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  • Hey man, how you use imgur for LP hosting? I heard it blocks your stuff from viewing if you get at a certain ammount of images.
    Sharex is nice for that. No login required, uploads your screenshots direct to imgur. Saves the links in your clipboard
    The Brazilian Slaughter
    The Brazilian Slaughter
    No problems like bandwidth limit or my images being oculted or something?
    Baron Dupek
    Baron Dupek
    I don't know man, I recently changed hosting from minus.com to imgur and there is no such thing like images limit. I uploaded 1k of screenshots from both my LPs and all of them are accessible.
    For LP itselfs - upload bunch of images on imgur, click at one of them, copy BBCode to .txt update on your computer (backups rlz) then write and then post update on the Codex.
    Was it my imagination that you were working on a post-apoc Hearts of Iron II mod?
    Playing Fallout 2 for the first time and I just met Cassidy. And then I notice you here on the KKKodex!

    Now I gotta figure out whether I'll kill my wife or my dog to get party space for him.
    "Am I browsing NeoGAF forums by mistake?" I recently discovered a new and challenging game: Have someone select random quotes about new or upcoming games from NeoGAF and the Dex, then try to guess which is which. The results can be surprising. It's a much harder game than it used to be.
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