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NWN 1.28 patch screws up the editor

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NWN 1.28 patch screws up the editor

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 13 February 2003, 18:22:57

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Looks like someone in QA kind of slipped up, because the 1.28 patch for BioWare kind of kills the editor, which most people who are still clinging to the game think is the #1 Feature. Here's what Derek French had to say about the patch bug:

There is an issue in the current 1.28 English Toolset for Neverwinter Nights where deleting a script on a creature, etc. and it will replace the script with the word 'RESREF'. You can save and run your module and it won't break anything, but this is a significant enough problem that we are going to handle it outside of the normal patching process. We have a fixed version of the Toolset available for download right now, BUT you must also either back up your old Toolset or download the original 1.28 Toolset from us, otherwise you will break your ability to update the game to 1.29. This issue is an English version only issue, and will not be in the upcoming non-English versions of the 1.28 Update.

1. Back up your existing 1.28 NWToolset.exe file to someplace safe.
2. Download the fixed 1.28 NWToolset.
3. Unzip the contents of this zip file into your Neverwinter Nights directory.
4. Enjoy a 'RESREF'-free version of the Toolset.

When the 1.29 patch comes around you must either:
1. Restore your backed up Toolset from step 1, above.
- OR -
2. Download the Original 1.28 NWToolset.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.

Kind of makes you wonder how they QA the editor part of the patch, doesn't it?

Thanks to Darkness40k for the heads up, and NWVault for providing the easy cut and paste location.

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