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Starfall - a new sci-fi action RPG

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Starfall - a new sci-fi action RPG

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 29 November 2005, 15:43:20

Tags: Starfall

Another group of ex-Blizzard developers has opened up a studio - Hyboreal Games, and started working on a sci-fi action RPG called Starfalls. GameCloud was the first to interview Eric Sexton, one of the co-founders, so here is some info for you:

Starfall is a 3D, Science-Fiction, Action RPG. It's Halo meets Diablo with all the fast visceral game play of third person shooter merged with the character advancement and item collection of a role playing game. You can explore the planets of the Starfall galaxy, customize your space ship and choose the path of your character while deciding the fate of the galaxy.

The game industry has been focused on Next Generation Consoles to the detriment of the PC games. We will be focusing on the rich and largely untapped PC market.

More sci-fi PC games is always a good thing.

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