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Discussion in 'Choose Your Own Adventure Land' started by treave, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012

    The land is in turmoil. Petty bureaucrats hold sway over the cities, while banditry is rife outside of it. The pugilistic sects of the country have become the only institutions that establish a semblance of order where the reach of the Imperial Court is weak. The golden age of chivalry - the code of the pugilists - is dawning, but it may just as soon end. There has been conflict between the sects, as old rivalries and hatreds boil to the forefront now that they have gained in influence and desire even more.

    What can one person accomplish in this cauldron of chaos?

    Overthrow and replace the Son of Heaven, who has lost his mandate to rule?

    Unite the bickering pugilistic sects under one banner, to usher in a new world?

    Or to live out life quietly on the sidelines, away from the troubles of the era?

    It is from such stories that legends arise...


    Skill Descriptions
    Character Sheet
    Sects & Techniques

    Prologue: Winds of the Steppe
    · A Meeting with the Ashina
    二 · Horseplay
    三 · Art of the Wolf
    四 · Shadow Wolf
    五 · A Parting with the Ashina

    Chapter One: Wanderings of Adolescence
    一 · Punishment and Exile
    二 · The Killer Physician
    三 · A Call for Help
    四 · Songfeng Sword School
    五 · Turmoil in Songfeng
    六 · The Physician's Price
    七 · Falling Pine
    八 · Obtaining an Invite
    九 · The Tournament at Quewu Square
    十 · Try Again
    十一 · Visiting Madam Jiang
    十二 · Arrival at Luoying Manor
    十三 · The Winter Solstice Conference Begins
    十四 · Midnight in Luoying
    十五 · The Southern Maniac
    十六 · To the South

    Chapter Two: The Eight Sects' Challenge
    一 · Maniac Training
    二 · A Taunting Invite
    三 · Rumours of Qingcheng
    四 · Shadow in the Green City
    五 · Cao'er and Miecao
    六 · To the Tournament
    七 · Luoyang City
    八 · Registration
    九 · Man Tiger Pig
    十 · Heroes of Taishan
    十一 · The Sword Saint's Disciple
    十二 · Tournament Preparations
    十三 · Match One: Yiling
    十四 · Tournament Interlude
    十五 · Match Two: Nie Mudan
    十六 · Second Night of the Tournament
    十七 · Day of the Tournament Semifinals
    十八 · Meeting with the Masters
    十九 · Tournament Quarterfinals: Guo Fu
    二十 · Tournament Semifinals: Yifang
    二十一 · A Challenger Arrives
    二十二 · Before the Finals
    二十三 · Tournament Finals: Nameless
    二十四 · Amesha Spenta
    二十五 · Leaving Luoyang
    二十六 · Yuhua in Yangzhou
    二十七 · The Drunken Scholar
    二十八 · Yangzhou Tales
    二十九 · Anti-Pirate Alliance
    三十 · A Maiden's Request
    三十一 · The Pirate in Black
    三十二 · The Pirate Leader
    三十三 · Cove Confrontation
    三十四 · Hundred Man Battle
    三十五 · Meeting at a Shrine
    三十六 · Night at the Mansion
    三十七 · The Maiden in the Mansion
    三十八 · Man in Black in the Library
    三十九 · Lady Mi
    四十 · Road to Xiangyang, Again
    四十一 · Enter the Black Dragon
    四十二 · The Two Masters of the Fort
    四十三 · The Hospitality of the Hei Brothers
    四十四 · The Imperial Agent
    四十五 · Icy Heart
    四十六 · Encounter on the Road
    四十七 · Return to Emei
    四十八 · March on Guizhou
    四十九 · The Wudu Cult
    五十 · Royal Reunion
    五十一 · Another Path
    五十二 · Disappearance of the Golden Emperor
    五十三 · Fall Into the Darkness
    五十四 · Underground Exploration
    五十五 · The Writing on the Wall
    五十六 · Chains in the Deep
    五十七 · Cave Life
    五十八 · Light After Darkness
    五十九 · Black Tiger Valley
    六十 · Return of the Taishan Heroes
    六十一 · Stand and Retreat
    六十二 · Scattered Wine
    六十三 · Xsaora Vairya
    六十四 · Battle's End
    六十五 · Parting and Reunion

