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Fight or Flight in The Witcher 2

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Fight or Flight in The Witcher 2

Preview - posted by Jason on Sun 22 August 2010, 03:32:09

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Gamespot is next in line to deliver their impressions of The Witcher 2.

It was time for our demo to showcase some of the choices available to players. Rather than simply provide a set story and ask players to follow the bouncing ball, we were given a first-hand look at how the game will branch as a result of your choices. A two-PC set-up had one guide take the combat route to escape the prison, while the other snuck around in the shadows, blowing out fire torches illuminating the corridors and stealthily knocking guards unconscious. The first path led us to a woman being tortured, and after springing to her defense to confronted her attackers, we opened up additional dialogue with her offering optional help from her associates. Path two had us locate the woman's missing son and escape the prison before burning it to the ground. Different choices will determine whether you walk the worn path to the front door, scamper around underground in hidden passages, or accept NPC assistance to use secret exits.

The final part of our demo showcased a boss fight in an open space with a huge elemental field commander named Draug. The three-phase fight included dodging the flaming arrows of his archer minions, running to safety as tornados destroyed objects on the battlefield, and a meteor shower that charred the earth.​
Glad to see Drog has a new alt already.
Spotted at: Gamespot

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