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  1. agentorange

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    Proud owner of BG 3: Day of Swen's Tentacle From At large
  3. baud

    Arcane From Septentrion
  4. Be Kind Rewind

    Educated From Serbia
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  6. Broseph

    Dangerous JB 27 From Globohomo Gayplex
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    Learned From Inside
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  11. false Kalin

    Arcane From Al Scandiya
  12. Grauken

    Gourd vibes only
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  14. janior

    Arcane From Ashenvale
  15. jebsmoker

  16. Kev Inkline

  17. Kyl Von Kull

    The Night Tripper From Jamrock District
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    President Spartacus From
  19. Lhynn

    Arcane 39
  20. majestik12


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