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Ekim on NWN and Witch's Wake

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Ekim on NWN and Witch's Wake

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 8 February 2003, 03:06:29

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

RPGDot's own Ekim has posted another editorial, which is a fun read if you're looking to kill a couple of minutes. Basically, it's a look back on NeverWinter Nights, why is won awards, why people don't get why it won awards, and Witch's Wake. Here's a bit on the latter:

So, if you are one of those that shunned NWN because of its single-player failures (and I am not blaming you at all for it), if you are of those that said that NWN was a disappointment, please (oh please!) do yourself a favor and download this free module. Don?t linger on the story yet, but pay attention to what it achieves, and where it?s headed. And remember that there are more modules on their way, and that its developer is taking notes as to where it should be going. Take the time to experience the game again, and maybe then you?ll understand better why we thought it deserved to be praised so much.​

I tried Witch's Wake and found it to be basically the other side of awful. It's not combat focused like the campaign that shipped with NeverWinter Nights, but it shows the same basic lack of a clue on how to make something remotely decent.

So, Ekim, if you're reading this, go play Geneforge or Prelude to Darkness and leave that silly BioWare stuff behind.

Oh, and why it won awards is about the same reason Gladiator won Best Picture a few years back.

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