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NSFW The Adult Game Thread ***R18***

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Obama, May 24, 2020.


What are your favorite adult / erotic games?

  1. Treasure of Nadia by NLT

  2. Sengoku Rance by AliceSoft

  3. Rance X by AliceSoft

  4. Some other AliceSoft game (post a comment to tell more)

  5. Honey Select by Illusion

  6. Honey Select 2 by Illusion

  7. Some other Illusion game (post a comment to tell more)

  8. Princess Trainer by Akabur

  9. Star Channel 34 by Akabur

  10. Some other Akabur game (post a comment to tell more)

  11. Monster Girl Club Bifrost by Midnight Pleasure

  12. House Party by Eek! Games

  13. Haremon by Haremon Dev

  14. Corruption of Champions by Fenoxo

  15. Trials in Tainted Space by Fenoxo

  16. Succubus Affection by Succubus Diary

  17. LonaRPG by eccma417

  18. Brothel King by Goldo

  19. Sim Brothel (the original)

  20. Babysitting Cream by Aval0nX & Avian

  21. Dungeon of Erotic Master by rusimarudou

  22. Goblin Walker by rusimarudou

  23. Taffy Tales by UberPie

  24. The Lust of Delta ~ A Warship Awash in Lust~ or some other game by fushidaratei

  25. Kamidori Alchemy Meister by Eushully

  26. Some other game by Eushully (post a comment to tell more)

  27. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with adult mods

  28. Leisure Suit Larry games by Al Lowe

  29. Being a DIK by DrPinkCake

  30. Summertime Saga by Kompas Productions

  31. Violated Heroine

  32. Monster Girl Quest games by Torotoro Resistance

  33. Bunny Black games by Softhouse Chara

  34. Future Fragments by The Future Fragments Team

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  1. Obama Learned

    Jun 11, 2019
    White House Sex Dungeon
    I didn't have any issues with the base game - runs fine on my laptop. I didn't try messing with the mods though.
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  2. MadMaxHellfire Arcane

    Mar 3, 2010
    and i should give a fuck because...?
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  3. Obama Learned

    Jun 11, 2019
    White House Sex Dungeon
    Just letting people know the game doesn't have frame rate issues on every system. And my laptop is not a powerhouse, so even a mediocre rig should handle the game relatively easily.
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  4. Falksi Arcane

    Feb 14, 2017
    Appriciated, my rig's wank so it's a handy bit of info.
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  5. Jason Liang Arcane

    Jason Liang
    Oct 26, 2014
    So I've been looking for two interactive sex cd rom games for years. One of them, Tokyo Nightlife, I had never even seen a mention of after searching for years on the internet.

    Well today I finally found proof of its existence and confirmation of the title! I found a 1998 post on google groups that has it listed in a catalog:!s...sort:date/

    Can anyone find any more information on this game? You'd think they most have pressed at least a run of 5000 copies, how can something like that completely disappear?

    The other game is Private Pleasure Park 2. I had a copy of the first game and it was great, but I've never found a rom dump of either games.

    Hey I also found descriptions!!s...sort:date/
    Show Spoiler
    Adult CD-ROMs: Interactive Games, Movies, Stories,
    Clip-Art and other Titles


    Clearlight Software, PO Box 1411, Milwaukee, WI 53201
    (414) 962-2616

    All CDs are in ISO 9600 format and are compatible with IBM-
    compatible systems (and Mac where noted). All image collections will
    work with Mac computers when used with a Mac-compatible viewing

    EROTIC PLAYGROUND ($29) IBM DOS only. The sequel to Ultimate
    Erotica Coll., this CD is loaded with all types of adult software,
    including over 50 games (games are not compatible with Win95), over
    1000 GIF images, 90+ mostly XXX-rated movies, 800+ adult stories,
    and more!

    ULTIMATE EROTICA COLLECTION ($19) Limited quantities. Contains
    about half the same games as Erotic Playground but all the other
    material (images, movies, stories) is different.

    PLAYGROUND SPECIAL ($39) Get both Erotic Playground and
    Ultimate Erotica Collection at one low price!

    TORRID TALES 1 & 2 ($35 each) 3400+ adult stories per CD. From
    the romantic to the bizarre & raunchy, these tales from the Internet &
    BBS sources reveal the hidden sexual fantasies in today's men &

    TORRID SPECIAL ($59) Get bot TORRID TALES 1 and 2 at one low

    EROTIC READER ($35) 3000+ adult stories of all types.

    CLIP ART EROTICA ($35) Win/Mac. Over 600 high-quality adult clip art
    images for Mac & PC Compatibles in both color & b&w EPS and WMF
    formats. Includes many new fonts (condoms, fetish, genitalia, etc.)
    and dingbats. Compatible with all of today's most popular Word
    Processing & Desktop Publishing programs. See the clip art in this
    catalogue for samples.

