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Completed Let's hunt innocent animals together in Nantucket


Aug 24, 2011

The new DLC of Nantucket includes a way to rename the crew members which means...

... it is fishing time ! Let's kill whales, sharks, squids and pirates to eat them and sell their fluids!

But first, Captain "Narwhal" is looking from crewmen ! Sign-up. Indicate if you have a crew-position preference
(sadly, there are no way to get crewwomen).

Some notes :
- Ironman !
- I will always take the first in-game character available in the list (with the level I want), so we get some nice negative traits :) )
- Mortality is pretty high. Sailor falls overboard => DEAD.
- I played about 15 minutes "freely" before doing this AAR, so I really don't know the game.

Crewlist :
- Narwhal (1830-...)
- Herbert West (1830-...)
- Sather (1830-...)
- Murmurandus (1830-...)
- Idhrendur
- GangsterSynod
- Yvanoff
- Ithvan
- Franconian
- Baud

- Strange Fellow
- Andnjord
- Comte
- Tindrlil
- Andre Bolkonsky
- Green Beret
- Alxeu
- Barsoom
- Stuckenschmidt

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Aug 24, 2011
1820, January the 1st

DAD died today. Or, maybe, yesterday ; I can't be sure. The note said "YOUR FATHER PASSED AWAY. DEEP SYMPATHY !" Which left the matter doubtful. It could have been yesterday.
He left me his old rotten's sloop. Barely floating. Barely a ship, really. DAD used it for, quite literally, small fishes. My friends and myself had another plan for the matter.


Whales was where the wealth laid for people like us. I had it all figured out. With my buddies, we would use the old rickety boat to hunt smaller whales, then we work our way up toward larger ships… and larger whales. Hence my name, "narwhal". They were the smallest whales.

Also, I really hated whales and I had damage bonus against them. Take that, sea freaks !

So there were four of us :

Sather was the only one of us with some experience in the sailing business, though not a lot of experience. We had been a friend since forever, and I suspect if DAD had not died of natural causes, he would have stole him the ship.

Herbert West was the only one of us with some experience in the whole whale-killing business, though not a LOT of experience. We had been a friend since forever, and I suspect if DAD had not died of natural causes, he would have killed him to get the ship, so he could get into whale-killing.

As for Murandus, he wasn't actually much a friend. We needed a fourth person, so we took some dude we met in a pub that was both drunk, and very trust of strangers. We expect him to pick some skills on the way.
I suspect if DAD had not died of natural causes, he would have been friend with Murandus and would have given him his ship.

As for me, finally, I had no real useful skill in the very trade I wanted to work in, so I became video game producer captain.

We managed to find someone willing to pay us to find a spot where whales could be found. I took the mission ...

… loading my ship ...

...and started my new life.

1820, January the 17th

In spite of the winds not being favorable, we reached the place where animals had been spotted. This was for real :

I wasn't only going to spot them. Me and my friends had plans for these whales. Killing them.

As luck would have it, they would be narwhals ! Herbert, Murandus and myself moved into the rowboat, and we moved for the kill.

Herbert and Murandus, loyally, left me the first kill of our new career. I did not miss the small beast.

We did not notice more animals in the region, it looked like we had the tail-end of a migration...

1820, January the 21th

We are heading back toward Nantucket. Herbert and Sather claim we don't need to save water anymore. I need to show them who is the captain :

Murandus only cares for grog.

1820, January the 30th

Not far off Nantucket, we found another whaling area. We stayed a few days, stockpiling look. I mean, whale parts.

1820, February the 6th

Wounded by one of those beasts ! It is time to go home.

1820, February the 11th

Home, finally ! This had been quite the learning experience !
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Dec 11, 2016
RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag. Pathfinder: Wrath I helped put crap in Monomyth
Baud is looking to leave his downrotten life of land-bound peasant for the wretched life of sailor! But since he's a coward, he'll take a position furthest from any risk and closest to the food, if possible, like cook


Aug 22, 2012
The Eye of Terror
The retired Admiral Andnjord is looking for service and will be honored to show you landlubbers a thing or two about battleline whale fighting!

But yeah, whatever role you might find for me boss.


Former Secretary of the Navy for some slaveholding country and I am l looking for work. Fired for embezzling funds. I spent all the money and I am ready to go out to sea.


Aug 24, 2011
13th of February 1820

An awful lot of people want to join my crew ! I assume most of them are attracted by the prospect of the wealth I will bring them !

14th of February 1820

Short expedition to catch more narwhals. This is not very profitable so far, though, and by the end of the month we head back home already.

3rd of March, 1820

Back at home already. Whaling is not as profitable as expected...

… but you know what is profitable ? Bureau Veritas kind of enquiries :

I am to find the Mae, which is lost anywhere from here to Honolulu. I ll go look for it, and if on the way I find whales, well, the better.

