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  1. S.torch

    THE VOYAGE SINISTER - Gothic Anime Vampire jRPG (With Original Art and Cute Girls!)

    TRAGEDY IN THE SNOW! A HUNTER HAS WENT ASTRAY! After embarking on a journey from his (barely civilised) homeland, the young Demon Hunter, Valdrich Wolfranov, has gone lost in the deeps of the untamed Roswickan Tundra! Where the best that can happen to a man is be eaten alive. All kind of...
  2. REhorror

    Refind Self - cool lil personality test JRPG

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/2514960/Refind_Self_The_Personality_Test_Game/ With a cool sci-fi plot about beautiful robots too! I'm happy with the first test result, it boosts my ego. Play it and tell me what you get!
  3. Gilius Thunderhead

    Incline JRPG rebalance and difficulty mods/hacks - in-depth discussion

    JRPGs offer gameplay that is usually centered around specially designed systems which, while often highly original and promising, do not live up to the expectations they create, as they're either too unbalanced or the difficulty is cranked down to much to appeal to casual gamers. Therefore, I...
  4. Seraphic Blue - A Gem in the Rough

    Preface Hello, I was a filthy lurker for many years. The Codex has been good to me on game recommendations, and today of all days I feel inspired to participate. I wanted my first post to be something worthwhile, and so I recommend a game that lands firmly in the top 3 of a JRPG veterans...
  5. KickStarter Magic to Master - Immersive Multiplayer Fantasy "MMORPG"

    Dear gamers, today we would like to introduce you to an extremely exciting game. A game full of powerful mythological figures of the Far Eastern culture, powerful heroes and great battle mechanics. In this game, you will create your character and defeat powerful world bosses and their servants...
  6. Maxie

    Anime This Way Madness Lies - Zeboyd's new game

    I wasn't able to find a thread about Zeboyd's November 2022 release, This Way Madness Lies, so I'm making a thread - has anyone even played it? This Way Madness Lies Let us begin our tale, in the quiet city of Verona, Italy. A town for lovers… and giant, mutant flower attacks. As the leader...
  7. aweigh

    Thread about analog drift and analog response curves on controllers.

    Basically I effort-posted over on a thread about controllers in General Gaming but no one is going to read it there and I don't want to let my effort-post go to waste, so I'm pasting it here in its own thread :) Analog drift comes from how the potentiometers interact within the analog module...
  8. Falksi

    Are the Final Fantasy Series games Beginner RPGs?

    As the topic says, do you think that the Final Fantasy Series of games are beginner RPGs?
  9. Carpincho Pampeano


    I want a chat room for JRPG discussion besides the regular one, everyone is free to ask for other ones in this thread.
  10. cyborgboy95

    Jack Move - Dystopian Corporate Cyberspace Turn-Based JRPG

  11. Bruma Hobo

    Gold Box The Dragonlance/Krynn series thread

    I'm making this thread because I believe talking about all 12 Gold Box games in a single megathread is disgusting, so this place would be about the Krynn series in particular. If you decide to move this post to that ghetto anyway, at least be consistent and also merge all discussions about...
  12. Carpincho Pampeano

    JRPG equipment upgrade.

    Do you upgrade as soon as you get something better? Let's say your character right now is using armor with 10 Def, the shop now has one with 11 Def, do you upgrade as soon as you can or wait for a 15 Def to be on sale? I hate having to change equipment so i always wait for something with at...
  13. Falksi

    Rise of the Third Power

    Couldn't find a thread on it, anyone had a blast on this yet? Rise of the Third Power on Steam (steampowered.com) Getting decent scores around the 7-8 range from none-mainstream reviewers.
  14. Falksi

    Incline Final Fantasy 6 - New Hack

    I'm not a fan of the game, but there's no doubt many love it. So if you're one of them you may want to check out this new hack for it. Romhacking.net - Hacks - Final Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX (English Translation) This ROM hack retains the existing game and adds a ton of new, creative...
  15. LGV

    A Fishy RPG

    Salute, friends Right...I recently discover this forum and it sure feels amazing and like a perfect place to share some of my work, if you don't mind me... This time, I'd like to share this fishing (or fishy) rpg that I'm working on. Pretty simple stuff actually. I made these procedurally...
  16. Cryomancer

    CRAFTOPIA - Survial JRPG with heavy BoTW inspiration. Now in early access

    Link to STEAM page > https://store.steampowered.com/app/1307550/Craftopia/ A review on steam A more detailed video review
  17. ptolemy

    Squeenix Is Final Fantasy XVI Going to Suck?

    Personally I'm feeling the return to a classic fantasy setting, not sure what to make of the battle system though with the DMC guy in charge. Is it an ARPG or just straight up action?
  18. deama

    Any good rpg maker games?

    Anyone know of any good ones? I've played some here and there and some of them can be quite good. H ones are fine too, in-fact, I think I like them more? Here are the ones I remember playing: Dungeon Dreams -- Pretty good, gives you a dungeon to grind in and explore, plenty of events happening...
  19. Zerth

    Atlus Bugaboo Strange Journey Redux

    Well, I got into SMT Strange Journey totally expecting some noticeable differences in design direction than SMT IV, since this was one of the latter titles where Kaneko had a quite major involvement besides being an artistic lead (although this only holds true for the core game rather than...
  20. Thac0

    [Finding Light] Retro 8-Bit JRPG

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/894310/Finding_Light/ American made 8-bit retro 90s anime JRPG. Has anyone ever heard of this? I stumbled upon it with while searching the party based rpg tags on steam. Reviews mostly say that it is charming, complaints are only that it is tough as nails...
  21. Lesser known JRPGs, sci-fi settings, odd themes, experimental subjects, fan-translations, etc...

    I wasn't actually sure whether this topic was better off in the general RPG forum or the JRPG forum. It's rare these days to actually feel like you are exploring a brand new world, experimenting without any guide, not knowing where to go, not knowing what a spell/command even does. Every FF...
  22. Cryomancer

    Why end 80s/earlier 90s JRPG's so different than modern ones?

    Take final fantasy 1 for eg > Full party creation, if you wanna have 4 thieves you can. Classes for the typical fantasy archetypes(Black Mage, Thieves, Warriors, White Mages, etc) Promotion quests Random/Dice based stat and hp progression Spell slots and "tier based" magical progression where...
  23. Incline Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children - isometric tactical Korean SRPG

  24. Tyranicon

    KickStarter Memoirs of a Battle Brothel - a NSFW Cyberpunk RPG

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1619485858/memoirs-of-a-battle-brothel Kickstarter 2: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1619485858/memoirs-of-a-battle-brothel-2nd-run Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/amemoryofeternity https://www.memoryofeternity.com

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