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The Fallout Community Wayback Machine

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The Fallout Community Wayback Machine

Interview - posted by baby arm on Thu 16 October 2008, 07:32:55

Tags: Fallout

Blogger extraordinaire, Gamespy peon, and former NMA staff member Briosafreak was interviewed at Alley of Infinite Angles about the past and present of the Fallout fan community. Here's a snippet on the Van Buren days:
Besides using the Tactics approach of using the forum to talk to the devs directly, informal second tier channels were setup, making the misunderstandings much easier to resolve.

We also divided roles: RPGCodex would be the place to be completely negative, since Saint_Proverbius knew since July 2003 people at Interplay management were trying to boycott the game anyway, and he didn’t like a few BIS guys personally; with the same knowledge Killzig from DAC left the community run its course, with mostly negative positions, since he didn’t want people to be disappointed if things got a sour end, but at the same time remained in touch with BIS devs and was rooting for something good to come out of it; and we at NMA worked the most we could to give visibility to the project, in order to make it harder for Interplay to cancel it.

Well the game was indeed cancelled, and BIS was shut down (thanks for nothing Jim Molitor and Herve Caen), the devs came to the topic we started at NMA, a thing that still fills me with pride, and we mourned and made plans to the future.

The Codex completely negative? I hope a meteor falls on that bastard's house.
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