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People News Darklands creator Arnold Hendrick has passed away


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Jan 28, 2011
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According to a post by veteran MicroProse artist Matt Scibilia in a Facebook group for former employees, Darklands creator Arnold Hendrick passed away this Monday on May 25th. Apparently he'd been struggling with terminal cancer for some time. He was 69 years old and is survived by his wife and family.

Arnold Hendrick, 1950-2020
Crooked Bee interviewed Arnold Hendrick back in 2012, with a little help from Obsidian's Josh Sawyer, who is a huge fan of Darklands. He was also a guest on Matt Barton's show back in 2010. More recently, we'd enjoyed following Arnold's various musings in Darklands' Steam discussion forum and had been wondering where he'd disappeared to recently. While it's unlikely that his passing will be noted by many outside hardcore RPG communities such as ours, the legacy of Darklands may yet live on.


Wormwood Studios
Aug 15, 2012
Crushing news.

Years ago I discovered his email address (not that it was hard to find), which I intended to use to tell him about what an inspiration Barbarian Prince and Darklands were for Fallen Gods, and to share the project with him. (And to offer to let him use its engine to the extent it would further his goal of making a future game.) But I kept waiting, thinking, "I should get the game further along; I don't want to show it to him until I think it's really worthy of his time." And now, there's no time left.

I know nothing about his life, and have no direct knowledge of his character. I read his articles and his Steam forum posts, and I played his games. To me, all of them bespoke an abiding curiosity, a creative vision, and an overflowing generosity toward his players. The man put many saints in Darklands. May they speed him to his creator.


Nov 12, 2018
I played Darklands when it first game out and found its gameplay refreshing and interesting. Unfortunately, IIRC, it didn't always hit the mark on fun, which after reading the various articles, I suspect was due to the bugs. I did find the setting and atmosphere of the game great and would have bought a sequel in a hardbeat.

So sad to hear this news today and found myself nodding in agreement and respect to most/all of his thoughts he articulated in the article. I think it would be a fitting tribute to his memory if Josh Sawyer was able to ever develop and publish his long rumoured 'historical focused' RPG if it showed some influences from Arnold Hendrick.


May 9, 2020
“No levels, no experience points. You raise most of your skills just by using them. Your characters can die of old age.”



Codex Roaming East Coast Reporter
Feb 22, 2006
Perusing his PC Museum shelves.
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Truly sad to hear. He created such a unique RPG that stands the test of time. What impresses me is how many developers (whom I respect) reference Darklands as an influence. I fear as my years grow I will see this type of news more often.... :negative:


Sep 20, 2014
Rest in peace. Darklands and its manual had a huge influence on me.

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