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Expeditions: Viking - historical Viking RPG from Logic Artists


Sep 25, 2012
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You'll have time to spare.
Sep 18, 2013
Is there any way to change/mod the lit up tiles beneath characters? That blue with the ornamental borders is just ugly as fuck. It was similarly ugly in Conquistador too.


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Sep 10, 2010
Vigil's Keep
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I am only seeing the regular version which also lists the Blood-Ice free DLC. Trying to reach the Digitial Deluxe version link redirects me to Steam's main page.

I can access the OST+artbook page, but it has no price listed in my currency (Polish Zloty - zł/PLN).

EDIT: images




For comparison, here is a screenshot from Siege of Dragonspear OST page - the price is listed:

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Jun 13, 2011
What's a better build for a leadership/witchcraft archer:

1 strength, 4 endurance, 4 finesse, 10 perception, 10 sense


1 strength, 1 endurance, 7 finesse, 10 perception, 10 sense



Jan 4, 2005
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I regret getting this game. The combat is great, the writing is okay and the quests have multiple solutions.

But there are too many crates. No, I can't not check them all. Fuck you.


May 5, 2012
I regret getting this game. The combat is great, the writing is okay and the quests have multiple solutions.

But there are too many crates. No, I can't not check them all. Fuck you.
Yeah after all that crate and barrel searching even seeing some in other rpgs triggered the ptsd for a number of months after finishing Vikings. Still my retail goty of 2017.


Jan 8, 2009
pillars of eternity, obviously

Although I had mixed feelings about Viking, I'm really really glad these guys are sticking around and able to make another Expeditions game.


Oct 26, 2008
I just got this. I quite liked Conquistador but that game felt apart for me after the prologue, I also remember exploration and campmaking was a bit of a bother.

So far, I am quite impressed. Prologue was even better than in conquistadors, the character system feels way better and camping feels like its in a good place.
The visuals remind me a bit of Icewind Dale, which brings back some good memories. Overall, a noticeable improvement.

A few nitpicks:
It feels like some of the dialogues could use an additional pass. Viking speak in the prologue felt okay, but England feels a bit too modernized, it felt really off when one pict started telling me about "some bloke".

The character building system, while a marked improvement, doesn't really offer a lot of choice apart from the main stats. In the end, you will get a similar set of perks on all chars, the only difference being in weapon skills and skills unavailable due to stat requirements.
I often took perks I didn't want to only to go over the spent points limit and unlock the next level of specialization. While I believe this limitation should be kept as it is for balance reasons, it feels like a bunch of perks could use an extra level of specialization,
if only to have something to spend points on.

I didn't notice an option to customize the UI buttons (could be PEBKAC), we've had that back in the 90s with infinity engine, could sure use it here.

Combat difficulty is not that great. Only battle I actually reloaded and decided to avoid was the one when getting the cure for Helsott.
Guess I'll have to up the difficulty a notch for my next playthrough.

Forcing the player to customize ~5 characters in one go to fill all hird positions in the prologue was bothersome. We could use some presets.
It also could be great if hird members that are unavailable could be removed from the screen to avoid clutter.

Overall, it feels like a computer game version of Vikings (the series), not necessary a bad thing as it is a bit easier to relate to than Conquistador,
but it also feels like it's a bit too familiar: been there, done that, as it were.

That said, I am having fun with this, more than any other recent game. Good work, devs.
Sep 7, 2013
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Expeditions: Crusaders and Expeditions: Marco Polo are pretty sweet choices. Expedtions: East India would also be cool and cover a lot of the same material as Marco Polo, but in different and arguably more exciting time period.

That being said, I don't think anything can top Expedtions: 10,000, an adaption of the Anabasis by Xenophon.


Jun 7, 2015
Crusades is a perfect theme and the period after the first crusade, with several groups travelling separately to Palestine by crossing Anatolia - with varying degrees of success and involvement in the politics of the crusader states- is perfect. The way those factions played themselves(Jerusalem, Antioch, Edessa, Byzantines, Tripoli, Armenia, Fatimids, Seljuks)... just fucking think about it. Perfect setting for an expeditions game. They could really up their game with a setting like that, the possibilities are limitless. It is also a very popular theme, even more popular than vikings(and very underserved by mainstream media).

Marco Polo I'm not sure... his expedition was mostly peaceful. Anabasis has the problem of involving a somewhat large army, not a small party.

If they won't do crusades, something with the merchant republics might be alright. But not specifically Marco Polo. "Expeditions: Hansa" or "Expeditions: Venezia" perhaps, where you control a patrician trying to establish a new trade route in unfriendly territory. They already used the Conquistador theme, but something with the Portuguese or Dutch endeavours in Brazil, Japan or India could also be interesting.

I'm hoping for Crusades, but I truly trust whatever they do will be interesting. The caveat is that an unpopular or mostly unknown historical scenario might hurt sales. Everyone knows the Conquistadores, everyone knows the Vikings, Everyone knows the Crusaders... Many of the other ideas floating around, not so sure.

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