    DR. RUTH'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX ($19) Multimedia presentation
    on 250 sexual topics, ranging from teen sex and birth control to
    alternate lifestyles & safe sex. Ably presented by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

    BEEP THROAT ($25) Windows/Mac. Sound card required. 504
    different sexy sound files for your computer in .WAV, .SND, & .AIFF
    formats. The sexy voices of Isis Nile, Rebecca Bardoux, & more!

    Windows/Mac. Super erotic video screen savers starring Angela
    Summers. Exclusive erotic vignettes with personal interview!

    Exclusive Video Screensavers starring the sensational Alicia Rio!

    EROTIC WEB ($29) Windows/Mac. Excellent guide to the various Adult
    sections of the Internet! Over 1000 hard-to-find Adult Web Listings-
    dating & escort services, movies, magazines, companies, clubs,
    phone & video sex, gay services, kinky stuff, interactive chat and more!


    LATEX ($36) Windows/Mac. 2 CDs. Michael Ninn's award-winning
    XXX-rated inter-active Myst-like game. You must explore every nook &
    cranny of the desolate retro-future city Alphaville for clues to lead you to
    the shocking climax. You'll find strange new erotic devices, a sexy
    robotic Siren who tries to please you, XXX-rated video kiosks, and
    secret rooms where dangerous & erotic things will happen to you.

    VIRTUAL SEX SHOOT ($39) Windows/Mac. Superb XXX-rated Sex
    Fantasy Adventure in which you are transported to a mysterious island
    where you create your own visual sex fantasy by controlling cameras
    that capture every intense moment of erotic sex. Play your creation
    back in full-screen full-motion video & trade it with friends by disk or
    over the Internet & BBS systems (see

    FANTASCENES 1 ($36) Win/Mac. If you liked Virtual Sex Shoot you'll
    love this new title from Digital Playground. Using their Fantasave tech-
    nology you can create your own sizzling XXX-rated sex scenes with 5 of
    the most beautiful women in the world, & then trade your
    masterpieces with friends. Full-screen video. Filmed exclusively for

    DIVA X-ARIANA ($39) Windows/Mac. Superb interactive "girlfriend" CD
    using a Touch-and-Feel User Interface which lets you touch the
    beautiful Ariana in every way possible. You meet this lost beauty at an
    airport where she asks you for assistance with her sexy French
    accent. You offer her a ride to her destination and after she gets in your
    car the rest of the game is up to you! Superb XXX-rated interactive
    video, excellent mood music, & a hi-res photo pictorial of Ariana. You
    have full control of the sex scenes, and the only limit is your own
    imagination! Sample at

    DIVA X- REBECCA ($39) Win/Mac. The superb sequel!

    NET EROTIQUE ($35) Windows/Mac. Outstanding interactive X-rated
    CD where you navigate the Information Highway to connect with Net
    Erotique in Europe, where Europe's most beautiful women cater to
    your every desire. Includes "Intererotica Live" video software.

    HOT SLOTS ($35) Great futuristic game where you travel to the Hagar
    System, where a new ruler has established a world full of sexual
    pleasures. You have to find this ruler & negotiate his return to earth by
    playing his game Hot Slots (an imaginative variety of slot machine).
    This machine is so erotic that those sent before you have never
    returned. Featuring Ashlyn Gere, Nikki Dial, Heather Hunter, & more!

    PORNO POKER ($35) Windows/Mac. Excellent X-rated Strip Poker
    game, with 3 sexy porn stars as opponents- Juli Ashton, Tyffany
    Million, & Jeanna Fine. It's what they do when their clothes are off that
    sets this game apart! They also play a decent game pf poker!

    HOLLYWOOD BODY DOUBLE ($32) Windows/Mac. Excellent Inter-
    active "sex shoot" type adventure starring Hollywood's #1 Body Double
    & 3-time Playboy Covergirl Ms. Shelly Michelle. Winner of Adult Video
    News' Editor's Choice Award. You are the director as Shelly co-stars in
    her new Pay-per-view hit. You have full control over a dozen full-screen
    erotic locations, 50 different rooms & studios, editing rooms, & bonus
    Penthouse levels (the movie starts in Shelly's exotic Penthouse).

    VIRTUAL SEX 1 ($35) Windows/Mac. Interactive "pick up" game where
    you choose which of 3 women to try to seduce- a stewardess, a cherry
    cheerleader, or naughty nurse. If you play your cards right you'll be
    treated to an XXX-rated Interlude. Fail & you get rejected! Stars Tyffany
    Million, Juli Ashton, J.R. Carrington, Keely O'Dell, Nicole London,

    VIRTUAL SEX 2 ($35) Windows/Mac. Choose from 3 new sexy babes
    in this great X-rated interactive sequel. The ultimate test to your
    lovemaking skills. Choose from 2 different camera angles. If you can
    satisfy all 3 women you get a super "Boner Bonus" Show!

