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GameSpot has the hots for Fate

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GameSpot has the hots for Fate

Review - posted by Spazmo on Fri 24 June 2005, 21:37:55

Tags: Fate; Wild Tangent

Fate, that plucky indie Diablo clone from Wild Tangent, has been reviewed by Gamespot PC, who rated it a solid 7.9/10, praising its excellent design and fun gameplay.

As for the differences between Fate and Diablo, for one thing, Fate doesn't let you choose between different character classes. Instead, you're free to develop your character however you see fit, by bolstering his or her armed combat or magic skills or by whatever combination you like. This system is perhaps a little intimidating for what's otherwise a breezy game, since right off the bat, there are so many places where you could be spending the small number of skill points you gain per level. And as tempting as it may be to spread your skill points across all the different skills that sound interesting, you're probably better off specializing in a small number of compatible abilities--for example, swordfighting and critical strike or spellcasting and attack magic. If you spread your points too far and wide, you'll probably just end up feeling like you're stuck with a weak character. Still, this open-ended system ultimately works well, and the experience of playing a fighter-type character is indeed quite different from playing as a caster. For what it's worth, magic-oriented characters are probably the most interesting, since you can have up to a dozen different spells mapped to your function keys. So you can be summoning creatures to aid you while raining fire and lighting down on your foes. Meanwhile, a fighter character is limited to whaling on his opponents with a weapon.​
Yup, everyone loves a well-designed classless system.

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