    Chapter Three: Jianghu
    一 · Maniac Training Part Two
    二 · The Fruit of Two Years
    三 · Betrothal Competition
    四 · Tournament Delay
    五 · Fight or Flight for Love
    六 · An Unexpected Challenger
    七 · First Blood
    八 · Tibetan Trouble
    九 · Price of Freedom
    十 · Escape from Dukezong
    十一 · Beyond Tufan
    十二 · Gates of the Fire Temple
    十三 · Divine Flame Apotheosis
    十四 · Impermanent Way of the Chaotic World
    十五 · Return to the Central Plains
    十六 · Qingcheng Succession
    十七 · Servitude
    十八 · To Steal A Bride
    十九 · Encounter in the Forest
    二十 · Four Lions Formation
    二十一 · Journey to Chang'an
    二十二 · The Beggar's Tales
    二十三 · The Imperial Constabulary
    二十四 · Xinchun Restaurant, Youxia City
    二十五 · A Changing City
    二十六 · Youxia City Investigations
    二十七 · Duck Testimony
    二十八 · Follow Up
    二十九 · Day of the Trial
    三十 · A New Suspect
    三十一 · Bloody Truth
    三十二 · Night on Mount Hua
    三十三 · Black and White
    三十四 · Black and White II
    三十五 · Black and White III
    三十六 · White End
    三十七 · Two Road-Side Meetings
    三十八 · Dreaming Butterfly
    三十九 · Templefront
    四十 · Masters of Shaolin
    四十一 · Masters of Shaolin II
    四十二 · The Shaolin Gauntlet
    四十三 · The Shaolin Gauntlet II
    四十四 · The Shaolin Gauntlet III
    四十五 · The Shaolin Gauntlet IV
    四十六 · The Shaolin Gauntlet V
    四十七 · Gauntlet's End
    四十八 · Libraries and Dumplings
    四十九 · Earthly Determination, Heavenly Will
    五十 · Roadside Swordfight
    五十一 · Interference
    五十二 · Moonlit Manor
    五十三 · The Demonic Swordsman
    五十四 · The Morning After
    五十五 · Tea Meeting
    五十六 · The Scarlet Scorpion and the Fiery Swordswoman
    五十七 · Yangzhou or Taoying
    五十八 · The Ten Swords Conference
    五十九 · The Ten Swords Conference II
    六十 · The Ten Swords Conference III
    六十一 · The Ten Swords Conference IV
    六十二 · The Ten Swords Conference V
    六十三 · The Ten Swords Conference VI
    六十四 · Immortal Banishment
    六十五 · Conference Aftermath
    六十六 · Riverside Rest
    六十七 · Riverine Fugitive
    六十八 · Cutting Branch
    六十九 · Duel on the Water
    七十 · Banhe Town
    七十一 · Meeting in Old Banhe
    七十二 · Old Street Retreat
    七十三 · Cold Morning
    七十四 · Proxy Duel
    七十五 · Forward to Xiangyang
    七十六 · Ghosts of the Butterfly
    七十七 · Black Dragon Pyre
    七十八 · Black Dragon Pyre II
    七十九 · Black Dragon Pyre III
    八十 · Black Dragon Pyre IV
    八十一 · Battle at Black Dragon Gate
    八十二 · Duel at Black Dragon Gate
    八十三 · Showdown at Black Dragon Gate

    Epilogue: Legend
    一 · The First and Last Lie
    二 ·
    三 ·
    四 ·
    五 · Beyond the Three Realms

    Another Epilogue: Somewhere in the world...

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  2. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Skill Descriptions:

    Skills are graded by rank, from 0 - 10. The stats of the character directly determine the skill cap - an intelligence stat of 10 will cap the herbalism skill at 10. Skills with two stats governing them will use the average of the stats. To increase the skill's actual rank, characters have to undergo the associated training or learning.

    Rank 0 - You are entirely unskilled. Best not to attempt it, if you know what is good for you.
    Rank 1 - You have a basic grasp of this skill; at least you know it is about, if not what you should be doing.
    Rank 2 - You understand what you should be doing, but you are not very good at doing it.
    Rank 3 - You have finally become competent at this skill. Congratulations.
    Rank 4 - You are as adept at it as any average practitioner of this skill. In other words, you are mediocre.
    Rank 5 - You have a better-than-average grasp of this skill. This is the first step on the path to mastery.
    Rank 6 - You have an even better understanding of this skill now. Excellent.
    Rank 7 - You now possess a level of skill that would leave most practitioners in awe.
    Rank 8 - You are now a bonafide master of this skill, a level few can achieve.
    Rank 9 - You are a master among masters, taking the skill to the limits of human potential.
    Rank 10 - You have elevated your mastery of this skill into the realms of the divine. Even the gods would be jealous of your prowess.


