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Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 3 Pre-Release Thread [EARLY ACCESS RELEASED, GO TO NEW THREAD]


Mar 6, 2020
But only after Beamdog lobby for it for 2 years and a rumor is leaked that they will get the franchise.
I would feel bad for Beamdog getting cucked that hard if they didn't deserve it, not to mention they likely enjoy getting cucked when seeing the kind of content they write.
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Aug 10, 2017
Are you folks gonna play in EA?

I am still unsure. I am relatively stacked with games currently, and playing a combatfag game with only 6 classes and no multiclassing at launch seems somewhat unsatisfying.

Then again this project has so much reach I kinda want to be involved from the start, whether it will be a spectacular carcrash or the unexpected phoenix of incline rising from the ashes of the official DnD license.

Sounds like you answered your own question. Are you willing to pay $60 for a limited game that might be littered with bugs?

Personally, as much as this looks like Divinity: OS3, I believe that if you go in without your expectations being set too high you're going to have fun with this game.

That goes for all overhyped games. You're better off not putting a certain game on a pedestal. None will meet all your expectations

Robber Baron

Jun 15, 2020
literally can't wait
EAGOTY incoming


IF you like cats(cats not cat furries you degenerates) that's also a bonus.

My cat runs to me, proceeds to clean himself, and watch as a Black Diablos gores me back into camp.

Very good cat simulation. Fucking COCKSUCKER. HEAL ME. STOP GROOMING.

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