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The Codex of Roguelikes

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by Occasionally Fatal, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Fug Educated

    Jan 22, 2016
    So I can walk into the mage capital, and drown both of the archmages?
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  2. eXalted Savant

    Dec 16, 2014
    Oh man! I've been thinking of playing this again these days and now an update? Downloading now :bounce:
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  3. Fug Educated

    Jan 22, 2016
    Infra Arcana is pretty fun, but are there any texture packs for it?
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  4. Zdzisiu Arcane

    Dec 3, 2009
    Well, it finally happened, my first 15 runes win! Now I can die a happy man!

    Show Spoiler

    Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.18-a0-1160-geb89fc2 (tiles) character file.

    10598945 Isuil the Invulnerable (level 27, 281/281 HPs)
    Began as a Minotaur Berserker on Jan 28, 2016.
    Was a High Priest of the Shining One.
    Escaped with the Orb
    ... and 15 runes on Jan 30, 2016!

    The game lasted 12:02:08 (160220 turns).

    Isuil the Invulnerable (Minotaur Berserker) Turns: 160220, Time: 12:02:08

    Health: 281/281 AC: 39 Str: 27 XL: 27
    Magic: 35/35 EV: 25 Int: 4 God: the Shining One [*****.]
    Gold: 21174 SH: 3 Dex: 16 Spells: 0 memorised, 47 levels left

    rFire + + + SeeInvis . J - +9 executioner's axe (holy)
    rCold + + + Gourm . D - +0 plate armour of Wonder {rPois rF+ rC++ Dex+3}
    rNeg + + . Faith . (shield currently unavailable)
    rPois + Spirit . U - +2 hat {MR+}
    rElec . Dismiss . I - +4 cloak of Life {+Inv rC++ Regen+}
    rCorr . Reflect + k - +2 pair of gloves {Str+3}
    SustAt . Harm . Q - +2 pair of boots
    MR +++.. Rnd*Rage + R - +3 amulet of reflection
    Stlth .......... Rnd*Tele + K - ring of protection from fire
    w - ring of protection from fire

    @: glowing, extremely resistant to hostile enchantments, extremely unstealthy
    A: retaliatory headbutt, horns 2, rugged brown scales 1, berserk 1, blink,
    clumsy 2, low mp 1, teleportitis 1, weak 2, subdued magic 1, MP-powered wands
    a: Blink, Divine Shield, Cleansing Flame, Summon Divine Warrior, Renounce
    Religion, Evoke Invisibility
    0: Orb of Zot
    }: 15/15 runes: decaying, slimy, silver, golden, iron, obsidian, icy, bone,
    abyssal, demonic, glowing, magical, fiery, dark, gossamer

    You escaped.
    You worshipped the Shining One.
    The Shining One was extremely pleased with you.
    You were not hungry.

    You visited 18 branches of the dungeon, and saw 93 of its levels.
    You visited Pandemonium 1 time, and saw 26 of its levels.
    You visited the Abyss 9 times.
    You visited 1 bazaar.
    You visited 2 ziggurats, and saw 25 of their levels (deepest: 13).
    You also visited: Labyrinth.

    You collected 22153 gold pieces.
    You spent 657 gold pieces at shops.


    Hand Weapons
    J - a +9 executioner's axe of holy wrath (weapon)
    L - the +6 whip "Offiut" {elec, *Confuse Int+5 SInv Stlth+}
    (You found it on level 7 of the Dungeon)

    Occasionally, upon striking a foe, it will discharge some electrical energy
    and cause terrible harm.

