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Gamer's Pulse RPG of the Year - Neverwinter Nights

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Gamer's Pulse RPG of the Year - Neverwinter Nights

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 1 January 2003, 13:31:20

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Gamer's Pulse has put up their Game of the Year stuff. Their CRPG of the Year award went to Neverwinter Nights with the runner up being Morrowind. Here's a taste of it:

BioWare Corp. and Infogrames Entertainment present the most revolutionary PC gaming experience to date. Dare to sleep through Neverwinter Nights. Experience the magic of the legendary Dungeon & Dragons® on your home computer with the new role-playing game, Neverwinter Nights. The developers of hugely popular Baldur?s Gate series have created a remarkable 60-hour single-player adventure in addition to the multiplayer experience of a lifetime featuring the revolutionary Neverwinter Toolset.

Create your own magic world of Neverwinter filled with characters, monsters, stories, weapons and legends, all designed by your imagination with the Neverwinter Toolset. Invite up to 64 of your friends to traverse your world while you act as a Dungeon Master, managing the plot and characters in real-time.

The uninstaller works like a champ too.

Spotted this at RPG Vault.

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