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Divinity The Baldur's Gate 3 neutral thread

Lagole Gon

Nov 4, 2011
Retaken Potato
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I think we should appriciate the real Swen posting on Codex and tag him every time we talk about BG3.


*teleports into you*
Village Idiot
Aug 20, 2021
I have the most neutral opinion of all: I haven't played the game and know virtually nothing about it, apart from... well, I've asked if the game is set in the actual Baldur's Gate city like the first one, and people answered but I don't remember whether it is or isn't.

I'm very neutral!


Dec 11, 2017
I hoped I will be True Neutral about BG3 - I hoped the game will be pleasantly mid.
Instead I got a schizo Chaotic Neutral - this game has (arguably) the best encounter design in the genre, but with broken mechanics and the most juvenile writing I've seen in the genre.

It's like Swen took a long look at the cringiest hormone-fuelled BG2 mods and said: Yes. I've broken the code. This is what people want. Add more "fuck" and "cuck" to the dialogues. Make a funny book about Xan inserting a moonblade hilt into his anus.

What a world...

Well Bg3 won a ton if awards and made tons of money so it appears this game is what most people want.

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