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Return of the Obra Dinn

Dec 17, 2013
Nitpicking this game is like snorting high end Colombian undiluted cocaine and complaining that the supermodel sucking your dick wasn't in any Hollywood movies. I mean come on people...

The logic is top notch, everything can be deduced. I only played 2 games in my life where literally everything could be problem solved in a brilliant way, this and Ultima Underworld. Both legendary games.

You already figured out the kraken part, you can definitely see them falling into its mouth in one of the scenes from the overturned boat. For the brothers, figuring out HOW to use the hammock numbers to solve that one was fucking brilliant.


Feb 8, 2020
down under
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Played this a few years ago, my favorite game that came out in the last 20 years. Breaking new ground in both mechanics and presentation. It makes you feel like a proper detective as you progress by making deductions from your observations. They way you piece together and experience the story is unlike anything else.

I'll wait for a few more years to play it again, hopefully I'll forget enough by then.

It would have been amazing if there was a second story, like investigating a failed expedition to some ancient ruins. But it is a masterpiece as is, and second story would have been to much to ask for given that it's developed by one person and there's astonishing amount of detail. Still, I'd love to play another game with the same mechanics.
Play the case of the golden idol.
Thanks for the tip, looks absolutely hilarious.

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