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Goldenland skills system article on RPGDot

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Goldenland skills system article on RPGDot

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 27 January 2003, 23:59:52

Tags: Golden Land

RPGDot has posted an article about the skills system in Goldenland. Here's a bit of the Q&A part:

RPGDot: How are levels of skills implemented. Does a new level just make you better at something or does it also introduce new effects and different animations (if applicable).

Burut: When getting a new skill level the hero gets a certain amount of action points that he can distribute for skills. Every next level will require one more point than the previous one. This way, to raise your skill from 4th to 5th level you will have to spend 5 points and from 12th to 13th level you will need 13 points.

Skill level influences the hero?s characteristics and when reaching certain levels allows to get new abilities such as series of hits. They are combined from the ones available for the hero. The skills improve the hero?s abilities but the visualization remains unchanged.​

Eh.. Extra animations for skill improvement would just be fluff anyway.

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