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Dungeons and Dragons Online - Fair Codexia Dead - DDO NEWs Thread!


Feb 7, 2016
Ok, so they just released Isle of Dread. Also, according to launcher an older quest is now broken "Black and Blue." Curious about what in the update would bug the quest like that. They say they will fix it next update.

Anyway, last week they had a stream discussing the expansion with different members of the team. I have only watched this part so far

Apparently this ties into the whole codex of infinite planes they started with Arraetrikos. They actually have a link on main site explaining this and spoiling who the mysterious figure was in Feywild. He mentions that Isle of Dread was basically a sandbox module, so they had a lot of flexibility with the story of this module. Mentions how they took stuff from the different editions of Isle of Dread including a 5th edition playtest of it. Had to laugh when he said they still had years of story threads planned down the line. Like okay buddy, I'm a fan of this game, but even I don't think it's going to last that much longer.

Also trailer for expansion


Oct 22, 2006
This is why they closed it down earlier :hmmm:

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