    It affects your intelligence (+5).
    It lets you see invisible.
    It may confuse you when you take damage.
    It makes you more stealthy.
    k - a +2 pair of gloves of strength (worn)
    D - the +0 plate armour of Wonder (worn) {rPois rF+ rC++ Dex+3}
    (You took it off a minotaur in a labyrinth)

    It affects your dexterity (+3).
    It protects you from fire.
    It greatly protects you from cold.
    It protects you from poison.
    I - the +4 cloak of Life (worn) {+Inv rC++ Regen+}
    (You found it on level 1 of the Depths)

    It greatly protects you from cold.
    It lets you turn invisible.
    It increases your rate of regeneration.
    Q - a +2 pair of boots (worn)
    U - a +2 hat of magic resistance (worn)
    X - the +4 plate armour "Pofyf" {rElec rF+ MR+}
    (You found it on level 2 of the Realm of Zot)

    It protects you from fire.
    It insulates you from electricity.
    It affects your resistance to hostile enchantments.
    a - an uncursed ring of resist corrosion
    i - the ring "Wecot" {rN+ Int+4 Dex+5}
    (You took it off a deep elf master archer on level 3 of the Elven Halls)

    [ring of dexterity]

    It affects your intelligence (+4).
    It affects your dexterity (+5).
    It protects you from negative energy.
    q - an uncursed ring of protection from cold
    s - an uncursed ring of protection from fire
    t - the amulet of Cyabysul {Gourm rPois rF+ SInv Stlth-}
    (You took it off Dispater on level 7 of the Iron City of Dis)

    [amulet of the gourmand]

    It allows you to eat raw meat even when not hungry.
    It protects you from fire.
    It protects you from poison.
    It lets you see invisible.
    It makes you less stealthy.
    u - the amulet of Satyriasis {MPRegen rF+ MP+9 Int+3}
    (You found it on level 11 of a ziggurat)

    [amulet of magic regeneration]

    It increases your magic regeneration.
    It affects your intelligence (+3).
    It protects you from fire.
    It affects your magic capacity (+9).
    w - a ring of protection from fire (left hand)
    A - the cursed ring of Xom's Malicious Joy {MR+ MP+9 AC-2 SInv}
    (You found it on level 13 of a ziggurat)

    [ring of protection]

    It affects your AC (-2).
    It affects your resistance to hostile enchantments.
    It affects your magic capacity (+9).
    It lets you see invisible.
    It has a curse placed upon it.
    B - an uncursed ring of positive energy
    C - an uncursed amulet of the gourmand
    E - an uncursed ring of positive energy
    F - an uncursed ring of flight
    G - the ring of Fuaxzyam {Str+3 SInv}
    (You took it off a yaktaur on level 1 of the Depths)

    [ring of see invisible]

    It affects your strength (+3).
    It lets you see invisible.
    H - an uncursed ring of protection from cold
    K - a ring of protection from fire (right hand)
    P - an uncursed ring of protection from magic
    R - a +3 amulet of reflection (around neck)
    V - an uncursed ring of sustain attributes
    W - an uncursed ring of protection from cold
    Y - the ring of Robustness {AC+8}
    (You found it on level 12 of a ziggurat)

    [ring of protection]

    It affects your AC (+8).
    b - a wand of teleportation (5/9)
    e - a wand of heal wounds (6/9)
    o - a wand of digging (6/24)
    p - a wand of teleportation (1/9)
    y - a wand of heal wounds (6/9)
    h - 51 scrolls of teleportation
    j - 12 scrolls of identify
    m - 7 scrolls of magic mapping
    v - 6 scrolls of blinking
    z - 17 scrolls of enchant armour
    M - 32 scrolls of remove curse
    N - a scroll of fog
    S - 2 scrolls of holy word
    d - 7 potions of cancellation
    f - 22 potions of curing
    n - 10 potions of might
    x - a potion of berserk rage
    O - 3 potions of haste
    T - 3 potions of resistance
    Z - 3 potions of brilliance
    c - 36 bread rations
    l - 36 meat rations
    r - 25 royal jellies

    O Level 27 Fighting
    O Level 27 Axes
    O Level 27 Maces & Flails
    O Level 27 Throwing
    O Level 27 Armour
    O Level 27 Dodging
    O Level 27 Unarmed Combat
    + Level 10,6 Spellcasting
    O Level 27 Invocations
    O Level 27 Evocations

    You had 47 spell levels left.
    You didn't know any spells.

    Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

    Dungeon (15/15) Temple (1/1) D:5 Lair (8/8) D:10
    Swamp (4/4) Lair:3 Spider (4/4) Lair:3 Slime (6/6) Lair:8
    Orc (2/2) D:10 Elf (3/3) Orc:2 Vaults (5/5) D:13
    Crypt (3/3) Vaults:3 Tomb (3/3) Crypt:3 Depths (5/5) D:15
    Hell (1/1) Dis (7/7) Hell Geh (7/7) Hell
    Coc (7/7) Hell Tar (7/7) Hell Zot (5/5) Depths:5

    Nemelex Xobeh
    Sif Muna
    The Shining One

    D:4 } Orc:1 [ Orc:2 ([[( Vaults:1 ( Vaults:4 [?((!} Vaults:5 % Depths:2 [([

    Hell: Depths:1 Depths:2 Depths:4 Depths:5
    Abyss: Depths:1 Depths:2 Depths:4
    Pandemonium: Depths:2 Depths:3 Depths:4

    D:15 exclusion: Roxanne, Roxanne
    Lair:5 exclusion: 2 oklob plants
    Depths:3 exclusion: 2 orange crystal statues
    Coc:7 exclusion: ice statue

    Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

    You reflexively headbutt those who attack you in melee.
    You have a pair of horns on your head.
    You are partially covered in rugged brown scales (AC +1, +3% HP).
    You tend to lose your temper in combat.
    You can translocate small distances at will.
    You are very clumsy. (Dex -4)
    Your magical capacity is low (-10% MP).
    You are occasionally teleported next to monsters.
    You are very weak. (Str -4)
    Your spells are a little easier to cast, but a little less powerful.
    You expend magic power (3 MP) to strengthen your wands.

    Message History

    The monstrous chaos champion gores you but does no damage.
    You chop the monstrous chaos champion into pieces!!!!
    You kill the monstrous chaos champion!
    The Shining One accepts your kill.
    You slash the monstrous blood saint! The monstrous blood saint convulses!
    The monstrous blood saint is moderately wounded.
    The monstrous blood saint hits you. The monstrous blood saint misses you.
    The monstrous blood saint completely misses you.
    You slice the monstrous blood saint!! The monstrous blood saint convulses!!
    You headbutt the monstrous blood saint, but do no damage.
    The monstrous blood saint is severely wounded.
    You slice the monstrous blood saint!! The monstrous blood saint convulses!!
    You kill the monstrous blood saint!
    The Shining One accepts your kill.
    You feel better.
    You see here a robe.
    There is an open door here.
    There is an open door here.
    There is a staircase leading out of the dungeon here.
    You have escaped!

    The most difficult branch: Tomb, by far. The Greater mummies are OP as all fuck. Torment can quickly reduce you to less than 1/2 hp and there are also death curses when you kill them. And the entrance to Tomb 3 is ridiculous. A horde of mummies of all kinds, managed to do it with stair dancing and copious amount of TSO cleansing flame.

    All in all, it became kinda easy when Ive got level 27, converted to TSO and made my +9 Executioner Axe into Holy Weapon. And TSO itself is really great for melee characters, I would say even too good for the extended late game. There is absolutly no reason to stick with Trog/Okawaru after you've got the weapon gifts you need.

    TSO gives you so much for the late game. The cleansing flame is amazing AOE ability that you can spam like there is no tomorrow. And when it kills demons/undead TSO will give you HP/MP back so this shit actually was healing my characters while I stood inside a group of demons.
    The Angels/Deavas that TSO give you are also very nice and helpfull, and they last long. He also gives you N+++ at max piety and the Divine Shield is like +16SH at max Piety. And works with 2h weapons without a problem.

