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Game News Pentiment releasing on November 15th, now available for preorder


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Hannah Kennedy; Josh Sawyer; Obsidian Entertainment; Pentiment

In a rare victory for creative integrity over marketing, Josh Sawyer's historical murder mystery game Pentiment was rebranded from RPG to "narrative-driven game" soon after it was announced back in June. However for completeness sake, we will continue to cover the game here until its release. Earlier today, Obsidian announced that Pentiment would be launching on November 15th and opened up preorders. There was no trailer for this announcement, but the game did appear on IGN's Gamescom stream this afternoon, presented by Josh and artist Hannah Kennedy. Topics covered during the segment included the game's artistic vision and its implementation of choice & consequence in a storyline spanning over twenty five years.

Numerous previews of Pentiment were published today as well, covering many of the same topics. Here's a list of them:

Pentiment is now available for preorder on Steam for $20, though it's clearly expected that most people will be playing via PC Game Pass. I assume we'll get to see more of the game during tomorrow's Xbox stream.


Sep 10, 2014
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Real Sawyer description in the description box.


Sep 1, 2020
Can someone explain to me how this game is different form D**** E******? I have not played DE, but I wan't to know how do they differ?

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