    TIME WARP ($36) Windows/Mac. Superb XXX-rated Interactive Game
    in which you play Doctor Carl, whose lovely research assistant Julie
    has lost her sex drive due to a freak accident. Travel with both of them
    through 3-D time and space on a sexual joy ride to find stimulating,
    passionate sexual experiences to help Julie get her sex drive back!

    NIGHTWATCH 3 ($36) Win/Mac. Volume 3 of this superb Interactive
    series is better than ever! You must keep Tiffany Minx, Alex Dane, &
    other beautiful sexpots under surveillance while they engage in wild
    sexual antics in the hottest nightclub in CyberSpace!

    NIGHTWATCH 1 & 2 ($35 each) Win/Mac. Join the sexiest night watch-
    man ever as she makes her XXX-rated rounds spying on the steamy
    sex lives of hot couples. Volume 1 takes place in a beach condo,
    volume 2 in a luxury hotel. Don't get caught or she'll get punished by
    her boss!

    PLEASURE ZONES ($35) Windows/Mac. Very good XXX-rated inter-
    active game in which you must stimulate beautiful women into having
    an orgasm by using various "tools" including your hand, lips, vibrator,
    cherry, or feather. If you succeed your get treated to a sexy video of the
    girl! Racquel Darrien, Janine, Ashlyn Gere, Kelly O'Dell, and more!

    CLUB 21 ($35) Windows/Mac. Super interactive R-rated Casino
    Game. Your beautiful hostess Tara guides you through a beautifully
    rendered 3-D Casino where you can play at the "loosest" gaming
    tables in town. Lots of Vivid's beautiful women are there to entertain
    you too!

    PENTHOUSE PHOTO SHOOTS 1-6 ($35 each) Windows/Mac. You are
    a Penthouse Photographer in these excellent R- to X-rated inter-active
    Photo Shoots. You work with 3 beautiful models, anticipate their
    moves, and take the perfect photo! Take & view photos, save them to
    disk, & create customized contact sheets. Over 90 minutes of full-
    motion video to explore. Each CD comes with its own Best of
    Penthouse Home Video. The models on each volume are as follows:
    1) Natalie Lennox, Dominique St. Croix, & Julie Strain; 2) Leslie Glass,
    Gina LaMarca, & Julie Smith; 3) Jami Dion, Janine Lindemulder, &
    Sam Phillips; 4) Seana Ryan, Tiffany Burlingame, & Bonita Saint; 5)
    Brittany Mays, Alex Taylor, & Sonja MacDaniels; 6) Sharon Fitspatrick,
    Heidi Lynn, & Sasha Vinni.

    MICHAEL NINN'S "SEX" ($35) Win/Mac. Superb interactive XXX-rated
    fantasy CD. Create your own adult erotic masterpiece as you become
    the director. Combine, record, & save your favorite clips from Michael
    Ninn's 2 award-winning movies-SEX and SEX 2 - FATE.

    ALLEY CATS ($32) Windows/Mac. Wow, an interactive R-rated Strip
    Bowling Game! Bowl against Candy- a blonde bombshell, Rachel- a
    street smart girl, & Elizabeth- a sexy professor. Totally Unique!

    VIRTUAL LAS VEGAS NIGHT ($35) Windows only. Great XXX-rated
    interactive gambling game in which you play casino games in a virtual
    3-D Las Vegas. If you win at Poker, Black Jack, or various guessing
    games the beautiful ladies there will perform sex acts for & with you!

    HUMP TOWER ($35) Win/Mac. Excellent XXX-rated interactive game
    with 4 levels & 100s of combinations. After checking into a luxury hotel
    you explore the other naughty guests' sexual habits on your floor. As
    you accumulate points your get a new room on the next floor. Get to the
    Penthouse & you get to have the best sex of all! Tyffany Million, Valeria,
    Stacey Nicholes, & other hot hotel guests are there!

    VIRTUAL GOLDEN EYES ($35) Another great XXX-rated interactive
    James-Bond-type Sex Adventure. You must rescue a princess who
    has been kidnapped & is being held hostage in a 3-D CyberClub. To
    get to here you'll have to pass several worlds of 3-D sexual adventures
    first! This game never plays the same way twice & is totally

    CDs. Join Seymore in this XXX-rated adventure as he starts a dating
    service to get enough money to go to Canada in search of his lost love
    Brianna. Great sex scenes and game play!

    ANAL ROM 2 ($29) Win/Mac. Great R- to X-rated interactive memory-
    matching game where you have to match the flashing butts in the right
    order. The better your memory the more butt you get!

    CLUB CYBERLESQUE ($35) Win/Mac. X-rated adventure game where
    you wander around the Strip Club Cyberlesque watching th sexy
    dancers & trying to find money, secret rooms, & romance! Don't run out
    of cash or you'll find yourself on the street! Find the elite Champagne

    DOLL HOUSE ($35) Win/Mac. XXX-rated sex adventure game where
    you visit the "Doll House", a sex shop full of sex dolls, magazines, &
    other interesting "toys" you can play with. Or visit the Sex Arcade where
    you control all the sex action. Full-screen Quicktime. Great music.