April the 29h, 1820

Sather came to me with some far-fetched story he learned, from, well, I really don't know since we are in the middle of the sea. He needs my help, I said "whatever" and he seemed content with that !

May the 5th, 1820

We passed the Cape Horn ! The sea was surprisingly calm, so much for all the sailors telling us how dangerous the whole place was !

We had used the the long voyage to train Murandus to something useful : craftsman. Not that maintaining our ship needs much skill !

Murandus celebrated in a dignified manner !

June the 8th, 1820

Finally ! We found the Mae ! They were attacked by pirates. We immediately decided to jump into action :

... and immediately realized we were outnumbered and outskilled, and not going to do much difference.

We bravely surrendered...

The pirates laughed at our foolhardiness, and their captain found us "rather amusing". After taking our valuable and our coins, they decided it was enough punishment and told us to stick to whaling.

Sadly, the crew of the Mae was not so lucky, but at least we had something to say about the fate of our ship (fate which was, by the time we had left Nantucket, not quite sealed yet).

This had been quite a sobering experience, especially since we had no more grog...

July the 5th, 1820

We arrived at Honolulu. The whole expedition had been a disaster. The crew hates my guts. Herbert refuses to do any kind of work : "Who cares about what I am doing, YOU are not getting rich anyway", I won't get any pay for that little mission as long as I don't go back to Nantucket...

... oh well, I am learning the ropes. At least, no one died. Yet.
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Aug 24, 2011
Well, so far it has been a disaster. As I said, I discover the game as I play, so...


Jul 1, 2012
Shaper Crypt
I will join gladly!

Dayyalu, give me any place. Dangerous ones preferred. I DIE FOR THE CAUSE



Dec 11, 2016
RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag. Pathfinder: Wrath I helped put crap in Monomyth
the prospect of the wealth I will bring them



Aug 24, 2011
5th of July, 1820

There are rumors of whales way South of here. I managed to get paid to have a look :

17th of August, 1820

Slow progress toward our destination, as the winds are against us !

1st of September, 1820

We are on site ! But instead of whales, we find loads and loads of sharks !

We kill a bunch of them, giving us food for the time to come, but not much in the way of wealth. At least Herbert got a lot of training with his harpoon, for when we meet real whales !

9th of October, 1820

The crew is not to happy with the result of that expedition, as there is no lay for them. The contract I had to find whales was, of course, kept secret from them.



Aug 24, 2011
10th of October 1820

The crew is about to disband. They forced me to immediately leave, and go back to Nantucket where they would join a "real crew". What can I do ? Fate has been against me !

30th October, 1820

The most incredible thing happened !

On the way to Nantucket... we found whales !!

! Not small narwhals, but real whale. Blue whales !

Herbert skillfully harpooned one of them, quickly killing the beast !

We looted blubbers, and exploring further, we found out this was a real migration route !

26th of November, 1820

We found and killed 3 more whales in the area, and now we are heading back toward Honolulu, rather than toward Nantucket ! The morale is high, and I finally know I will be filthy rich soon ! I won't be working to my death like my parents did, but will retire early...

… actually I can probably slow down already.

Hunting whales really gave Sather a purpose, and he became a real helmsman, too !

7th of December, 1820

Back in Honolulu. For the first time, the crew received a lay worth talking about !



Aug 24, 2011
I was wondering how could Florida still belong to Spain, but after checking the sale to the US was in 1921.

The share for the crew is pitifully small at 10 %, but I guess you're using the captain share for your budget?
Yah, plus imagine when I have 10 crewmen at 8% each :)
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Aug 24, 2011

7th of December, 1820

I have suspicions that the Blue Whales were actually migrating to a place really close to Honolulu. If so, revealing this location could make me richer quicker !

10th of December, 1820

It looks like my suspicions were correct :

21th of December, 1820

Some of those whales are particularly dangerous, and Herbert West is grievely wounded as Murandus and Sather do not manage to put a killing blow on that beast.

For a moment, we even feared we may lose Herbert :

Sather would eventually manage to kill the monster, but we are immediately heading home to care from Herbert. How much this will cost me, I do not know yet.

1st of January, 1821

Arrived back in Honolulu just for the new year. I was distributing the lay when Herbert started to complain that he almost died in that hunt, that the jig got dangerous while I was staying on the main ship, and that he wanted an higher share of the profit...

… I royally gave him one more percent of the lay.

I am told that some ship called the Maryland has disappeared on its way to Nantucket. I will have a look when I will travel back home

Meanwhile, I am to believe that the migrating whales will not stay forever that close to Honolulu. Unlike what I thought earlier, I can't just wait for wealth to happen - I need to be quick about it :

8th of January, 1821

After hunting a few small whales, we hunted a particularly large one... the largest we ever hunted, though certainly not the largest we have seen :

I was confident in Herbert West, but my prized harpooned got stunned very early by some movement of the whale's tail, and quickly it was only Sather and myself...