    Combat Skills

    The axe is commonly associated with bandits and woodsmen. Its moves are strong and primal, and its wielders generally do not follow codified techniques of martial arts. (STR + END)

    The bow is a rare weapon in the pugilistic world, where most practitioners prefer to engage in close combat. Some more straight-laced sects would classify it as a dishonourable weapon. (PER + AGI)

    The saber, or dao, is made for cutting and slashing. It is a very common and easy to use weapon, employed by guards and bandits alike. (STR + AGI)

    The spear is a traditional weapon with an established niche, usually used by soldiers and those with links to the Imperial Court or bodyguard companies. (STR + PER)

    The staff can be frequently found in the hands of monks and beggars. Although the weapon does not garner respect, it can be deadly if utilized correctly. (STR + PER)

    The sword has the most prestige in the pugilistic world and the widest variety of weapon techniques. However, a swordsman can expect to meet many challengers should he rise to fame. (STR + AGI)

    Thrown Weapons
    Thrown weapons can come in many varieties, from needles to chakrams. These are generally the more unorthodox weapons, and frowned upon by the orthodox sects. (PER + AGI)

    The basis of martial arts is unarmed fighting. A good warrior needs no weapon but his hands, feet, and perhaps his head. (STR + AGI)​

    Active Skills

    Artistic Skill
    Art, music and poetry are the marks of a cultured gentleman. Appreciation of the arts may lead to the discovery of more interesting techniques, in addition to serving as conversation pieces. (INT)

    The knowledge and skill to brew herbs and potions that may save or kill. A herbalist may be well-respected, but a poisoner is considered the lowest of the low. (INT)

    Pressure Points
    The ability to observe and determine the various points on a body that, when struck, causes a variety of effects, from laughing to paralysis to death. (PER)

    Stealing, lockpicking and trickery are essential skills for a rogue making his way in the world. Nimble fingers open many doors. (AGI)

    The art of being stealthy – how to silence footsteps, breathing and presence, to fade in and out of the shadows like a ghost. (AGI)

    Trapping is considered a cowardly move by many martial artists, but a well-placed trap may bring about victory over a much stronger foe. (INT)​

    Passive Skills

    The pugilistic world is full of wine. Wine is used to make friends and defeat enemies. Being able to drink others under the table may well be a skill that prevents one from having their throat cut in their sleep. (END)

    Scholarly Knowledge
    Knowledge of the classics in all pursuits; administration, economics and the military. A scholar may find applications for such knowledge in more martial endeavours. (INT)

    The ability to talk and convince others of your viewpoint. A good talker may avoid needless bloodshed… or cause it, if that is what they desire. (CHA)

    Neigong (Inner Strength)
    Inner strength is a fundamental requirement for many techniques, as it determines the amount of qi you can channel. A person with high inner strength can shrug off many types of techniques, recuperate faster and neutralize his own pressure points. (END)

    Qinggong (Light Body Skill)
    The ability to perform impossible acrobatics, glide across water, and leap across rooftops in a single bound. Those with high levels of this skill will be able to move as lightly as a feather and dance around their enemies’ blows. (AGI)​
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  3. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Character Sheet

    Strength: 8 (13/13)
    Perception: 5 (8/11)
    Endurance: 5 (10/7)
    Charisma: 7
    Intelligence: 8
    Agility: 8 (15/15)
    Luck: 1



    -500 (Master of Unorthodoxy)


    Eight Orthodox Sects:

    Beggars' Sect: +65 (Liked)

    Emei Sect: +65 (Liked)

    Wudang Sect: +65 (Liked)

    Shaolin Temple: +70 (Liked)

    Qingcheng Sect: 0 (Neutral)

    Kunlun Sect: 0 (Neutral)

    Taishan Sect: 0 (Neutral)

    Huashan Sect: 0 (Neutral)

    Unorthodox Factions:

    Wudu Cult: +80 (Loved)

    Fire Cult: +80 (Loved)

    Youxia City: +15 (Neutral)

    Minor Jianghu Powers:

    Minamoto Clan: +100 (Idolized)

    Yuhua Hall: +50 (Liked)

    Zhou Clan Manor: -50 (Disliked)

    Songfeng Sword School: -95 (Hated)

    Political Entities:

    Ashina Tribe: +100 (Idolized)

    Tufan Kingdom: -50 (Disliked)

    Imperial Court: -50 (Disliked)

    -100 Sworn Enemy
    -75 Hated
    -50 Disliked
    -25 Shunned
    0 Neutral
    +25 Accepted
    +50 Liked
    +75 Loved
    +100 Idolized

    Fellow of Luoying Manor
    Champion of Young Tiger Martial Arts Tournament
    Lord of the Fire Temple
    Honorary Brother of Shaolin Temple


    Combat Skills:

    Axe - 0/7

    Bows - 0/6

    Saber - 4/8

    Spear - 0/6

    Staff - 0/6

    Sword - 10/10

    Thrown Weapons - 0/6

    Unarmed - 8/8

    Active Skills:

    Artistic Skill - 2/8

    Herbalism - 6/8

    Pressure Points - 5/4

    Sleight-of-Hand - 6/8

    Sneak - 8/8

    Traps - 0/8

    Passive Skills:

