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Amnesia: The Bunker - first-person horror in desolate WW1 bunker


May 28, 2016
Lost Continent of Mu
It wasn't like Frictional had a great track record at that point. SOMA was amazing but I sure as hell wasn't expecting them to repeat that. Rebirth was fine.
Did you ever play their earlier games (Dark Descent, Penumbra games)?

EDIT: Yeah, kinda dumb question, obviously he's played Dark Descent but I don't know if he ever played any Penumbra.
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Fabulous Optimist
Mar 25, 2016
Temple of Alvilmelkedic
Good news! Frictional is also working on a larger, "philosophical" game besides Bunker:


"We are still very much interested in doing more SOMA-style stuff," Olsson told DS, noting that Frictional's co-founder Thomas Grip is currently at work "on a bigger project that you can say has much more of this kind of philosophical stuff like you saw in SOMA". That would jive with a job posting from the company last month (opens in new tab), which was explicitly looking for a narrative designer who "loves sci-fi and horror".
I would like Frictional makes Dead Space.


Ph.D. in World Saving
Nov 30, 2003
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Amnesia: The Bunker will Take a Hub-Based Approach in its World; New Screenshots

Ule Lopez • Mar 15, 2023 01:45 PM EDT

Amnesia: The Bunker

Amnesia’s latest venture, The Bunker, was originally planned to release this month but was recently delayed back to May 16th. Developed by Frictional Games, the game is a semi-open world sandbox title set during World War I. Players will also be armed with a gun for the first time in the series, a departure from what players usually have.
The Bunker places you in control of Henri Clement, a French solder left behind and trapped in an abandoned bunker. Alone, and with no help, he must explore the maze-like locale, using everything at their disposal to outrun the beast that stalks the dark hallways and corridors. With Amnesia: The Bunker’s release in a couple of months, hopefully, we can see some more gameplay trailers that show off more of what’s going on in-game. Frictional has also shown off several screenshots, which you can see below.

Today, though, the game’s seen some new info released about Amnesia: The Bunker’s maps and structure. The game’s bunker will also double as a hub and safe haven for the player… almost. Sure, you can save and plan your next course of action, but that generator needs to stay on, lest you leave yourself exposed to various threats as you explore.
Fredrik Olsson, creative lead on Amnesia: The Bunker, offered some comments relating to the game’s progression and exploration, adding to this.

While some tasks require completion to finish the game, it is up to the player to identify, prioritize and then judge how to best complete them. This exploration must be balanced against the dynamic threat that haunts the player, capable of emerging at any moment based on their actions. As such, the gameplay is highly player-driven and significantly different from previous games that relied on a more linear path.

Regarding the game’s general world, Olsson comments on the environmental variety, saying that while the environment may not be as large or diverse as Amnesia: Rebirth, the various sub-sections of the Bunker have their unique characteristics and ambiance. What's more, there are also a few non-bunker environments for the player to experience in other places, so the environments will stay varied despite the "limitation" set by the narrative.

We’ll continue to update as more news on Amnesia: The Bunker, and its content, including trailers, DLC, updates, and more, is released. Amnesia: The Bunker is set to release on May 16th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


Jan 25, 2022
Not a total dumb move. Releasing next to Zelda would be suicide. Now they're stuck between Zelda and Diablo 4. Fucked either way I guess.
the dumb move was already made years ago when they decided to make an open world procedurally generated 'horror' game


Sep 16, 2021

You can clearly tell that the monster's hand coming out at the end is scripted. If the actual game's only got lame, cinematic scripted sequences instead of organic monster appearances, then it'll be no better than Rebirth. I bet they'll still have those shitty Outlast 1-hit-kill death animations, too, instead of Penumbra and TDD's superior approach to player damage where a big gash just appears on the screen if you get hit.

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