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Eschalon: Book I

Eschalon: Book I

Articles associated with this tag:

29-Mar-2008 Eschalon Review
3-Feb-2006 Interview with Basilisk Games
24-Nov-2011 Eschalon: Book I and II 50 % off
3-Jun-2009 Eschalon: Book 1 review
29-Jan-2009 Eschalon: Book I gets patched to 1.05; Eschalon 2 music
11-Aug-2008 GamingNexus take another look at Eschalon: Book I
29-Mar-2008 Eschalon: Book I reviewed right here
21-Jan-2008 Gamebanshee digs Eschalon: Book I
22-Dec-2007 Eschalon: Book 1 embraces the penguin.
14-Dec-2007 Eschalon goes Mac and (kind of) Linux, updates to 1.04
12-Dec-2007 Scorpia's Lair reviews Eschalon
5-Dec-2007 Updated demo of Eschalon: Book 1
30-Nov-2007 Eschalon patched to 1.03
26-Nov-2007 Eschalon interview at GameBanshee
24-Nov-2007 Patch 1.02 for Eschalon says Shalom
22-Nov-2007 First fix for Eschalon: Book 1
17-Nov-2007 RPG Watch lifts the curtain - Eschalon: Book 1 first impressions
9-Nov-2007 10 days to the release of Eschalon, and a Demo in production
1-Oct-2007 Want to beta-test Eschalon?
23-Jul-2007 First Eschalon: Book 1 gameplay trailer
15-Jun-2007 Eschalon's beta test report
26-Apr-2007 Eschalon quest design at RPG Vault
11-Apr-2007 Eschalon: Here be monsters
27-Dec-2006 Eschalon: Book 1 quiz at WithinGames
1-Sep-2006 Eschalon community Q&A
9-Aug-2006 Eschalon: Book I interview at RPG Vault
23-Jun-2006 Eschalon: Book I screens and update
13-Feb-2006 Eschalon Q&A at RPGDot
3-Feb-2006 Codex interview with Basilisk Games
18-Jan-2006 New Eschalon screens
11-Jan-2006 New indie game - Eschalon: Book I

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Codex definition, a book manuscript.
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