We thought it was going to be a tough fight, but suddenly the creature seemed distracted and unfocus on its survival for reasons I don't understand, and I could deliver the killing blow :

This kill alone is enough to fill our ship, and we are back to Honolulu already

21st of January, 1821

Back home. My new wealth does not go unnoticed… including by Sather who requests an higher lay !



Aug 24, 2011
23rd of January, 1821,

Sather came to me with another story about another ship today. Apparently, this time it is the Rachel, a ship with which I have absolutely no personal relationship given I am totally the son of a fisherman and not an experienced whaler that fell from a doomed ship while looking for a white whale in a fancy cutscene.

This is all good, but I have some whaling to do - starting today !

6th of February, 1821

Back from a whaling expedition ! Everyone is happy !

There is something I don't really care about happening in Berlin, and some poet I never heard about died by one of the most common disease of our time :

More importantly, there are less and less whales in my usual hunting spot, so I am trying to get paid to find new ones :

8th of February, 1821

Already leaving for another expedition ! I am getting richer and richer !

10th of February, 1821

The whales seem to have slightly changed their behavior, and more and more they help each other

It makes the whole ordeal more dangerous, but also more profitable

20th of February, 1821

Back to the port already, with another haul !

We will leave again tomorrow !

22th of February, 1821

Today we found a particularly strong whale :

Its first action was to hit the boat with its powerful tail, stunning and wounding Herbert. Immediately thereafter, it dived deeply, putting itself out of reach

Safely in the deep, it could strike us again, and again :

I needed all my science as a doctor to help Herbert, but the creature would carry on its little dance...

... until we finally brought it down after a long, long combat that had lasted several hours

We immediately headed home

27th of February

Back home with much wealth again !

9th of March, 1821

Another expedition, another profit.

We also used the time to improve the ship a bit !

The newspaper are bringing great news, as finally the first step to restore Byzantium is taken :

The whaling area next to Honolulu had seen all its whales migrating away, so I am moving South to find new whales...

14th of March, 1821

On our way South, we found out that we are taking the same route as the migrating whales !

We tried to hunt some of those, but it turned horribly. They were only a couple, but they carried on the attack on our ship, so none of us could deliver any killing blow

Wounded, exhausted, we had to flee the scene. We will be back !

12th of April, 1821

We stopped at Korareka, so the crew could rest ! We will leave in a week !

28th of April, 1821

[these pages are in another writing]

We finally reached the suspected whaling site, but horror ! it is actually full of sharks !

... small sharks though :

We managed to kill them all, but I am grievely wounded. Muramus is writing them as I lay in bed

For the way back, rather than go directly to Honolulu, I decide to follow the travelling route where both the Maryland and the Rachel went missing !

11th of May, 1821

More sharks, which are - this time - easily dispatched !

We head back for Honolulu

4th of June, 1821

(last entry) What do you know, on the way back, we found a ship...

... and what do you know, it is the Rachel :

I am immediately boarding my whaling boat, even though given my wealth this is probably very unwise.


Testimony of M Herbert West, sailor, hunter

"We told Narwhal that this was very unwise, and that the shark looked really agressive, but he told us "he had no choice" and that he felt he had like a lock on him forcing him to lead the boat.

There were sharks everywhere, but Narwhal told us to row til the Rachel.

We started to be attacked by some of the smaller sharks, while the largest shark looked like it was preparing something vicious :

Sather and myself got bit plenty, but the Cap'tain was miraculously left alone... for a while :

We even killed several of those nasty sharks, but the big one was still below us ...

... the large one emerged suddenly, and got away with the arm of Sather. This was horror. I threw my harpoon and killed that beast, though :

From that moment, Sather could not lead the ship properly, and we were overwhelmed...

.. there was a lot of chaos, and suddenly a cry...

When I turned back, the captain was gone

That's all there is to say... we rowed to our own ship as fast as we could, and we never found his body back, obviously.

But you know what" said Herbert West... "now I think I gotta be the new Captain of the Melville..."



Aug 24, 2011
Well, that's it.

Finally, the first death will have been mine, so no one of you volunteers will be able to join my crew. I am a bit sad it turned like this, I really hoped I would have a huge attrition so you would all get to be sailing with me (and I was close to being able to upgrade my ship)

Still, it is a very good game I recommend !

Simple curiosity questions I always do after my AAR :
- Did you know the game ?
- Would you buy it given the AAR ?


Dec 27, 2008

Fun LP, if a bit short. I'll give a try to this game at some point.

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