    All in all, it was my first run in which I managed to visit every branch, Hells, pandemonium and multiple visits to Abyss included. Later on, I visited Abyss just to grind for piety for TSO and for potions of cure corruption.

    Since in 0.18 the amulet of resist mutation is no more, mutations are a bigger problem. at one point I had like 9 bad mutations on my character. And the game generated like 5 potions of cure corruption in all.
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  5. desocupado Prophet

    Nov 17, 2008
    What the fuck, they removed the amulet of resist mutation? Seriously? How do you deal with fire orbs now?

    All this Crawl talk makes me want to go back to the old addiction. But I lost COUNTLESS hours to this damn game, hours I could be doing something productive. And I'm pretty sure it was a great contributor to the damage I done to my wrists (they're fucked and I need physiotherapy now).
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  6. jcd Punished JCD Patron

    Jan 4, 2012
    Codex 2014 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015 Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Bubbles In Memoria
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2016
    • Brofist Brofist x 1
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  7. desocupado Prophet

    Nov 17, 2008
    You enter it usually after you cleared most of the game. You need an amulet of resist corrosion to resist the acid damage, highly enchanted equipment or artifacts (they're not affected by corrosion, although with changes in .16 and .17, I'm not sure how that shit works anymore), cold resistance, RC++ (one type of slime deals crazy cold damage), and ideally, you open wide corridors with the dig spell, or a wand of digging, to avoid getting burned by the walls. I think clarity is recommended as well, otherwise kill any enemy that can confuse you ASAP.

    The final level is tough as fuck, but remember that the royal jelly doesn't regenerate (if them fuckers didn't change it)

    From personal experience, I really recommend a wand of teleportation and teleport control if you got it. There'll be times when you'll be surrounded, and it might be necessary to teleport multiple times to wear the royal jelly down.

    EDIT: checking the wiki, great orb of eyes can paralyse you. High magic resistance reduces the chance of that, and stasis avoids it entirely, but you'll want to keep your resist corrosion amulet instead of changing it for stasis, so just target great orb of eyes first, they're fairly frail to a high level character. Also, I think one enemy there can mutate you (shinning eye), so rMut might be necessary, but usually just target those first and have a potion of cure mutation just in case. If there's more than one of them, flee, or change to the rMut amulet and take the acid damage.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2016
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  8. Zdzisiu Arcane

    Dec 3, 2009
    There is no teleport control anymore since 0.17.

    And I have no idea how you deal with mutations. I mean, the only way is either playing some species that cant mutate or hope for a good numer of cure mutation potions since amulet is no more in 0.18. My char had at least 1 bad mutation ever since Ive visited Slime Pits. Ive waited until Ive acquired a few more and then gulped one of my cure mutation potions. But as you can see, I still ended with a fair set of mutations.

    Its a weird change in 0.18, maybe they will reverse it before it will be made public.
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  9. Tito Anic Magister

    Tito Anic
    Dec 27, 2015
    It works in Las Hope, Shatur, Derth, Elvala.

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  10. JudasIscariot Arcane Patron

    Aug 19, 2009
    IV Republic of Polandia
    Serpent in the Staglands Codex USB, 2014
    Well, there is this:

    But it just leads to the game's own site.
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  11. eXalted Savant

    Dec 16, 2014
    Infra Arcana comes with an option for graphics.
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  12. eXalted Savant

    Dec 16, 2014
    Infra Arcana Update and now this? :retarded:

    Sil 1.3

    Headline features:
    • Early monsters have been redone to be more flavourful
    • New Mac version (cocoa) which should run on more systems
    • Leaping made much easier to get
    Full Changelist:
    Show Spoiler

    - Sil 1.3

    - broke savefile compatibility
    - sorry about this
    - it needs to happen every now and then and I schedule it for the 1.X.0 releases

