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Game News Dark Envoy gets a Director's Cut update


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Dark Envoy; Event Horizon


We want to share an enormous thank you! We’re releasing Dark Envoy: Director’s Cut using each and every comment, report, and piece of feedback you’ve shared with us over the last six months.

Summary of most important Changes:
  • Less shy about connections with Tower of Time universe, new main meta level voiced narration
  • Major narrative changes, reworked main cutscenes, some VO reworked, creating a completely different experience, especially during the first few hours of the game.
  • Balancing, polishing then reworking again, then repeating the process
  • Improved Jaan map and unique boss items
  • further optimization and QoL improvements
And we fixed one major sinister memory leak bug that made us all so miserable!

Instead of pushing the marketing for Dark Envoy, we gave this game 6 months of pure love and improvements. We’re still not done, but want to share this news with you.

If you’ve enjoyed your time with Dark Envoy, please leave us a review and share your thoughts with your fellow players! Tell your friends, sister, neighbor and maybe a hamster or two; HELP OUR LITTLE INDIE STUDIO COMPETE FOR VISIBILITY in this harsh AAA market.

Here is our Socially Awkward Zero Budget Launch Trailer. Brutally honest one, but dire straits tend to create the best anecdotes.

The Director’s Cut update is coming, along with a 40% off Steam Daily Deal starting from Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, which will last for a week.

It was thanks to your immense support and belief in out team that we've managed to complete this enhanced version. We deeply appreciate your ongoing collaboration with us on this world that we love so dearly. We are committed to making this game as perfect as it can be.​
May 31, 2018
The Present
The art style is a bit uninspired, but the combat in this game looks good to me. I'm very disappointed by the tepid to negative sentiment the locals here have given the game. I'm kind of tempted to try it anyway.


Jun 5, 2023
This game doesn't look very good. The trailer doesn't help either. The system requirements tell me that this is a poorly optimized abomination that uses too many lighting effects given what its models look like.



Sep 12, 2022
God, what is that trailer?
a socially awkward trailer.
god, i wish this trailer aimed to be "shy and meek" socially awkward instead of being as obnoxious and retarded as possible. i kid you not, i only lasted four seconds watching it, and before you ask - no, its not that good. in fact, its the most abysmal thing i have seen in a while. what an amazing promotional material if you want people to instantly hate your product. this trailer reminds me of infamous earthbounds "this game stinks" ad campaign, but its far worse. im kinda impressed tbh.
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Sep 10, 2010
Vigil's Keep
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The demo of the original version turned me off from the game and I removed it from my wishlist, but it is cool that they worked on improving it after launch.
I would be willing to try it again, if there is a new demo, trial, free weekend or something like that.


Nouveau Riche
Apr 19, 2012
I really liked tower of time, enough to give dark envoy a chance at launch, and it was a let down.

Seeing the changes, some of it helps, but i doubt it will be enough.

For starters one of my biggest issue with the game were the limited skill slots which meant you pretty much locked in everything you wanted at early level and the reward of levelling became 0.
Clearly i wasn’t the only one who felt like this, and by the devs comments they didnt fix it, only tried to buff less popular skills but you are still going to be limited anyways so still meh.

Seems the game still has issues with coop, shame because it was one of DE’s main selling points compared to ToT. Apparently coop is still possible, but it has been delisted as a tag because of massive issues which bodes poorly.

Will have to see how the narrative changes affect things as it’s another area DE dropped the ball hard compared to its predecessor, but i fear it would take more then a few cutscenes to fix that. Ultimately the decision to drop hand crafted levels in favor of rng ones killed the exploration aspect and pacing, in ToT each level had a good balance of exploration and combat with lots of secrets to find but DE is just constant fights for no other reward then keeping up the requirements needed to do the next story mission and maybe finding gear with better numbers.

Would be a shame if the studio died because ToT was good and set the stage for a greater setting, but if the trailer is anything to judge by, the reaper is knocking at the dev’s door.
Furthermore, a directors cut just 6 months down the line with a lot of issues still hanging seems “sus” as the more youthful might say.
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Aug 28, 2013
Been trying this out. Combat is rather tight, I actually like it more than ToTs, but I share his sentiments in pretty much everything else.

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