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Encased Released

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Encased Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 7 September 2021, 22:39:43

Tags: Dark Crystal Games; Encased; Koch Media

The next release of this very busy September is Encased, the Fallout-inspired isometric RPG set under a mysterious dome from Saint Petersburg-based studio Dark Crystal Games. Encased generated some excitement on the forum when our users first learned about it in early 2018, but as time went on most people seem to have lost interest in it in favor of yakking endlessly about various fantasy RPGs. Those few who did play the Early Access release had mostly good things to report, although it clearly took a while for the game to come together. Anyway, I guess now we'll see how much hype it really deserved. Here's its brief launch trailer and an excerpt from the accompanying announcement:

We are beyond thrilled to make this announcement. Today, Encased, the game to which we have dedicated more than three years of our lives, will be released out of early access. It's hard for us to contain our excitement and describe how important that moment is.

We’ve been through the Kickstarter campaign, two years of early access, five content patches, millions of hours of early access playtime, hundreds of characters, quests, abilities, and items.

Ahead of us is a leap of faith into the final stage of the most desperate adventure of our lives!

Do you remember how it all started?
In 2017 a very small team of developers decided to create their own game. An RPG with enormous freedom of choice, nearly infinite variability, hundreds of characters, and a real influence of player’s choices on the world and the story. We knew from the start that we had a long, challenging, but incredibly exciting road ahead of us. And as we developed, it only became more and more difficult.

Now we are working with a major publisher Prime Matter, but we are still the same independent studio, burning with the idea to create games of our dreams. Our numbers have grown from only a few employees to dozens of people, and the duration of a single full playthrough is around 40 hours!

Get ready for adventures and more
During the two years of Early Access, many of you have already played dozens of hours in Early Access. The game has already received five content patches that added new mechanics, locations, and characters to the game.

Today, you will uncover the entire world under the Dome, a full story campaign, an updated interface, and dozens of endings that will be influenced by your own decisions. And today we're going to tell you about some of the features we're most proud of!

Encased encourages the most sophisticated ways of playing through the game and is ready for your most extraordinary deeds and decisions. Many, even seemingly insignificant steps of your character will affect the world, story and ending.

There's only one review of Encased in English on Metacritic right now. Frankly it seems likely that it'll be overlooked, coming in between Wrath of the Righteous and the rest of this month's releases. If you are looking for the post-apocalyptic experience, you can grab the game on Steam or GOG for $30, with a 20% launch discount until next week.

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