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NSFW Best Thread Ever [No SJW-related posts allowed]


May 5, 2012
It's beautiful.

Don Peste

Sep 15, 2008
P.S.X. 11 March 1997




Unkillable Cat

May 13, 2009
Codex 2014 Make the Codex Great Again! Grab the Codex by the pussy
Don Peste where I've seen him is something more recent than La Linea or the Pink Panther.

Like a music video, or some super-duper early alpha of this game.

And it's sad to read that tweet by Nacho.


Mar 28, 2014
guy is living a dream.

He makes his celebrity wife to cosplay as his wank material and then she can even shit on his bed too.

Amber: "Oh elon why do you love me ?"
Elon: "Well i heard in court case you shat on bed..."
May 6, 2009
Glass Fields, Ruins of Old Iran
response to Nacho's statement

google translate said:
In Madrid on September 13, 2023

Good afternoon,

Following the statements made by Nacho Rodríguez on 09/12/2023, we are obliged to issue a response that clarifies what happened from our point of view and settles a matter as sad and unfair as the one he has started, with the sole intention of showing that we have not acted in the correct way. This is not true, he has not been removed from decision-making during any part of the development process, but has actively participated whenever he wanted. He has acted in the promotion of the project (he has traveled, among other events, to the GamesCom in Cologne this summer) and, on the other hand, he is the director and person in charge of the video game, a project that even at the end of 2022 was not ready for its adaptation to consoles and in which Gammera Nest has put all its efforts, technical and human, to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

To understand the context of your complaint, when a collaboration contract is established (and in this case the agreement signed with the AUTHOR consisted of making an adaptation to Unity for consoles of the pre-existing work in Flash format "The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo "), both parties undertake to do their best to bring the object of the agreement to fruition, in a timely manner, under agreed conditions. Unfortunately, the short duration of the original work forced its author to enter into a process of new creation and development in which, with all our good faith, and despite being a small studio and not being contractually obligated to do so, we decided supporting him by anticipating part of the future benefits that he would obtain from sales, of which he takes the lion's share, providing him with programmers that we hired to work exclusively under his direction, taking him to fairs so that the public could learn about his product and, ultimately, giving him complete creative freedom to develop the remaining part of your project directly in Unity, without any limitations on our part. He was only asked to respect the signed contract which indicated that he could not delay the launch date once agreed.

This date was set with FULL APPROVAL BY THE AUTHOR, after four years of development using our resources and offices freely. At that time, we were all aware that the game was not completely finished and it was Gammera Nest who took over the project, always respecting the work already done under the direction of the AUTHOR, to repair the countless existing errors and unfinished parts, in order to meet the dates assumed by himself and thus avoid any type of penalty for which we would all be responsible.

We are aware that every launch is scary (especially if it is your first video game) but we find it difficult to understand your statements when the errors you saw were corrected in the day 1 patch of all platforms except Nintendo which, by its own policy, updates within five business days. What's more, the game has received very good reviews, the public support is enormous and, although it still had some bugs at launch, our team has resolved them in real time, listening to the community. We assure you that everything would turn out in the best possible way, we have done what is necessary to achieve this and we will continue to do so, correcting any new errors that may arise.

Finally, just confirm what we have always said: At Gammera Nest we celebrate the talent of authors above all else, we support the entry of young studios into the industry and we try to help anyone who wants to enter it, in the best way. possible. In this case, this is what we have tried with Nacho Rodriguez and it is clear that the result of the work of the entire great team that is and has been part of Gammera Nest and of which we are proud, has been remarkable. That is why we consider that it is not fair to blame and falsely accuse a team that has given all possible support to its author unconditionally so that the development of a video game that we have also loved since we saw it for the first time is carried out.

Gammera Nest.


Nov 5, 2007

"We totally could've made a great game but the gamers ruined it!"

Microsoft wanted more multiplayer, so they forced a pivot to MP. This took so many resources from the SP version that the entire game was cut.
Yeah dude I totally believe you. Especially since the finished game had 4 (FOUR) maps.

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