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New Update & First Sale


The Boar Studio
Dec 8, 2002
The game has just been updated to 1.14, mostly for better 4K resolution support and some interface improvements.

I began reaching out and took the wonderful advice I got from the last thread to heart. Thanks for the wisdom. It seems to be working as sales have picked up a bit. It's not much and there's still a lot left to do to get the word out, but it's a promising start.

Steam was pushing the 'Lunar New Year' sale, so I joined. The game is 20% off until the 27th.

Oh, and thanks for voting in the GOTY poll!

For the curious but frugal -yarr maties!-, the torrent that is out there wasn't cracked very well. PLAZA removed the Steam DRM by the books, but I hardcoded some Steam Achievement checks, seeing as how I'm the only programmer and it was the expedient thing to do. This means that there's a chance that the game will bug out whenever it tries to give you an achievement. It seems I inadvertently added the worst kind of copy protection: The kind that lets you play but potentially breaks the game. So beware if you're flying the Jolly Roger.


Mar 4, 2018
Grab the Codex by the pussy Pathfinder: Wrath
Thank you for the sale, I bought a copy. I don't expect to play it any time soon (no fault of the game), just wanted to support.

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