    PRIVATE PRISON ($39) Win/Mac. In this superb XXX-rated interactive
    game you get to run your own private women's prison on a remote
    island. All the sexy prisoners wear explosive devices that detonate if
    they try to leave the island so they can't escape. This game has 17
    levels of great arcade action. Peek in on the girls to see what they're
    up to!

    ROOM FOR RENT ($29) Windows only. Interactive XXX-rated sex
    adventure where you explore an erotic 3-D mansion. If you can satisfy
    the women inside you can move to higher levels of the game. Stars
    Debbie Diamond, Barbara Doll, Kitty Yung, and more!

    VIRTUALLY YOURS 1 & 2 ($29 each) Windows/Mac. Join the lovely
    Monique in these two well-done XXX-rated Interactive Adventures &
    explore her 3-D Dungeons-and-Dragons-type Cyberworlds. Avoid the
    dangers and reap the richest of sexual rewards!

    GIRLFRIEND TERI ($35) Windows only. Excellent X-rated interactive
    "Virtual Girlfriend" game. Sexy Teri is different every time you talk to her
    and play with her. Unlike many games, Teri talks back & can carry on a
    very interesting & sexy conversation just like a real woman!

    WANDERLUST ($35) Win/Mac. Well-done XXX-rated Space Adventure
    where you must find a way to return from Cyberspace by exploring
    exotic surrealistic worlds and sexy women! Great 3-D rendered

    SORORITY CYBER BABES ($35) Win/Mac. (Also known as Sorority
    Sex Kittens) Erotic XXX-rated inter-active adventure where you travel
    through a virtual 3-D campus & check out the hot action going on!
    Ashlyn Gere, Summer Knight, many more!

    THE LUST CONNECTION ($32) Win/Mac. Hot XXX-rated hardcore
    game where you play a contestant on a sex-filled game show! Choose
    your favorite girl and have her perform any sex act you want.

    CATFIGHT ($39) Windows only. The ultimate female fighting game!
    Great PG- to R-rated animated combat game with great graphics,
    sound, and sexy female fighters. Caution: this one is very gory!

    EROS 1 & 2 ($35 each ) Win/Mac. Excellent R- to XXX-rated interactive
    adult multimedia CD. Includes illustrated fiction, adult games, audio
    erotica, & more! Stars Janine, Lene, & many other Vivid beauties!

    MIND TEAZZER 1 & 2 ($29 each) Win/Mac. Unique R- to X-rated Puzzle
    (Tangra) game where you try to move the pieces of a puzzle so that
    they reveal the beautiful nude model. Ashlyn Gere, Janine, more!

    HEIDI'S HOUSE ($35) Windows/Mac. X-rated interactive game starring
    Centerfold of the Year Julie Strain & 9 other sexy beauties. A six-level,
    3-game sex comedy with an original music score & 45 minutes of full-
    motion video, this sexy game offers new varieties of play each time.

    DOORS OF PASSION 2 ($35) Windows Only. Interactive XXX-rated
    adventure game where you explore Passion Mansion. Rick Savage is
    Peter Passion and he has lost his first wife to another woman, so you
    must explore his luxurious mansion for a new wife for him. There are
    many different sexy women behind the many doors & over 30 hot video
    clips, so you have plenty of playmates to choose from!

    FANTASY TOUR ($15) Win/Mac. Try out the latest interactive adult
    games on this great CD. Includes excerpts from Diva X, Virtual Vixens,
    Space Sirens 1 & 2, Max the Naughty Dog, Neurodancers, & more!

    NASTY PARTS ($34) Win/Mac. Unique XXX-rated sexual anatomy
    game where you pick an erogenous zone from a vast selection of
    close-up photos and match it up with a famous XXX-rated actress! Get
    it right and you're treated to an XXX-rated action video of that star. The
    levels get harder as you proceed. Juli Ashton is your host. Many sexy

    ULTIMATE TOKYO ($35) Excellent XXX-rated interactive game. Unlike
    many other CDs, this one captures the beauty of young Japanese
    women in totally uncensored XXX-rated action video and images!

    SUSHI BAR GIRLS ($35) Win/Mac. Interactive XXX-rated casino-type
    game featuring sexy young Japanese women! Totally uncensored, this
    one is full of erotic video and photos.

    NICK STEELE P.I. ($35) Win/Mac. Live actors & animated sidekicks
    star in this R-rated adventure where you play Nick Steele, Private
    Investigator. Explore a mansion to search for clues in the murder of a
    beauti-ful actress, interrogate suspects. A sexy murder mystery!

