploy this on a mission where she where won't immediately die to someone with a revolver and a lucky turn.

The howl ability it grants is bastically a way, way better version of the dog's bark attack, lowering morale and TUs (preventing reaction fire) as well as causing some stun buildup. The main downsides are the hp cost of using it, and the fact that it's an aimed attack, meaning it can't be triggered with reaction fire to paralyze some nerd that walked through a door.

Checking the stats, it's actually better than I thought. The 5 morale gain on us is kind of trivial for a unit with 130 bravery, but the power reduction with distance is only 3. Even at say, 15 range, we should still have a respectable 80 power or so. Very nice! It also has a minimum damage roll of 50%.

You can see these 'ships' once in a blue moon. Obviously we can't intercept that, it's just an indication that either a terror event is about to happen, or...

That. Luckily our overcharged radar does it's job so we don't have to sit through a base invasion.

And we unlocked steam power, leading to steam hammer and... Le Fuck? Irradiator tower? I've never seen that before. I can't imagine what I could have possibly researched to unlock that. High research priority for sure, both to sate my curiosity and because it sounds like a base defense building, which would be awesome.

We research this thing too. Same size as a single bandage, with way more oomph. I eventually want one of these one everyone, but they're hard to get, only occasionally dropping from medics in my experience.

Speaking of medics, I just discovered robbing them gives 2 medical supplies. As much as I'd like to pump her for info, we really need those supplies to make a sickbay ASAP.


The irradiator tower is, apparently, an even more overcharged radar. That much firepower might reliably shoot down enemy craft, certainly if I cram two into a single base. This changes things drastically. I no longer need to worry much about base layouts on secondary bases, I can just cram a couple of these in each once and trust them to shoot down any invaders. The health recovery penalty means I don't want one in our main base though. They're also quite pricey, but that will soon become a non issue.

I spot this fucker landed, twice no less, but fail to get there before it takes off both times. Aggravating. From a previous game, I know this to be a probe ship and analyzes anomalies. So there was probably something really cool here. Oh well.

Time for another bounty mission! The goblin ones kinda suck, since he doesn't have very good rewards and his rep both takes a while to build and can be more easly gained without doing his missions, but the flipside is they tend to reward some nice cash.

I make two mistakes on this mission The first is forgetting that infiltration gear restricts not just our armour but weapons. Whoops.

The second is that I landed during the day. Derp. Luckily the mission layout was trivial.

Every single enemy is holed up inside the church, which has only the single entrance at the front. We can't make our own entrance, but we don't need to. Abuse of the door and our superior reflexes brings down everyone inside quite easily with no injuries.

Now this is more like it!

Like the distress call missions, these are highly random. The weather is a bit predictable based on the location; we won't find a frozen wasteland in africa. The enemies vary immensely though, and we've got no clue whether we'll face bandits, demons, or a horde on monsters.

Apparently our foes are... bitch boys? Wow, this should be incredibly easy, especially at night.

The catgirls themselves are quite numerous and have some snazzy weapons of their own, as well as excellent night vision. Their drawbacks are non existent armour and hp though, so they'll die to a stff breeze, and we lose a few to shotguns in the first round.

Behold the might catgirl tourist. Having a few die isn't exactly the end of the world, since we get to keep their loot in that case.


I feel a little bad; if I had simply killed as many as possible on the first turn instead of going for some captures, I could have broken their morale faster and maybe even gotten a perfect score. Stll, this is a good result. If the enemies had been say, chupacabras, they'd probably have all been dead. They're pretty suicidal.

Lootwise we made our decently as well. We got some snazzy melee weapons, 2 laspistols and a golden pistol. The golden pistol is amazing in the hands of a gnome, and the laspistols will give us a bit more damage variety in case we encounter some weird shit that is immune to bullets or something.

Some more combination tech and lore research.

New Aristocracy is our next relevant unlock in this direction. I'm curious about mansion invasions as well, having never done one before. We'll have to train up some kung-fu maids first.

And we get a THIRD set of zone stalkers. This has to be related to the male touch thing. I can't believe we've found so many.

Catgirl GET! Unlike most prisoners, we can actually keep pumping these for information over and over until we've learned all they have to tell. Which we're totally going to do, since they can set us up with some nice connections and a way to get more catgirls in the long run. That's a low priority for now though, since we're probably missing a bunch of synergistic tech and our brainers are already failing to keep up with the basics. We haven't even researched coconuts for god's sake!

We have, however, researched these. Guns with damage scaling are rare. These have a pitiful base 10 damage, but in the hands of a gal with 100 reactions, they have 35 base damage, which is better than most rifles. For a catgirl with 150, you're looking at 47 and some terrifying accuracy. I've abused these a lot in the past. We lack gals this time, but the catgirls might make good use of them.

A better month! Just a bit shy of that 2000 mark for a new rank, which is a shame. But our finances are till doing great, and that rating should avoid any mutiny type events next month.

Behold, our latest 5 recruits:

First we've got our three new boys. They all need some training and operator armour, but that +30 hp they start with is a huge benefit compared to normal slave soldiers.



Our first catgirl recruit! Aside from health, catgirls start out with pretty respectable stats for a non-uber. Still going to leave her out of combat for a while until we get some nicer gear though, I'd hate to lose her right away. In the long run, she'll be our chief medic and demolitions expert.


I was hoping to make this one a gal, but since the game is determined to not let that happen, peasant it is! I'm hoping to make her our zombie slaying expert.


At last, our Dojo is built. We can now gradually accrue stats on a dozen of our hands, provided they aren't wounded. Also, with those 3 extra recruits, I now feel comfortable doing the sargeant training with a few people, so some of the boys are doing that for the next 2 weeks or so.

The button in the corner here toggles on the bonus stats from titles, which don't count towards the caps of either training or experience. As you can see, the gals still have a hefty advantage in pretty much every area, but the boys will be able to catch up their throwing, melee, strength and TUs by a lot now. Once our core members are trained up, we'll get some more peasants and such training too, for missions where they are needed.

A craft landed nearby! It's a small one, so probably around a dozen enemies. As for what's in it, who knows!


Gandalfina provides some HOT arrows to give us a vision advantage on the far side of the map, which is mostly an open field with some huts scattered around.

Oh, uh, apparently the enemy ship was right next to us.

I missed it because my default view is just the first layer, and the ship actually has a landing ramp and 2 tiny feet instead of a proper first floor. Very weird conical design, never seen it before. Kinda spooky to be honest, might have some nasty aliens inside or something.


Hmm, what have we here?


Well fuck me sideways. Apparently we're up against mercenaries. And that is an honest to gods full sized sniper rifle. Those are exceedingly deadly, and recovering some is a top priority. We're sticking this out even if we have to lose some crew to do it.


Another goon over here behind the bar. Really wish I had brought slut along for this mission, some melee expertise would do nicely inside that ship I bet, and these guys seem to all have long range gear.
Fortunately, we have the Cleve and an autogun. Take the shot!

Nicely done! Was more than a little worried we'd have a low damage roll and the goon would snipe someone on their turn.

Stay tuned folks!

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