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Festive Bioware Treats

Festive Bioware Treats

Company News - posted by Mistress on Tue 24 December 2002, 14:52:44

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Yes, that's right, the lovely lovely people over at Bioware, have some superduper festive fun for all.

So off you go, and be sure to enjoy the delights of:

The Bioware Xmas MP3 - Yes indeedy, a whole eight and a half minutes of Bioware holiday humour. The fact it includes a song entitled "Bioware doesn't suck" just says it all really....

Bioware Xmas Card - Wow! Now you too can "Learn how to cook up great games just like...Bioware"! Just what I wanted this year, how did they know?!!

And finally:

Neverwinter Nights - Spirit of Christmas Module

"The usual festering, blood-encrusted dungeons of untold horrors filled with the vile oozings from the blackest pits of your fevered imagination has been replaced by squealing Christmas joy!"​
I don't want to know about any Bioware Christmas squealing thank you.......
This taste of Christmas delight was spotted over at The Adrenaline Vault.

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