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Trinity weekly update #87

Trinity weekly update #87

Development Info - posted by Ausir on Wed 24 December 2003, 14:07:15

Tags: Forlorn World; Ground Zero

The Ground Zero Team have posted a new weekly update on Trinity. Here it is:

    - some 3D models and concept sketches
    - interface design projects
    - initial work on Artificial Intelligence
    - modification of the foundations of the construction of the world
    - FAQ on the Shamo and NMA forums
    - 10 000 visits on the website
    - improved world documentation
    - local and bigger organizations: what kinds of organizations could exist
    - first description of vehicles

    To do:
    - more models and sketches
    - climate description + yearly statistics
    - description of the "locked cities", a legend
    - description of - how could the life look like after 15 years of living in a shelter
    - materials on the population of a specific location (for SickBastard)
    - preparations for building a location (foundations)
    - objects list and actions list
    - Piotr's two documents (animals and vehicles in cRPGs)
    - adding new, reliable people to the Trinity mailing list
    - english version of the website

Spotted this on Vault Dweller's Home Page.

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