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Interplay update

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Interplay update

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 31 July 2004, 14:36:25

Tags: Interplay

Luke Haase, Iraqi Minister of Information, has sent an optimistic email to one of the most faithful of the investors:

Most of what you're asking about is hypothetical, and nothing I can really officially comment on. You're right...things are strange with no offices or employees or web site...and clearly things cannot go on like this indefinitely. However, the two recent announcements, along with management's work underway now, provide at least some reason to believe things will change somewhat soon. The definition of "soon" is what is debatable.

As I am saying far too often the past few months, sorry I cannot be more helpful or specific

The most interesting is the reaction of the investor:

**this email from Luke gave me some hope. Basically, he is saying that the recently announced deals that Interplay has struck, between Bethesda, and the agreement with Atari and Vivendi are giving them good momentum and he suggests that more good things are brewing but that it could be a long wait. In a way, what Interplay is doing is good. They don't have to worry about rent, paying employees, etc. They can concentrate on getting as much cash/financing as they can and then getting back in in a much healthier financial position.

I totally agree with that. Things like office, rent, equipment, and employees can only get in the way and slow Interplay down. Now that they are free of all those things they can finally concentrate of making great games! By Gamers For Gamers FOREVAR!!!!

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