    Drinking - 1/5

    Scholarly Knowledge - 4/8

    Speech - 6/7

    Neigong (Inner Strength) - 9/10

    Qinggong (Light Body Skill) - 7/10


    Basic Fist
    Basic Swordplay

    Reikan. (霊勘, Spiritual Instinct) A technique that involves the use of qi in such a way that it augments the five senses of the practitioner. It is analogous to multiple similar techniques known by martial arts practitioners in the Central Plains. It requires a calm inner state to be used effectively, with the greatest effects being seen during meditation. (+3 Perception)

    Kagemi. (影身, Shadow Body) A method of silent moving that melds well with your Kuanglang Step – Kuanglang Step will increase to a higher level, allowing you to be undetectable to all but an elite few. (Additional +2 Stealth to Kuanglang Step).

    Ruanhong Zhusuo. (Crimson Spider Silken Ropes, 軟紅蛛索) A technique that relies on the Wudu Cult’s specially treated spider silk, which is as tough as steel. The threads can be used to enhance offense or defense in equal measure when wrapped tightly, and are extremely effective at binding enemies when unravelled.

    Jueshi Wugong Sword Song. (绝世無功劍曲, Supreme No-Effort Sword Song) Devised by the swordplay genius Shangguan Chuji, this technique is a method of learning swordsmanship quickly that allows even the laziest, most talentless martial artist the potential to become skilled at the blade. (+2 Sword skill cap)

    Shenjian Lingyu. (聖劍領域, Domain of the Sagely Sword) The arm of the Sword Saint appears to possess an instinct of its own when wielding a sword. The shaping and manipulation of a keen sword qi comes easily through this arm, even with only a mere branch as your focus.


    Xujing Sword Stance (虛鏡劍式, Empty Mirror Sword Stance)

    Minamoto-ryuu Sword Style (源流劍術, Minamoto School Sword Style).
    Level 8:
    Splashing Tail of the Black Tortoise – A rapid attack that involves the use of the scabbard as a defensive measure, drawing the sheathed sword in a simultaneous slash in a style that combines both defense and offense.
    Leaf Dance of the Azure Dragon – A series of flowing, precise slashes linked together with graceful footwork so that it appears like a single move dancing around the opponent
    Fiery Flight of the Vermillion Pheasant – a sequence of six powerful slashes executed in quick succession as the user leaps forward, aimed at overwhelming their defenses.
    Golden Fangs of the White Tiger – a dangerous double-edged move that resheaths the sword mid-fight to expose the enemy’s weakness before counter-attacking at the last possible second with immense speed and power.

    Wuying Leipo Kick (无影雷破脚, Shadowless Thunder-Breaking Kick).
    Level 8:
    Soaring Thunder Flash - A leaping move that allows you to travel far into the air at high speed: the basic foundation of the technique.
    Air Shadow Dragon's Tail - A series of kicks that allow you to rebound off an opponent, attacking from multiple angles.
    Earth Splitting Lightning Descent - A powerful downwards strike with your heel.
    Returning Wind Spear - A reverse spinning kick that uses the momentum of an opponent's attack to increase its power.
    Sand Storm Floating Lightning - A sweeping kick that knocks the target off their feet, followed immediately by a strong upwards kick that launches the target into the air.
    Shadowless Thunder Breaker - A rapid assault of twelve consecutive kicks carried out at blinding speed, so fast that they are rumoured to cast no shadow in their movement.