    SPACE SIRENS 1 & 2 ($35 each) Win/Mac. Superb XXX-rated Arcade-
    type space game where you must follow a quest into the realm of the
    sensuous but deadly Space Sirens. Super full-screen video, 3-D
    anim-ation, sound, & Touch-and -Feel Interface that makes for great

    VIRTUAL VIXENS ($29) Win/Mac. Classic X-rated Space Adventure in
    which you must save your friend from the evil Crystal who has
    imprison-ed him in a VR Pleasure World for failing to please her.
    Before you can reach her you must first sexually satisfy 3 women &
    solve their mystery.

    SEX WORM ($29) Windows only. Cute arcade game from Germany
    where you gobble up objects with a moving worm against XXX-rated
    background screens. Lots of levels & very addictive.

    TEXAS TABLE DANCE ($25) R-rated interactive adventure in which you
    own a of a Texas Gentlemen's Club. Lots of sexy babes!

    WINNER TAKES ALL ($25) Win/Mac. R- to X-rated interactive Casino
    game from Vivid. Choose one of 12 sexy Vivid girls & make a bet. If you
    win they'll put on a sexy show for you. Get to $1000 and win the

    GO DIGITAL 1-3 ($19 each) Win/Mac. Excellent interactive Magazine
    with adult news articles, interviews, & videos. Contains great Video-
    Pictorials of beautiful women from around the world!

    PRIVATE PLEASURE PARK 2 ($37) Win/Mac. Excellent XXX-rated
    Interactive Adventure that takes place in a European Red Light District.
    Visit the peep-shows, the Sexodrome, kinky bars and get it on with the
    many eager sexy ladies. The objective: Maximum Sexual Stimulation!

    ESPLORANDO MOANA (Exploring Moana) ($32) Hot XXX-rated
    interactive adventure starring the beautiful Latin lovely Moana!

    PEEP SHOW 2-THE GIRLIE GAME ($35) Win/Mac. R- to X-rated inter-
    active adventure game in which you wander around a sexy
    "Cyberdello" & check out the hot women inside. If you can use your
    money well you can find lots of sexy girls inside (they pop up

    POKER PARTY ($35) Win/Mac. Play Strip Poker against one of six sexy
    opponents, including the voluptuous Kathy Willits. Full-motion video.

    CRYSTAL FANTASY ($37) Well-done R- to X-rated "Photo shoot"
    interactive CD with over 1 hour of great video footage shot exclusively
    for this CD! Talk & play with sexy 6 sexy models as you take your own
    erotic snapshots of them as they cavort in the nude. Directed by Ivan

    INTIMATE POSSIBILITIES ($37) Win/Mac. Unique intereractive XXX-
    rated sex adventure game in which you wander through 15 erotic
    tropical locations with 4 eager female hardbodies & participate in 35
    hot intimate encounters. Thousands of different storylines!

    VIRTUAL DIRECTOR ($29) Windows Only. Excellent interactive title
    where you are the director of an adult movie. You choose the actors &
    actresses and the types of sex scenes they perform in. You can
    choose different sex toys and even enlarge the actresses' breasts! Up
    to 2 hours of playing time & choice of screen size, including full-
    screen. XXX-rated.

    FUZZ BUSTERS ($35) Win/Mac. Super XXX-rated memory-matching
    game where you must master the use of sex toys to get the sexy
    babes to perform for you! Many levels. Choice of 5 languages.

    DIRTY TRICKS ($38) Win/Mac. Great XXX-rated CyberSpace Game
    where you are allowed to get out of prison if you can hack your way into
    the CyberNet and dig up dirt on a secret society. Use your "Datahelm"
    to watch the hot illicit sex that's going on. Meet the beautiful "Hacker",
    sample the "Pleasure Zones" & avoid the deadly Cyberguards!

    PORNMANIA ($39) Win/Dos only. Excellent arcade games such as
    Porntris (Tetris-like game) and memory & maze games lead you
    through doors & levels to view many different XXX-rated sex scenes!

    PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR ($38) Windows only. Catch the senator
    who's fooling around with his girlfriend in this superb XXX-rated
    arcade adventure. You'll need all your fighting, shooting, flying, &
    "screwing" skills to succeed. Win and his wife will reward you with her
    body! Free additional levels to this game available at the web site

    SAMURAI PERVERT ($35) Win/Mac. Great XXX-rated "girlfriend"-type
    adventure game from Japan. Dress up a beautiful Japanese girl in a
    kimono, business suit, or party girl outfit & watch her personality
    change as you get to know her in every erotic way! Totally uncensored.

    TOKYO NIGHTLIFE INTERACTIVE ($35) XXX-rated Japanese Sex
    Adventure where you live & interact in a virtual 3-D Tokyo! Explore the
    streets & discover the various "Adult Entertainment" establishments.
    You get your own virtual apartment, sexy neighbors, & lots of adult

    STRIP BLACKJACK ($35) Win/Mac. Nice R-rated Strip Blackjack game
    where you choose from 3 sexy opponents. Win and you'll be treated to
    their private photo collections (100s of photos) & 60+ minutes of video!