    - monsters
    - large changes to the early game monsters
    - many new monsters
    - replaced many of the more generic early monsters as many players had requested
    - a few changes to some later game monsters
    - stopped the Orc warrior "chain charging"
    - it used to be that swapping with another orc counted as movement, setting up a charge
    - it no longer does (in line with how the player abilities work)
    - also anything that makes them skip a turn interrupts their charging
    - (such as when they become aware of you)
    - Gave Boldog resistance to fear (from his spear)

    - new mac version
    - replaced the old Carbon version with a Cocoa version
    - the old version was really out of date and wouldn't compile or run on recent systems
    - this should also remove some stubborn old bugs (see bugfixes)
    - this version isn’t perfect (e.g. some minor problems with displaying text)
    - but it does allow Sil to run on all new systems

    - objects
    - horns
    - no longer require a will check to use
    - this is because they all require a will check to have an effect anyway

    - abilities
    - made Leaping easier to acquire
    - it no longer has a pre-requisite
    - it now acts as a pre-requisite to Sprinting
    - Channelling now halves the voice cost for blowing horns

    - smithing
    - now allows artefact rings to have bonuses to attack, evasion, and protection
    - (since there are regular rings with these)
    - removed the ability to add Grace to artefact cloaks
    - (just a minor nerf to the extreme +Grace smiths)

    - tunnelling
    - attempting to tunnel but failing now takes a turn if you are confused
    - otherwise control-dir in a corridor would effectively overcome confusion

    - bugfixes
    - stopped Great Cold-Drakes and Scatha the Worm having radius 40 light (!)
    - fixed the 'could not find a vault at 100ft depth' bug
    - control-t no longer aims successfully for throwing while confused
    - smithing gloves of treachery now correctly forces a <-1> penalty to strength
    - now correctly displays 'cut' status on the first turn on a new dungeon level
    - fixed a bug where channeling's +5 bonus didn't apply to horns of force
    - hopefully fixed various bugs with the Mac version
    - crash on startup
    - requiring admin password sometimes when opening saved games
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  13. Renegen Arcane

    Jun 5, 2011
    Not knowing what game you were referencing, I just realized that the guide you just wrote could apply to any generic RPG/adventure game ever, well done.
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  14. Serus Arcane

    Jul 16, 2005
    Small but great planet of Potatohole
    No it doesn't - are you drunk Renegen or just trolling ? How many games have: acid damage, amulets or resist corrosion, version 0.16 and 0.17, resistances coded XR+(+)(+), digging spells, confusion spells, mutations, etc... etc... etc...
    Well i guess if you look for those features specifically more than a few of roguelikes have several of those things included but certainly not any or even most or even the minority of "generic rpg/adventure" games ever... Hell, i'd love to live in a world where a generic rpg game has all those (abreviations of versions and resists excluded) but it is not the case at all. So i'll repeat my question. Are you drunk, a troll, simply not excessively smart or some combination of the three answers at once ?
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  15. TOME Cuckmaster General

    May 25, 2012
    I found this Finnish survival RPG called UnReal World. I have played a couple hours and crafting seems very interesting. It has cool graphics combined with occasional sounds and musics.
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  16. Merlkir A Sharp Developer

    Oct 12, 2008
    Czech Republic
    URW is great. You can eat people.
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  17. Zdzisiu Arcane

    Dec 3, 2009

    Also, the game is going to get a substantial update in the near future so you should keep an eye on its website.

    Also also, the game have been in developement since 1992 and the dude is still working on it on a regular basis, now more than ever with the steam release comming. Thats the anti-vapourware if Ive ever seen one.
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  18. CptMace Self-Ejected

    Jun 17, 2015
    Die große Nation
    Probably been already talked out but i'm too lazy to search through the dozens pages, why isn't dungeon of the endless in the list ? Too far from the proper definition of a rogue-like ?
    I freaking love this game.
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  19. Malignant Manor Learned