    Xianglong Eighteen Palms. (降龍十八掌, Dragon Subduing Eighteen Palms).
    Level 18:
    The Arrogant Dragon Regrets - a weak palm strike that is humble and formless, allowing you to chain it smoothly into any form of movement for infinite variations.
    The Soaring Dragon Descends - a leaping attack where you strike downwards with your palm from a high position.
    The Hidden Dragon in the Fields - A tight, controlled attack with the flat of the palm that can be used in narrow quarters. Suitable for defensive postures.
    The Graceful Dragon Uncoils - A deceptive, quiet attack that is launched to take the enemy by surprise.
    The Submerged Dragon Left Behind - An attack where the enemy is grabbed and pulled in with one hand, while the other hand executes a strike with the side of the palm.
    The Fierce Dragon Crosses the Great Rivers - A defensive palm strike that exerts strong qi pressure to push the enemy away, preventing them from closing in.
    The Fledgling Dragon’s Sudden Advent - The fastest palm attack in the technique; the speed of the strike is almost uncatchable.
    The Abyssal Dragon Plummets - A tricky two-part move where a wrist strike is executed downwards as the practitioner drops to one knee, before slamming the palm upwards into the opponent’s abdomen from below.
    The Twin Dragons Drawing Water - The middle point of the Eighteen Palms: this move allows the practitioner to execute a different Xianglong Palm move with each hand simultaneously.
    The Defeated Dragon Regains Confidence – A jumping uppercut performed with the heel of the palm from a position lower than that of the opponent.
    The Cloud Dragon Sees No Rain – A feinting move that does not land, but draws the opponent in for a follow-up attack.
    The Lone Dragon Battles in the Wilderness – A powerful single palm strike executed from a stable, standing stance, relying on qi projection to batter the opponent.
    The Six Dragons’ Heavenly Dance – A quick combination of six consecutive palm strikes aimed to confuse the enemy.
    The Dragon Frolics In The Sea – A playful, defensive palm movement that can deflect and redirect attacks.
    The Divine Dragon Swings Its Tail – An extremely powerful sweeping attack that is aimed at catching enemies behind the practitioner.
    The Frost Dragon Pierces The Ice – A palm strike consecutively executed twice on the same spot, the first a yin-dominant soft attack, the second a yang-dominant hard attack. Useful in breaking past qi defenses.
    The Charging Dragon Shatters The Wall – A flying palm strike where the practitioner launches himself at the enemy in an explosive lunge.
    The Dragon’s Flight Shakes The Earth – Summoning every ounce of qi in the practitioner’s body for a desperation attack, a double palm strike that exudes the most power in the technique.

    Shouwang Mad Claws. (獸王狂爪, Mad Claws of the Beast King).
    Level 10:
    Style One - Golden Lion's Wild Beats - a mixture of swift overhead strikes and low sweeps, attacking with a circular movement.
    Style Two - Bloody Diamond Horn - a powerful forward thrust, targeted at the opponent's chest.
    Style Three - Diving Eagle Grip - a series of powerful grapples that emphasize on digging your fingers into the opponents tendons and locking their limbs in place.
    Style Four - White Tortoiseshell Breaker - a style of forming claws strong and sharp enough to puncture the defences of the opponent, no matter their ability.
    Style Five - Elusive Claws of the Hidden Tiger - deceptive claws that flow from the other styles to deliver a devastating counterattack.
    Style Six - Raging Claws of the Mad Lion - qi-enhanced swipes with the potential to tear up the earth and bring down trees in a wide swathe of destruction.

    Xiongshi Violent Roar (雄狮暴吼, Manly Lion’s Violent Roar).
    Level 1: A qi-based technique that blows away the enemy with a loud roar. Gathering qi in the abdomen, the practitioner lets out a forceful shout that generates a powerful wave of pressure radiating outwards. The strength of the move depends on the level of neigong that you have.

    Chuzhan Fist (除斬拳, Dividing Sundering Fist).
    Level 2:
    Style One - The Parched Earth Cracks - a series of rapid, forceful straight punches that aim to keep the opponent off balance.

    Jiuying Zhiyu Sword (九影制獄劍, Nine Shadows Imprisonment Sword).
    Level 1:
    Reflective Blade's Shadow - A slow yin move allowing the sword to appear as if it is engulfed in darkness, disguising its movements.

    Taiji Fist (太極拳, Supreme Pole Fist)
    Level 4:
    Style One - Fist of the Two Rites - From movement to tranquility, from tranquility to movement; a set of moves that flows between two states.
    Style Two - Fist of the Supreme Ultimate - To use tranquility to counter movement, and movement to counter tranquility; a set of moves emphasizing the interaction within harmony.
    Style Three - Fist of the Limitless Ultimate - A boundless state where suppleness and strength exists in equal measure; a set of moves that utilizes both the soft and the hard nature of martial arts.
    Style Four - Fist of Harmony - A combination of all three previous styles to create the actual Taiji Fist, a martial art that moves like flowing water, meeting movement with tranquility and strength with suppleness to achieve a state of skillful deflection where a small strength can match a great force.

    Taiji Sword (太極拳, Supreme Pole Sword)
    Level 1: Combining the principles of the Taiji Fist with swordplay, the single stance of the Taiji Sword casts a great circle around the user, its size depending on the reach of the sword. This circle serves as a net, progressively tightening towards the center and drawing the opponent into the circular counter-attacks of the Taiji swordplay. The swordplay is light and flexible, infinitely variable, and focuses on intent over force, while at the same time being graceful, vivid and effortless.

    Self-Taught Style.
    Level 4:
    Pine-Cutting Sword - A swift, direct lunge aimed at overwhelming the opponent with strength and speed. Modified from the first step of the Songfeng Swordplay.
    Deceptive Fish Stab - A flexible and flashy three-step attack that involves luring the opponent into misjudging their distance, compounding their errors with an effective feint, and finishing them off with a quick stab. Works best with the Yuchang Sword.
    Gentle Storm Dance - An extremely swift sword dance derived from Huashan's Kuangfeng Swift Sword and your own Leaf Dance of the Azure Dragon, focusing on speedy slashes and precision jabs.
    Red Cloud Sword - A powerful sword move inspired by Huashan's Zixia Swordplay, channeling a strong, chaotic swirl of qi to enhance the strength and speed of the attacks.