    LOVE PYRAMID ($29) Windows only. XXX-rated Sex Adventure where
    you explore an Egyptian Pyramid. Avoid the traps, find keys & buttons,
    & climb the levels to find over 200 sexy images and lots of hot videos!

    CHAMELEONS ($32) Win/Mac. XXX-rated interactive sex adventure
    based on John Leslie's film. Stars Ashlyn Gere, Deidre Holland, Tori
    Welles, Victoria Paris, Pamela Rose, Sunset Thomas, & more!

    NEURODANCER ($34) Windows/Mac. Interactive R-rated game. Hack
    into the forbidden world of the Neuronet & use your Vidfone & Orbcam
    to obtain enough credits to interact with the sensual but deadly Neuro-
    dancers. Great 3-D video, soundtrack, & Touch-and-feel User

    MORPHING BABES 1 & 2 ($29 each) Windows only. Excellent inter-
    active collection of XXX-rated movies with wild "morphing" techniques!
    You've never seen sex like this. The greatest sexual special effects

    MAX STEINER'S DIRECTORS CUnT ($39) Win/Mac. Make your own
    XXX-rated movie with clips from Max Steiner's popular "Casting Call"
    amateur movies. Direct the hottest new stars in their 1st adult roles!

    VAMPIRE'S KISS ($33) Windows/Mac. Search the secret corridors of a
    vampire's private chambers to find the mysterious "Fountain of Eternal
    Youth" in this well-done XXX-rated Interactive game. But beware of
    things that "go bump in the night"; they may want to do more than suck
    your blood! The first full-screen full-motion sex adventure.

    THE MADDAMS FAMILY ($29) Windows/Mac. Well-done XXX-rated
    interactive sex adventure where you explore the wonders of the
    Maddams Family's 3-D Mansion. Includes 90 minutes of full-motion
    video with lots of sex & 40 high-resolution behind-the-scenes photos.

    WHAT'S YOUR NAME? ($29) Windows/Mac. Good XXX-rated sex
    adventure game. Choose your name from a database of 500 names
    and then try to score as many points & have sex in as many different
    ways with your beautiful hostess! She's got a sexy voice!

    DESIGNER BODIES ($35) Win/Mac. Unique X-rated game where you
    can design your own woman! Over 75 screens, 3 girls, 6 short
    animations, 1 morph, & 3 live videos. Over 20 versions of each girl.

    VIRTUAL VALERIE 2 ($39) Win/Mac. Award-winning X-rated Interactive
    game in which you get to stimulate the sexy Valerie in many different
    ways. Best sex simulation game to date, with superb animation &

    FUNHOUSE OF LOVE ($28) Win/Mac. Visit a Sexual Amusement Park
    in this entertaining XXX-rated game. Let Mistress Luci-Fur analyze your
    sexual preferences, or visit the Midway & play the Wheel of Lust or the
    Shoot-Off Gallery,or visit the Peepshow & see some XXX-rated action!

    SPIN THE BOTTLE ($25) Win/Mac. Interactive XXX-rated game.
    Choose from Ashlyn Gere, Nikki Dial, Racquel Darrien, or Lene and
    then spin to see who will perform for you. 20 different hardcore video

    THE DREAM MACHINE ($35) Windows/Mac. Another great XXX-rated
    sex adventure where seductive female escorts guide you through a
    virtual Sex-reality where you can choose to indulge in whatever sexual
    experiences you desire. Excellent rendered 3-D full-motion video.

    HOT LEATHER ($29) Win/Mac. X-rated Dungeons-&-Dragons type
    game with a bondage twist. Choose to be dominant or submissive &
    then try to escape the dungeon within a dark castle in search of the
    ultimate pleasure of hot leather! Beware: demonic creatures abound!

    SEXY SURPRISE SHOW-($35) Windows only. From Germany, a good
    interactive X-rated multimedia CD. Karen and her sexy German friends
    entertain you with a variety of movies, pictures, a game, music and
    stories and other tantalizing surprises!

    TABLOID BEAUTIES ($35) Win/Mac. Interactive R- to X-rated adven-
    ture that begins at a newstand & continues with 17 Quicktime movies
    & 500 nude images of sexy young models. You can speak to the girls
    and get them to reveal their innermost secrets in over 1 hour of phone

    SEX-THE GAME ($29) Windows/Mac. Unique XXX-rated game from
    Hong Kong where you must navigate through a 3-D maze and solve
    puzzles in various rooms to move on. Includes lots of interactive
    movies & slide shows starring sexy Asian women.

    THE REEL WORLD ($35) Win/Mac. You choose the girls & the scenes
    in this XXX-rated interactive sex fantasy that takes place in a Venice CA
    loft. Debi Diamond, Lana Sands, Christina Angel, Dyanna Lauren,

    CD BROTHEL ($35) Windows only. Interactive X-rated game where
    you must pass severe tests to experience the thrills & babes of this

    YOU'RE THE DIRECTOR ($39) Win/Mac. Another excellent XXX-rated
    interactive "film director" CD where you choose the sexy women, the
    sex acts, & the camera angles to make your own adult movie! 5

    tive containing a full-length R-rated film "Crystal Force", trivia quiz,

    MAN PARTS ($35) Win/Mac. All-male X-rated memory-matching game.
    Put the anatomical puzzle together and the hunk you put together will
    perform an erotic dance for you. Various degrees of difficulty.

