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Bill Roper

Bill Roper

There are 18 articles associated with this tag:

18-Aug-2010 [Company News] Bill Roper Can't Hold Down a Job
9-May-2010 [Interview] Bill Roper wants to bring a fantasy world to you
16-May-2009 [Interview] Bill Roper's Wonder Years
4-Nov-2008 [Game News] Bill Roper Snags a Paying Gig
23-May-2007 [Interview] Bill Roper tit for tat at Play
11-Jan-2007 [Preview] Hellgate: London pre-stuff at Gamespy
10-Jan-2007 [Game News] Hellgate: London to Feature Paid Online Multiplayer
18-Nov-2005 [Interview] Hellgate London jaw flapping at GameVision.de
9-Nov-2005 [Interview] Hellgate: London video interview at GameSpot
3-Sep-2005 [Interview] Hellgate London Q&A at HellgateGuru
5-Aug-2005 [Interview] Hellgate London chat log
27-Jul-2005 [Interview] Hellgate: London largest Q&A ever on Blizzplanet
7-Jul-2005 [Editorial] CNN talks gaming and religion with developers
3-Jul-2005 [None] Bill Roper Speaks Out For Game Developers
1-Jul-2005 [Interview] Hellgate interview at TVG, part II
29-Jun-2005 [Interview] Hellgate Q&A at TVG
10-Jun-2005 [Interview] Hellgate London chit chat at C&VG
10-Mar-2005 [Interview] Bill Roper Interviewed at CGM

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