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Digital News loves NWN OC

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Digital News loves NWN OC

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 7 January 2004, 14:40:27

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Digital Entertainment News realized that they didn't review Neverwinter Nights and decided to correct that. They gave it 8.7 because the 60-hour campaign is better than many of the Baldur’s Gate titles that provided the game engine for Neverwinter Nights noting that Aurora Toolset still requires some scripting knowledge of user.

What makes Neverwinter Nights so appealing is the visual upgrade from the original Baldur’s Gate engine and how well the game retains the turn-based feel of the original pencil-and-dice Dungeons and Dragons game off which it is based​
* makes a note to send Digital News a cluepon

What’s nice about the NN engine is that if you ever feel overwhelmed by an onslaught of enemies, all you need to do is hit the space bar on your keyboard; this pauses the game and allows you to enter into a cache your turn-based commands for each character. Once satisfied with your strategy, hit the space bar again and watch to see if your strategy worked. It’s a smart system with a lot of flexibility to satisfy a variety of gaming tastes.​
Turn-based commands? I haven't heard this one before. Good one.

The 60-hour official campaign in Neverwinter Nights is one of the best-realized stories BioWare has produced under the AD&D license since they debuted Baldur’s Gate itself. And yet the game is not linear; if you want to attack a central character, you can, although unless you’re at Level 30 or so, you’ll probably just get smacked down in short order, die and earn a “Load Game” screen.​
One word: Huh?

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