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Let's raise $5,000 for Dead State.

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Let's raise $5,000 for Dead State.

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 11 June 2012, 06:04:28

Tags: Codex Dead State Campaign; Dead State; Kickstarter

Given how successful we were with Wasteland 2, we thought why the hell not raise more money for more Kickstarter games in order to spread the Codex love?


So, we're trying to raise $5,000 for the Dead State Zombie Survival RPG made by our friends Annie and Vault Dweller Brian Mitsoda. Here's what we get for our cash:

- 2x DRM-free Digital copies
- the game soundtrack (MP3s)
- A "making of" book signed by Annie and Vault Dweller Brian
- Thanks in the credits
- Limited Edition Dead State T-Shirt

$350 - Memorialized in the game with your name and some key personal information
$500 - Zombie apocalypse text message (250 characters)
$750 - Become an NPC (non-ally) in the game
$800 - Become a Zombie in the game
$1,000 - Personalized non-equippable item
$2,000 - Our Zombie Apocalypse story (Email / Diary) ends up in the game

- EVERYTHING above (choose between being a zombie or an NPC)
- 10 digital copies
- Invited to the launch party in Seattle
- Some kind of lame "Platinum" level forum tag​

As per usual we have no idea what the details are of what we'll have in-game but I'm suspecting it will be some kind of statue...


If you'd like to contribute you MUST follow the above link. Any purchases made using the usual forum upgrades option on the user account upgrade page will not be taken into account. This is because it's too fucking hard to sort out ad-free status and what-not using that system at the moment.

Make sure you give us your forum username when you donate so we can add your name to the list of donators and work out forum goodies.

If we don't raise enough cash, then we'll go for the highest reward we can get, with anything left-over going towards hookers and booze server upgrades. If the Kickstarter campaign fails completely, all funds raised will go towards keeping the Codex alive.

Update 15th June

Annie Mitsoda from DoubleBear sends through this special offer for the Codex:

For $5K, we wanted to make an ACTUAL SPECIAL LOCATION - a game store in the world of Dead State - for the Codex, AND feature the names of donators somewhere in that store (high scores written on a sheet? a suicide note? etc? up to the Codex to decide!). We also wanted to offer something IN that game store (comics?) that is Codex-related - a series of 3-5 comics that the Codex decides the style/theme/characters to (superhero comic? sci-fi? shogo manga?) Also a boardgame related item - what's the name, description, and objective in this unique item?

We wanted to be CERTAIN that the Codex knows we're offering up some special shit for you guys - you're unique and we wanted something to reflect that! :D Please, please let everyone know - DoubleBear collectively /brofists the Codex, and we're excited to offer you specialty shineys!

With that in mind, I did some tier rearrangement (with the blessing of the team) to offer UNIQUE tier rewards to the Codex:

$250 - 15 digital copies, Codex thanked (in aggregate) in the Special Thanks in the credits
$350 - personal info in game #1 ("Be memorialized somewhere in the game - name and key personal information incorporated into the world of Dead State")
$475 - personal info #2
$500 - text message #1 ("We will include your zombie apocalypse text message - up to 250 characters - written by you in the game as part of collectible in-game data.")
$550 - text message #2
$600 - ad poster for the "RPG Codex" store (designed by our logo artist, Brandon, and placed somewhere in the game)
$750 - character portrait!
$800 - zombie portrait!
$850 - equipment item (i.e. not a weapon or armor)
$1250 - game morale item (board or videogame - CAN YOU SAVE CODEXIA FROM THE HORDES OF TROLLS? etc.)
$1500 - 3-piece morale item set (novels? comics?)
$2000 - Zombie apocalypse story (Work with Brian Mitsoda to tell your "zombie apocalypse story" which will show up as a collectible piece of story data for every player to see.)
$3000 - 3-piece set is upgraded to 5 pieces!
$3500 - Codexian statue!
$5000 - The RPG Codex - full game store location, complete with posters, applicable decorations, and a list of the contributors in some format

For all of the writing ones, just like on the Kickstarter site, editorial standards apply, but other than that... there you go!
(and I'd include salsa lessons from Oscar in there, but I think it's up to him to decide what tier that goes on...)

Hope Codexians dig these rewards! :)

We're currently $3k away from a statue.

Update 5th July


List of Donors (Sorted by $$$ Donated)
  1. CrimsonAngel
  2. charles-cgr
  3. SuicideBunny
  4. Coboney
  5. jml
  6. hakuroshi
  7. 4too (Has gloriously opted out of free copy)
  8. Angthoron
  9. David ???????
  10. kentable
  11. Eugenio ??????
  12. Atomic
  13. grunker
  14. TheSHEEEP
  15. Crooked Bee
  16. skuphundaku
  17. Olivier ??????
  18. EG
  19. Jaesun
  20. Jaroslaw ??????????
  21. Marquess Cornwallis
  22. Gakkone
  23. Kristian ?????????
  24. iain ???????
  25. markec
  26. OldSkoolKamikaze
  27. Fezzik
  28. Shai ??????
  29. maverick
  30. good little toastboy
  31. Gold
  32. CappenVarra
  33. skallagrim
  34. trais
  35. Havoc
  36. Infinitron
  37. MurkyShadow
  38. xenocide
  39. Fader
  40. Ion Flux
  41. Angthoron
  42. Palikka
  43. MaskedMan
  44. evdk
  45. Asper
  46. RK47
  47. Kathryn ??????
  48. DwarvenFood
If you have donated and your name is not in the above list, please contact us (and give us the amount and the e-mail address from which you donated).

We receive 15 copies with our donation. These copies will be given to the top 15 people who have donated the most - which is the top 15 in the list above.

Thanks to all those who donated!

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