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Game News Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 in development at The Chinese Room, coming Fall 2024


Oct 26, 2008
Hm, is that:
a) No! More rape
b) No more rape!
Can only say for myself, but there's a duality in this signpost that appeals to me in this particular situation.
I hear VTM2 being annouced, see what it's about and I think: Oh no! More rape
And then I go to the forums and rage : No more rape! Leave it alone.

EDIT: Not to shitpost, something actually about the game.
The name of the lead writer is basically all I needed to know.

"Well, let's just give xir a chance..." no, let's not. Either you're serious about making a sequel, or fuck off.
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Sep 6, 2022
Southeastern Yurop
Can't wait to play as basic nigger Brujah pissed off at whiteys and Capitalism and the Camarilla! Gonna be a HUGE SUCCESS! You get instant Masquerade Breach if you even dare make your character a heterosexual white or an attractive woman.


Jan 25, 2022
chinese room? nice
amnesia machine for pigs is one of my fav games
listen i'm glad i made you all laugh but seriously, machine for pigs is a great game
i know your favorite eceleb streamer "hates" it,
but it's really one of those rare transcendental games and in many ways better than dark descent


Glittering gem of hatred
Mar 15, 2012
ye olde europe
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