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Hammer & Sickle previews hit the net

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Hammer & Sickle previews hit the net

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 11 June 2005, 03:38:20

Tags: Hammer & Sickle; Nival Interactive

Both GameSpy and GameSpot have expressed some interest in the upcoming (I use this term loosely) Hammer & Sickle, a game that started as a Silent Storm's ambitious mod and ended up as a promising tactical RPG.

And like in a role-playing game, you'll even encounter characters that will offer branching dialog trees when spoken to, along with cinematic sequences with full audio speech between missions. Even simple conversations, along with how you resolve your missions, will have far-reaching effects on gameplay, both in the areas you have visited and in others you haven't. For instance, if you happen to dispose of local law enforcement in one area, you may find that all other areas are swarming with cops later on. Unfortunately, since you'll play as a top-secret operative, even the Soviet government has disavowed any knowledge of your existence, so outside of your network of spies, not even your fellow soldiers from the motherland can be trusted. You can improve your chances of getting past the guards by disguising yourself in uniforms

The best news, though, is that while the terrific strategy engine from Silent Storm is being enhanced a bit, it isn't really being changed in any significant way. That means that all the turn-based tactical glory from the original is coming back. The game's impressive physics engine that makes every object in the game destructible means that all the great strategic options (shooting through floorboards, destroying support structures to bring down houses) will be available, but the game's persistent universe makes tactical decisions much more significant. It's one thing to bring down a house on a bunch of Nazis in the middle of a war. Bring down the house of an English Ambassador, though, and it will remain destroyed for the rest of the game -- and the player's game will change dramatically as British characters react to the "crime."

The good news is even if the game falls short of its RPG goals, it will still be a great tactical combat game.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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