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inXile now hiring Community Manager


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Jan 12, 2004
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Apply today!

inXile entertainment is searching for an amazing and driven Community Manager that is looking to engage with and take great care of our passionate RPG fans. If you live and breathe role-playing games, enjoy tackling difficult questions with ease, and can be respectful under the most challenging of situations, come join our growing team!

  • You'll be engaging with our community by acting as the administrator in our official and Steam forums, responding to key community needs.
  • You'll manage and maintain our community announcements and engage with our fans, enlisting their ideas on what they feel is important in our games.
  • Our regular Kickstarter and Fig updates will be under your command, requiring you to coordinate with development and production team members to come up with exciting information the community cares about.
  • You'll be our social media maven, maintaining our official accounts while continuing to foster exciting conversations.
  • You'll act as customer support, responding to inquiries and questions on our live titles.
  • You’ll interact with press and streamers directly, setting up coverage and interview for our titles.
  • And you'll interface with our external PR agencies, planning and coordinating PR opportunities.
  • A passion for RPGs, and specifically inXile's games.
  • Familiarity with gaming's most recent games, trends, and industry issues as if it's second nature.
  • Bachelor's degree with a focus in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, or a related field.
  • At least 2+ years of experience in community management in some form or fashion.
  • A naturally social person, willing to engage in and maintain relationships between various video game influencers, partners, and fans.
  • Experience managing social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and more.
  • Knowledge and experience with crowdfunding platforms, trends and challenges.
  • Independent and problem-solving-focused mentality, with a desire to find new opportunities for promotion, press, communication, and in working with the inXile team to resolve community and customer issues.
  • Knowledge of graphic design, image editing, and video creation programs, as well as common file formats and standards used on social media and the internet at large.
  • Engaging and comfortable on camera, as well as shooting and editing video. In fact, you might even have an existing audience on YouTube or Twitch.
  • Experience with crowdfunding campaign management and crowdfunding web sites, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, BackerKit, CrowdOx, Fig, and more.
  • Experience creating and managing PR plans, schedules, and coordinating with third parties to build and maintain brand image.

Chris Avelltwo

Mar 3, 2017
They should consider hiring someone from this site for the position, so that person can act as a bridge and begin the long process of healing the butthurt.

King Crispy

Too bad I have no queen.
Staff Member
Feb 16, 2008
Future Wasteland
Strap Yourselves In
Q: "What are the salary benefits of this position?"

A: "Well, it depends on your experience, but we're thinking of starting you off at about $10.00 per hour. Sorry, no benefits."


Oct 30, 2009
Codex 2012 MCA
Community manager isn't enough, they need to hire customer relations expert to troubleshoot what they've fucked up and tell them how to fix it. I doubt though they'd actually listen to the person, given how amazing their communication has been so far. I can almost guarantee that they're gonna hire CM and leave them hanging alone to pacify pissed off customer base. Hell, they would've needed professional PR person to help them communicate what kind of game TToN is, given what steam reviewers are bitching about, they failed miserably in communicating their "message".

Darth Roxor

Royal Dongsmith
Staff Member
May 29, 2008
inXile entertainment is searching for an amazing and driven Community Manager

WTF. "Amazing"? Really?

She's amazing, a driven bitch.


probably some contract issues, companies like these often forbid their employees from appearing on random forums, although some others do hate the Codex, like Bethesda (Pete Hines blacklisted the site, iirc)


Zionist Agent
Jul 20, 2009
Why Brother None or sea don't come here no more? I used to enjoy sea's posts.
Blockade. It's hard doing damage control when you're personally attached to a community of critics that hold you accountable for your bullshit and calls you out on it. They'd probably feel like shit right about now, knowing full well that we're right, and that they are terrible human beings to have contributed to this crime against humanity.

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