    Luanshi Wuchangdao (亂世無常道, Impermanent Way of the Chaotic World)
    Level 9: All flows from the Origin and returns to the Origin. Increases the power and speed of your attacks when activated, as well as heightening your durability and perception. You can birth order from chaos and form chaos from collapsing order, switching between the two states when necessary. Although the chaotic state is the default state of being, the orderly state can be maintained near indefinitely. You are able to absorb the internal energy of others at a moderate rate when in physical contact while in a chaotic state. (+3 Strength, +3 Agility, +3 Endurance (Chaos), +3 Perception (Order))

    Wuxiang Qiankun Skill (無相乾坤功, Formless Universe Skill)
    Level 3: A legendary neigong technique that births form from formlessness, allowing the user to imitate both the form and essence of another’s techniques even if it would normally require years of practice or decades of inner strength cultivation. You are able to mimic the techniques of other practitioners in an orderly state. You are now able to still and harmonize your breathing and your qi to almost unnoticeable levels, improving your control of your qinggong (+1 Sneak, +2 qinggong). Your meditation has also borne fruit by improving your mind, allowing you to think and reason more clearly than before (+1 Intelligence). Further advancements in the technique thanks to the Tang Emperor's notes have significantly enhanced the quality of your neigong, increasing your physical abilities across the board (+2 Strength, +2 Agility, +2 Endurance).

    Kuanglang Step. (狂狼步 Mad Wolf Step).
    Level 7: You can move quietly at running speed in normal surroundings and hold yourself still in shadows. You can also shrug off average grapplers, tumble, roll and dodge acrobatically, as well as run up high walls. Your ability to stay airborne has been greatly increased. (+2 Sneak, +2 Agility)

    Qi-Suppressing Pill
    Enervation Potion
    Three Poisons Powder
    Three Poisons Antidote
    Blood-Stemming Poultice
    Yao's Protective Ointment
    Herbal Remedy
    Yao's Lucky Laxatives
    Five Poisons Powder
    Five Poisons Antidote

    Chixiao Sword
    Yuchang Blade
    Fire Temple Pigeon
    Spiritual Suppression Talismans
    Wolf's Fang Amulet
    Special Five Poisons Powder

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  4. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Birth Zodiac:

    Rat – (Perception +1, Intelligence + 2, Agility +2, Strength -1, Endurance -1)

    Ox – (Strength + 2, Endurance +3, Intelligence -2)

    Tiger – (Strength +2, Agility +2, Charisma +1, Perception -1, Luck -1)

    Rabbit – (Charisma +2, Luck +3, Strength -2)

    Dragon – (Strength +1, Perception +1, Charisma +1, Intelligence +1, Luck+1, Agility -2)

    Snake – (Perception +1, Charisma +2, Agility +2, Strength -1, Luck -1)

    Horse – (Endurance +3, Agility +1, Luck +1, Perception -1, Intelligence -1)

    Goat – (Perception +2, Intelligence +3, Charisma -1, Luck -1)

    Monkey – (Intelligence +2, Agility +3, Endurance -1, Luck -1)

    Rooster – (Perception +1, Charisma +2, Agility +1, Luck +1, Strength -2)

    Dog – (Perception +3, Agility +2, Luck -2)

    Pig – (Strength +1, Endurance +1, Intelligence +1, Luck +2, Agility -2)



    The Scholar

    You belong to a clan that has served as bureaucrats to the Imperial Court for generations. Your father attempted to break the mold, trying out for the army instead of taking the Imperial exams like every other member of the clan. He failed rather spectacularly; to this day, when would-be recruits talk about a person failing the physical exam, they use your father’s name as a part of the proverb. You are determined not to follow in his footsteps, and have focused entirely on your studies. Perhaps you have focused too much, as even your scholarly family are starting to find you insufferable.

    Perception +1, Intelligence +2, Charisma -1, Endurance -1, Strength -1

    Herbalism - +1
    Scholarly Knowledge - +3
    Speech - +1


    The Farmer

    You come from a family of farmers, who have farmed the land for hundreds of years. The same land. As a result, your family’s farming prowess have been honed through the generations, and you are widely regarded as the physical culmination of a legendary line of farmers, one that can dig furrows with his bare hands. Farming is all you know in your life, and it suits your simple nature the best.

