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Clear GOTY 2023 contender, LIZARDS MUST DIE


Albanian Deliberator Kang
Possibly Retarded
Sep 29, 2021
EGT Tower 14th floor, Tirana

  • Epic battles with hordes of lizards and other herods
  • An opportunity to show everyone HEROIC STRENGTH . For the glory of ANCESTORS
  • 3D graphics, logs in 8 polygons MINIMUM
  • Protection of Baikalsk, the Republic of Tyva and Hyperborea from the invasions of evil lizards
  • Drinking the waters of Baikal, and going into battle against the Lizards of Herod and the unholy aliens that decided to seize the holy land of the Rus
  • Holy massacre in the name of SVAROG
  • Experiencing The blessing of Perun, who gives the Rus a mighty force
  • Saving the most beautiful expanses of the Rus land, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains from foreign herods
  • GOD-PLEASING festivities throughout the RUS land after the victory over the lizards FOR THE GLORY OF YARILA
  • Everything is strictly according to scientific documents
  • Active combos and high-speed attacks under a seasoned background for the glory of Perun



  • Radislav Bagirov - skillfully handles a sword and a shield, a thunderstorm of common sense
  • Vseslav the Sorcerer is a master of battles with two swords, the most dexterous and fastest Russian, became famous in campaigns against lizards
  • Drocheslav son of Sergeus - A mighty warrior, wielding a berdysh. Everyone is putting together legends about his vitality and immortality.


  • Thunderclaps of Perun
  • Slavic chest shot
  • Blow from the turntable
  • Fraternal onslaught of the Slavs


Sep 1, 2023
From creators of smash hits like "Dungeons and Cocks" and "Dungeons and Geese".

Looks like day 1 purchase boys.


Dec 20, 2005
The game has been released to "very positive" reviews.

Rus: Time to drink Baikal water and stretch our fists
Reptilian: Rus! Our army of lizards is now here.
Rus: Time to defend the native land! Children of Perun, banish the lizards from the sacred land of our ancestors.
Rus 2: You have my sword!
Rus 3: And my axe!
Rus: And the Slavic grab with balls!
Rus: I devised a cunning tactic, lizards
Rus: I'll knock you face with a round kick
Rus: Massacre!
Rus: These lizards are just children
Rus: We have won! We resisted the damned green lizards!
Rus: Glory to the Slavic kin! Let's drink kvass, brothers!

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Wholesome Chungus
Glory to Ukraine
Nov 13, 2021
Warszawa, PL
Those motherfuckers took my 'there is a great spiritual war of slavs and lizard' shitpost and turned it into a game


Sep 13, 2023
Holy dogshit, non-ironic games set in the mythical land of Hyperborea? In GLORIOUS VEDIC RUSSIA?!?!

It's a damn shame none of them seem particularly inspired by the beautiful artworks of Vsevolod Ivanov though. Lizard Survivors, a little bit, but I want more. I want woolly war-mammoths, log-cabin spaceships and visages of ancient gods appearing on the horizon. I'd embed here a few examples from that webpage, but I don't know how.


a.k.a. Mañjuśṛī
Jan 19, 2019
འ༔ ཨ༔ ཧ༔ ཤ༔ ས༔ མ༔
Have a good day, Slavic brothers!

Today, finally, according to your requests, we are releasing a major addition for the Lizards must die game. Call your bros and friends, now the treacherous lizards can be scattered together! Drink strong kvass or Baikal water, and go into battle!

What awaits you, Russian brothers:
1) Cooperative game mode. Hit the become a voivode button and invite your friends to join your adventures!
2) The opportunity to play with 4 or even 5, if you really want, heroes!
3) New adventures of Rus - map of AFRICA! Help the black-Russian brothers to clear the pyramids of foot-and-mouth disease
4) New types of snake lizards in Africa, a new enemy and a new miniboss
5) A new character is Mstislav Dubolyub, a master of a two-handed club, slow but POWERFUL
6) WE FIXED A LOT OF BUGS, lizards now don't kick your ass at any point in the game, and alien herods don't trample the player 24/7
7) Two new achievements
8) Another new character is VICTOR, the master of the spear and shield, an original skin and a new appearance, all proceeds will go to the development of a NEW GAME


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