    Malignant Manor
    Sep 14, 2013
    It looks inspired by Ultima 6. They outright stole the bag, cauldron, knife, meat, and shovel sprites from it (and that is only going by one screenshot). I wonder what other things they have purloined.
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  20. Harg Harfardarssen Cipher Patron

    Harg Harfardarssen
    Aug 28, 2012
    Dreams, where I'm a viking.
    Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera
    Unreal world is not really like Ultima. Maybe they took the sprites, but it seems just as likely that basic-ass sprites all look similar. Those possibly copied sprites look pretty generic to me.
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  21. Malignant Manor Learned

    Malignant Manor
    Sep 14, 2013
    I meant the graphical design. They did copy the sprites. Sometimes they changed a few pixels, but they are clearly taken from Ultima 6. The ones on the left are from U6.

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  22. Stabwound Arcane

    Dec 17, 2008
    Anyone play Caves of Qud? I never got around to checking it out when it was in heavy development years ago, then it went into stasis and I gave up on it. Now it's on Steam early access and they put out weekly updates, so it's all good. The new updates do cost the $10 entry fee on steam though.

    I've barely dug into it so I'm missing a lot so far, but it's a big open randomly generated world that I think is going for the Dward Fortress adventure mode type of thing.

    There's a shit ton of characters you can play and mutations you can have. You start as either a True Man (human) or a mutated human, where you can pick a bunch of mutations and go from there. I'm playing dudes with 4 legs and 4 arms who can spit poison gas, but I'm sure that's not ideal. They do have weekly challenges built in that have a set character build and world gen which seems fun but it's beyond me at this point.

    I'm not 100% sold on the setting so far. It's not strictly fantasy, but it's supposed to be some sort of alternate-reality earth. I do hate names like "Fzyyzyyywyz" and shit. The active currency is fresh water and it's a struggle to always have a supply.

    Unlike most of my roguelike playing, I'm trying to go relatively spoiler free with it. But it's pretty great, there are a ton of factions and you have reputation with all of them and random artifacts, a big skill tree and dialogue trees, and you can use anything from clubs and axes to guns and grenades.

    Also has a cool tileset:

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  23. V_K Arcane

    Nov 3, 2013
    at a Nowhere near you
    URW is getting a huge facelift anyway, so it doesn't really matter:
    Show Spoiler
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  24. Zephyr Arsland Learned

    Zephyr Arsland
    Sep 19, 2015
    Way down South
    I do, on a semi-regular basis. Actually found out about it in this very thread here. It's refreshing. Kinda wacky at times, but it's part of its charm. Keeps getting better every Friday so far. I heartily recommend it.
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  25. Tito Anic Magister

    Tito Anic
    Dec 27, 2015
    And without further ado...

    Embers of Rage will be available on the 23rd February of the year 2016!

    What is inside ?
    So many things! If you think a whole new campaign is great wait until you learn that you get 3 new races to play the campaign with:

    • the Orcs (obviously!), fighting for the very survival of their race; the Kruk pride is all that is left
    • the Yetis, well kinda! An orc mind in a powerful yeti's body!
    • the Whitehooves, of which I will only say the name ;)

    What would be a Tales of Maj'Eyal expansion without new classes? Good thing you'll also get 3 new classes:

    All of which are part of the Tinker metaclass:

    • learn to maw down your foes as a Sawbutcher, dual wielding steam-powered saws to bring hot steamy mayhem to your foes!
    • become a master Gunslinger, filling your foes with bullets fired by your steam-powered guns; be elusive, be evasive, fire away and be awesome!
    • merge machine and mind with the Psyshot, of which I will not speak any more ;)

    But what would be a good tinker without items to improve and craft ? Nothing!

    All tinker classes (and all other classes can learn) start with the ability to craft powerful items to improve their equipment. Do you need to run fast? strap Rocket Boots to your shoes! Do you need a quick heal? Inject a Healing Salve directly into your bloodstream! Do you love fire and flames? Strap an Incendiary Groove to your weapon!

    There are over 70 crafts to choose and use.

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