    Strength +1, Endurance +2, Intelligence -3

    Axe - +1
    Unarmed - +1
    Drinking - +1
    Inner Strength - +2


    The Rogue

    You are a wandering child, an orphan; not so rare in these times of chaos. You grew up with the beggars; you were practically adopted by them, following the more adventurous ones from city to city. You learnt sleight-of-hand and also the art of play-acting. You soon found out how to make every drop of your tears earn a penny in return, how to steal, how to trick, and how to cheat. It helps that you are a happy-go-lucky scoundrel. A poor diet in childhood has left you rather fragile, however.

    Agility +1, Charisma +2, Strength -1, Endurance -2

    Sleight-of-Hand - +2
    Speech - +2
    Sneak - +1


    The Adjutant

    You were brought into the Imperial Palace as playmate to the young Crown Prince. The old Emperor sought to groom you into his heir’s right hand man, and you were given training from a very young age. You have been grateful for the opportunity, being bought from poor peasant parents, and your loyalty to the Emperor and the dynasty is likely unmatched. You have not been blessed with luck, however, being born under a star of disaster – indeed, the old Emperor sought you out for this very trait...

    Strength +1, Perception +1, Intelligence +1, Luck -3

    Sword - +1
    Unarmed - +1
    Artistic Skill - +1
    Scholarly Knowledge - +2


    The Doctor

    You are not a doctor - not yet - but you are a diamond in the rough. Under any other mentor in the world, you would become a promising healer, but you happen to be apprenticed to the Doctor of Death, an eccentric wanderer who has vowed to kill one person for every person he saves. Despite that, his skills are legendary, and he hopes to turn you into his heir. You wonder if that is such a good thing. Long periods of time spent in isolation with a kook have left you very socially awkward.

    Perception +2, Intelligence +1, Charisma -3

    Herbalism - +3
    Pressure Points - +2

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  5. Baltika9 Arcane

    Jun 27, 2012
    Guan-daos fall under spears, I assume?
    ^ Top  
  6. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Yeah. They aren't in common use outside the military, however. Each background will lead into a brief vignette, less than 5 updates, which will grant a bit more skills, and then we'll get into the game proper.

    edit: Yes, if you make intelligence a dump stat, you will get retard dialogue.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  7. Baltika9 Arcane

    Jun 27, 2012
    The Nerd-Officer from an earlier preview was a very appealing concept. But I guess his new description is pretty much saying that it's not an option.

    Also, our stats are on a x/10 scale, a-la SPECIAL?
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  8. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    There's nothing barring the Scholar from attempting to enter the military, if he wants. After all, there is a tradition of academic and military scholars in the bureaucracy - you could have him aim high and win the top spot for both.

    Yes, stats cap out at 10, but there are ways to increase the stats, or to merely break the skill cap, in the LP. You'll have to track down those opportunities... or if you maxed Luck they might just fall into your lap.

    edit: The character creation process will be left open at least until Sunday. Feel free to toss in more questions about how the mechanics work.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  9. Baltika9 Arcane

    Jun 27, 2012
  10. Baltika9 Arcane

    Jun 27, 2012
    Will we be able to train up our main stats?
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  11. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    No direct training. You may find encounters that give you the opportunity to increase them through outside means, but they are rare, and always involve physical changes. Conversely, there are also encounters that will decrease your main stats, whether temporarily or permanently. For example, you may get blinded.

    Skills are easier to increase. You can either be a prodigy, gain enough experience related to a particular skill, or find a master. But character advancement opportunities won't be that frequent. The main bread and butter will revolve around martial arts techniques, which require skills to be at certain levels before you can learn them. Without a technique, you will be at a severe disadvantage in combat.

    edit: Baseline stats are 5 across the board. Go forth and min-max. Just be warned that there are... narrative quirks for having stats that are below 3. The creation process isn't balanced, but that shouldn't matter too much. Rather than making the 'strongest' character, having a 'fun' character is more important.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  12. The Brazilian Slaughter Arcane

    The Brazilian Slaughter
    May 11, 2007
    Belém do Pará
    What kind of character you guys want to play as?
    Our last characters in LPs have been (at least the ones I've read so far):
    1. A scheming polician with a cursed eldritch ring given to him by a cosmic horror (Marius Hax)
    2. A maniacal universe-conquering space marine zealot who worships demons (Jeremiah)
    3. A immortal conqueror and champion fighting through toughness, guile and MAXIMUM FUCK (Ean)
    4. A cunning schemer who's also superpowerful, using his powers mainly for intrigue (Dio)
    5. A bookworm nerd who became powerful through superpowers and MAD SCIENCE (Senya)
    6. A undying viking warrior who estabilished Vinland and fought against monotheist religions and cosmic horrors (Angatyr)
    7. A muslim-hating german woman who became a army officer and liked popping muslim moles

    So i say we play as someone different, say, a cunning thief.
    ^ Top  
  13. Baltika9 Arcane

    Jun 27, 2012
    Naw, we have Freyjanna for that. Personally, I want an alcoholic nerd-officer with delusions of grandeur. With Guan-daos, although that's not optimal, since they require strength and agility.

