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Colin McComb Comments on Wasteland 2 @ Eurogamer

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Colin McComb Comments on Wasteland 2 @ Eurogamer

Interview - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 13 August 2012, 18:30:55

Tags: Colin McComb; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

Eurogamer has put up a short interview article with Planescape: Torment's Colin McComb, now on the writing team on Wasteland 2:

"I don't think it's any secret that I'm a huge role-playing fan, and Brian has led the way in one sense or another for years," he told us. "When Wasteland 2 was announced, I was frankly envious of the people who got to work on it, and when they announced the addition of [Chris] Avellone to the writing team, I knew it would be good.

"It took me at least five minutes before I wrote an email to Chris to let him know that if inXile was looking for another writer I would be happy to clear my schedule. With the writing team Brian had already assembled, I didn't think there was actually a shot at it happening, but I had to go on the record.

"At any rate: Brian wrote and asked if I'd be interested last week. He sent over some of the materials and the background on the area they'd like me to cover. He didn't really have to do much more convincing than that. He called a little later, though, and we talked about the state of the RPG portion of the industry, where the rest of the industry is going, and what he intends to do.

"If I hadn't been sold before," he added, "that would have done it, because it accorded perfectly with our comments in the chat the other night."

That chat McComb referred to will remain a secret until some time next week, when I'll bare all.

"What Wasteland 2 means to me?" McComb went on. "It means a re-examination of the foundation of the genre, a reminder that role-playing games are actually about making choices and seeing those choices culminate in a dramatically satisfying and logical ending. The original Wasteland was visionary; there's a good reason why people remember it so well so many years later. Seeing player choice honoured and validated, rewarding replay, and full character personalisation is a reminder of how exciting and immersive RPGs can be.

"Getting to work with the original creators and so many of my Interplay pals... I don't think I can do justice to my feelings without slipping into purely joyful profanity. What I will say is that after my call with Brian, I ran downstairs and jumped around in a circle with my kids. (I refrained from swearing there, too, I need to add)

"Now that I've got even more documentation and information to look through, I'm suddenly realising what I've signed up for. Man, this is going to be a hell of a challenge, and I mean that entirely in a good way. The best way, in fact."​

Let's just hope the entire team is up to the challenge.

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