    INTERACTIVE TITLES (Movies & Stills)

    PRIVATE VIDEO MAGAZINE 1-3 ($29 each) Win/Mac. Interactive
    collection of XXX-rated videos & illustrated stories from around the
    world. Lots of outdoor sex and unusual locales. From New Machine.

    A HISTORY OF THE BLUE MOVIE ($29) Windows only. A superb
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    1975. See the best of the blue movies of the past. By Alex DeRenzy.

    AT THE PORNOS ($29) Win/Mac. Join the sexy Sisky & Ebie as they
    critique many hot porn movies & let them know what you think of them!
    Starring Traci Lords, John Holmes, Seka, Vanessa del Rio, many

    FROM ASIA WITH LOVE ($29) Win/Mac. Join Lei, your own Geisha Girl,
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    HEATHER HUNTER GOLD ($29) Win/Mac.Sexy black actress Heather
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    SEXY ROM 1 ($35) Windows only. Great erotic pictures & video clips of
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    ADULT SIXPACK VOLUME 1 ($39) Win/Mac. Includes the game

    ADULT SIXPACK VOLUME 2 ($39) Win/Mac. Includes the movies
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    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
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  6. distant Educated

    May 18, 2020
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2020
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  7. Guvide Educated

    Aug 28, 2020
    Nice torpedo tits.
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  8. AwesomeButton Personally falsified the US election results Patron

    Nov 23, 2014
    At large
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015 Make the Codex Great Again! Grab the Codex by the pussy Insert Title Here RPG Wokedex Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Has this game been mentioned yet:

    Excellent art and music. Light adventure game elements, but mostly a visual novel. The story is a parody set in the Harry Potter universe. By a coincidence the player character finds himself as a temporary replacement headmaster of the Hogwarts wizarding school, where the atmosphere is charged with hormones.

    The name is "Innocent Witches". I repeat, excellent art and music, and also released for free, although the team has a patreon. They have an android version in addition to mac os and windows.

    Edit: the sex scenes are realised as lightly animated and lightly interactive sequences - you click on responsive screen elements to get to different images.
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  9. jackofshadows Arbiter

    Oct 21, 2019
    Art is superb, yes. But the writing is utter shite which is sad because it's a VN with some adventure elements. Well, at least it was few versions ago and they intent to improve it, sorta. They even had cut substantial amount of text in the last patch which is very good for this game. Adventure-like gameplay is questionable at best but then again, they have added some retard-friendly hints/markers recently to help with that.

    I could go on and on about this game, but I won't because haven't check a game state for a while and will not touch again until 2-3 more updates. All I can say that it's a weird project: apparently they're working on it as on hobby in a free time, so dev process at snail pace, which pisses everyone off except for patrons, ironically. Also their team lead (Khan) is a total cunt.
    my small a year old review (open)

    The idea of this game as I see it was to take Akabur's Witcher Trainer, recreate it with not one but four girls and change plot to engaging profound one. Also add much more locations supported by solid backdrops/general art and add bunch of complex quests with stat checks no less on top of that! Moreover, time management was suppose to be one of the core mechanics, apparently. When it comes to adult stuff devs are also decide to complicate things: there are mini-games with each girl for some small "rewards", occational action with secondary characters and the primary theme: slow corruption of the four main girls by the protagonist.

    First of all, protagonist is just pathetic, somewhat grown-up baby so it was impossible to me relate with him in any possible way. What's more important, I've failed to see any real corruption in this game, mature at least. There is no blackmail, manipulations, brainwashing, emotional minmaxing, nothing. Writing in regards to progress with the girls and character's development in general mostly is sorta childish.

    Overall writing also far from great and desperately begging for a good editor. At the very least they should CUT a lot. Even if you really dig HP universe theme somehow I doubt that you'll enjoy the game as some silly parody. Can't say anything about translation though, have played on my native-ru. Occationally there were some fine moments but they are drowned in fuktons of pointless ok-ish at best dialogues and such.

    Speaking of pointless stuff, there is a LOT of it, unfortunately. For instance, they have included some UI-helper-girl with huge amount of outfits, haircuts etc. She is not related to lore in any way, acts like some guide at the very beginning of the game but after 1 or 2 chapter proudly anounce that she'll become silent from now on. So, in the end of the day she's just... there to show kids what it's like: to waste insane amount of resources on a project for nothing.

    Moving on, what's up with time consuming stats raising if there is no game time limit at all? From player's perspective it's plainly stupid and jarring. Clunky UI doesn't help that either. Quest design is also questionable. Overall, correlation tedious stuff/grind to actual adult content and writing highlights is ridiculous in this game.

