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Codex Review RPG Codex Review: Jagged Alliance 3


Oct 21, 2019
Played a few evenings and this fucking ass scrumble bullshit turn is killing it for me. Like, I enjoyed both nuxcoms and somehow got used to its pod system despite the fact they are xcom games, but actually different, you know? Here we have so much in common on one hand and they implement such annoying changes to the core stuff? Idk maybe if it wasnt JAGGED ALLIANCE game I'd swallow it but as it is along with many other poor desicions here and there it just repulses me. The most stupid thing with this scrumble horsefuck is (apart from Roxor said, when it might happen across the whole map) that you can, still, in fact, like in review said, set up an ambush through overwatch (very similiar, again to how it was in nuxcoms btw) but that would be tiresome and less effective. So why make this annoying crutch anyway then? Ugh. I hope there'll be a mod and then I would play this except when your whole game was balanced around that... Nevertheless, other shortcomings aren't that dealbreaking for me although there's plenty.


Aug 27, 2014
Le Balkans
Dunno really, didnt find the scrambe part annoying or anything tbh...

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