    Will there be perks?
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  14. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    This rogue is more a charlatan than a traditional thief. The scoundrel also has brothel connections so chances are you're playing a non-virgin.

    If that matters. :lol:

    As for perks, not really, no. As I said, the bread and butter is around techniques. Combat aside, techniques can also improve your skills, in addition to granting you traits or abilities that are not listed here yet. Certain super-rare techniques may even boost your stats. You can think of these as perks, I suppose, but you don't get to pick from them in a level-up screen. You'll have to gain them throughout the course of the adventure.
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  15. Zero Credibility Arcane

    Zero Credibility
    Feb 11, 2007
    I like the Adjutant background because fuck luck - let's make our own (and fail spectacularly). Though the Scholar is fine as well, or possibly the Doctor.
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  16. Azira Arcane Patron

    Nov 3, 2004
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Codex 2012
    What about Doctor Goat?

    That charisma 1 should be hilarious! :lol:

    On the other hand, perception and int both start at 9. Min-maxing? Yep.

    And this dude would be so socially awkward that it'd be bound to blow up in our faces. :yeah:
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  17. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Low luck might screw you over at critical, narratively appropriate moments, but minimal luck will ensure you're really cursed for life.

    A Doctor Goat may have an irritating laugh, an annoying verbal tic and a creepy interest in bodies...

    How long can you stand playing Julius Gallardo? :lol:
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  18. Baltika9 Arcane

    Jun 27, 2012
    Not long at all.

    The Adjutant does seem pretty cool, though. Fuck, we may even end up playing "The Gladiator" in a Chinese setting, especially if the crown prince is a fucking douchebagCommodus.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  19. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Well... maybe not as bad as Gallardo, but it's going to be pretty awkward nonetheless.
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  20. Smashing Axe Arcane Patron

    Smashing Axe
    Dec 29, 2011
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Voting to maximise luck, and for a rags to riches story. The universe should bend to be our bitch.

    Sign: Always Rabbit
    Background: Rogue>Scholar>Farmer>Doctor
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2013
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  21. Storyfag Perfidious Pole Patron

    Feb 17, 2011
    A Dark Place
    Can't believe I missed out on the bolded one. Any chance of a link? Fighting monotheism best day of my life!

    And to expand your list:
    8. A scheming politician Ventrue vampire too smart for his own good (The Patrician)
    9. CODEXIA itself. Rule, Codexia, Rule the Stars; Your people shall never be 'tards!

    I say we ought to play an actually good Good Chancellor of the Empire this time. Let us help the Son of Heaven restore the Heavenly Peace to his land :salute:

    Dragon Adjutant
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  22. Zero Credibility Arcane

    Zero Credibility
    Feb 11, 2007
    Voting for Rat Adjutant - a loyal servant to the Emperor with the shittiest fucking luck.
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  23. The Brazilian Slaughter Arcane

    The Brazilian Slaughter
    May 11, 2007
    Belém do Pará
    Its from Cassidy's Prisioner of Life:

    Forgot the last one, too:
    10. A crazy, bloodthrsity mongolian zuut under Khadagan Sternberg who hates sleeping (Sukhbaatar)

    I say we go for a Snake Rogue. I am half-tempted to play with the Scholar and save Zhongguo through our superior knowlodge of Confucious and the power of :obviously:
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  24. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Hm, given that there might be a bit too many permutations with the zodiac included, if there isn't any obvious winning combination by the weekend I will pick the background with the most votes, and then give another day or two for the birth sign choice.

    Rat has no modifiers for luck, the worst luck would be Dog Adjutant, with a whopping total of 0 luck, on what is supposed to be a 1 - 10 scale. Here is a man so unlucky that luck ceases to exist entirely.

    For that matter, Ox Farmer gives you 0 intelligence, making you barely better than a zombie when it comes to smarts.

    Fuck balance. :rpgcodex:

    Interestingly, both of these combinations fit their respective characters to a tee: a loyal dog of the Emperor, and a hardworking ox in the field.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
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  25. Zero Credibility Arcane

    Zero Credibility
    Feb 11, 2007
    Oh, I know. But I thought it best to avoid going below 2 if possible. I'm aiming at someone remarkably personally unlucky so that he needs to work extra hard just to get back to zero, and not so cursed he ends up destroying everyone and everything around him no matter what he does - surely the Emperor wouldn't what someone like that hanging around his heir.
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