    - So... why there are 5/5 reviews if you say things THAT bad?!
    - Art. It's truly top tier. Shame that it's belongs to this game though. Also, there is one amazing bj scene and devs are pushing more similiar in future updates so my second star is for that.

    TL;DR: This game is a mess. Devs had almost admirable intentions, but their ambitions waaay exceeded their abilities. Launch it only if you are really have nothing better to do. Otherwise just check out the CG/scenes.

    Also, just for NJClaw :
    Show Spoiler
    this game don't have yet what you're allegedly looking for, so don't waste your time on it either way ^_^
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  10. deama Liturgist

    May 13, 2013
    Work when he has time? But he's getting paid like 15k a month for it? Or how many people are working on it?
    You'd think they'd be able to pay some to get a decent writer though lol.
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  11. Reinhardt Arcane

    Sep 4, 2015
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  12. Ibn Sina Learned

    Ibn Sina
    Jul 12, 2017
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  13. jackofshadows Arbiter

    Oct 21, 2019
    There's a whole team, like 6-7 ppl. Even though, they still could go full time (located in Russia) and multiply updates pace, attracting more patrons in the process. But they are playing it as safe as possible, basically milking the patrons. Don't judge Sad Crab though, it's patrons business, duh.

    Khan doesn't even hiding all of this much and even tells any non-patrons who dare to complain about anything to fuck off (almost literally). SC also has some mysterious or rather weird guy JoeBanks who allegedly working as their manager for free. He did bring a bit more order to them when he joined about a year ago... but only a bit. It's a still a mess paid hobby project basically which is holding at great art and promises.
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  14. Semiurge Savant

    Apr 11, 2020
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  15. Tehdagah Arcane

    Feb 27, 2012
    The whole penis is pink
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  16. karoliner Magister

    Oct 31, 2016
    Most skilled black nation
    The poll is missing Parasite in City, Starless and Vita's great escape.
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  17. Bohrain Savant Patron

    Aug 10, 2016
    I've churned through a chunk of RPG Maker smut games. /hgg2d/ in 4chan /vg/ is a good resource for these, they have someone updating the pastebin with new translated releases that you often won't see in f95zone. The scene hunting type ones with little to no combat and female protag getting corrupted work pretty well within the limitations of that engine.

    Clymenia is a circle that always delivers. Good art and no bullshit like stock RPG Maker combat or requirement to lose to unlock scenes. Liz is on Steam, but I like Nobleman's Retort the best, has smug bitches getting hypnotized and turned into sluts.

    Ariadne has pretty good combat and story, one of the few instances where the devs went further than using the standard packages of the engine.
    Magica is an older game from the same circle. Has those common mistakes first time devs make, default RPG Maker combat and unnecessarily large maps. I liked the smut though.

    Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban is a pure scene hunting game with no combat. It really embraces it's own absurdity, I liked the humor quite a bit.
    Another game from the same circle. Has some combat, but it's like 4 encounters between a couple of new scenes.

    Another game with pretty good art and decent amount of scenes. I think it's on Steam too.
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  18. ArisatoSeldom Novice

    Sep 1, 2020
    Wild Siberia
    Hm... If such games counts, then there also Crisis Point: Extinction (still in development, as far as I remember) and Alien Quest Eve worth checking. Not so bad metroidvanias.
    Also Claire's Quest as c&c adventure type game. But I haven't looked far into it, so I am not sure how good c&c and plot are.
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  19. Multi-headed Cow Magister

    Multi-headed Cow
    Oct 1, 2018
    Didn't really expect tiddies on my front store marquee of game recommendations, but if Gaben says it has C&C and turn based gameplay and is an RPG who am I to argue?

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  20. Curious_Tongue Larpfest Patron

    Mar 2, 2012
    Codex 2012 Codex 2013 Serpent in the Staglands Codex USB, 2014
    I only like adult content in Amiga games.
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  21. Obama Learned

    Jun 11, 2019
    White House Sex Dungeon
    So do you guys want more game reviews?

    I'm kind of busy these days, but I can write a review every now and then if someone likes to read them.
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  22. Curious_Tongue Larpfest Patron

    Mar 2, 2012
    Codex 2012 Codex 2013 Serpent in the Staglands Codex USB, 2014
    Games need more unironic erotic content.
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  23. lightbane Arcane

    Dec 27, 2008
    It's totally fine because CoC2 has furries, futa, and homo-erotic scenes way more than straight ones. Supposedly there are even some forced scenes that weren't present in the first title.
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  24. Endemic Arcane

    Jul 16, 2012
    That was already the case if you lost in combat in any of the other Fenco games. :) Heck, Rance gets raped by that devil? guy if he loses the duel in Sengoku Rance. Which admittedly is played for laughs, but hey, it's still there.
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  25. Unreal Savant

    May 6, 2016
    COCs are gay, guise, don't play with them
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