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A Codexian Fund-raiser

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A Codexian Fund-raiser

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 13 November 2012, 23:20:52

Tags: Cleveland Mark Blakemore; Codex Server Slush Fund; Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar; RPG Codex; Sir-Tech; Wizardry 8

My fellow Codexians, today I bring you both glorious and solemn news: We have won the internet.

After a long and hard-fought struggle against our enemies, the Codex has finally assumed its rightful position as the pre-eminent Internet acquiring website. Well ahead of the notorious "SniperBHW" - possibly a Lithuanian Hitman. Suddenly a challenger appeared when the mysterious "Quentin" rose high on the board, but thankfully, his challenge has been quashed by our expert challenge-quashing-assassins.

Since gaining this well-deserved and prestigious victory, we have used our powers for good, raising over $21,000 for poor game developers to create games that we can one day complain about and possibly even demand our money back for. In March, we raised an incredible $10,323 for Brian Fargo's "Wasteland 2" KickStarter. We did it again in July, raising a less incredible $1,353.75 for Annie Brian Carlson Mitsoda's "Dead State".

And finally, in October, we raised another incredible $9,420 for Obsidian's upcoming failure "Project: Eternity" which will never see the light of day because Obsidian are going bankrupt fast - you heard it here first.

But this power and prestige comes at a heavy toll, as this graph demonstrates:

Put simply, the Codex server cannot into another KickStarter. And so now, my fellow brothers and my fellow brothers who think they are sisters and also Crooked Bee, we must turn inwards and raise money for ourselves. Despite Taluntain's feebled and backwards efforts which have resulted in more pain than they were worth, our server continues to grind under the load of increased bro-fisting.

This state cannot continue.

It's at this time I was going to proudly announce our new automatic donation system but hey, I've been busy arguing about Obsidian's demise. Now I was going to hold off until after a conference that I've spent the past year organising has been completed (I will, once again, be away for about a week starting now-ish), but unfortunately, like those assholes at Obsidian starting their KickStarter while I was away earlier this year (seriously guys, check with me first next time, 'k?), another opportunity has arisen that we cannot miss.

Quite simply, Cleveland Mark Blakemore's 6-page resignation letter from Sir-Tech is for sale on E-Bay. Along with a bunch of other goodies. Also, Cleve has his own project on Indie-Go-Go which we also totally need to get something in on.

Our love for Cleve is strange and bizarre but I cannot sit idly by and let these opportunities pass. And so, today I am launching a Codexian Fund-raiser. Our target is to raise at least $5,000 which will be used as follows:

* $2,500 - Codex Server Slush Fund. Server upgrades and other features designed to enhance your user browsing experience (read: make site load faster).

* $5,000 - Codex Server Slush Fun. Thanks to all those who donated and helped us reach our goal. Because we're greedy though, we're going for the full $5,000 to be put toward a shiny new server (technically it will end up being multiple servers to spread the load because that's what all the popular kids are doing these days). This will give us plenty of cash to go for a premium server option, re-enable all the features we've had to disable due to load and will mean we no longer need to shut the place down during peak periods. It will also give us ample room to grow, so that we hopefully won't have to do this again for a long, long time yet.

* All funds raised will now go towards the server (with a bit towards SirTech, hopefully not much more than 10% depending on how things turn out). As a result, if we surpass our target, any additional funds will be spent on even cooler upgrades, held to make cooler upgrades later or used for other necessary Codexian purposes such as hookers prizes or something for competitions.

* ??? - Sir-Tech E-Bay Auction Fund. We will bid for a select number of items which we deem are worthy. We will honour Sir-Tech and their creation of the Wizardy series by archiving anything we manage to get in some manner electronically on the Codex for all to enjoy. The precise amount is to be determined because it's an auction and getting funds for the server is a priority really. Right now, a committee is being formed by Infinitron¹ to ascertain the precise items we will bid on and what we are willing to pay (IE: how much more than a buck fifty). Due to the nature of auctions, most of this will be done under the cone of silence.

NOTE: Some of the auction items have been withdrawn due to a legal challenge. More information will be provided later. We still intend to bid on items if / as they become available. We have also already managed to score some goodies which you'll find out about shortly.

* $2,500 - We will purchase an Overseer package on Indie-Go-Go for the Codex to appear in Cleve's Game, Grimoire. Somehow or another we'll work out quite what exactly that ends up being as per our usual process of bickering with one another until you all give up and I win and get my own way.

* Due to a lot of people saying they don't want their cash going towards Cleve's game, we've decided we will split that off into a separate fundraiser to be conducted in January, once this has been completed. If you have already donated and would like some (or all) of those funds to go towards Cleve's project, contact DarkUnderlord and he will put those funds aside.​

¹Just as soon as he reads this and realises it's his job now.

Any additional funds raised beyond what is required will be held by the Codex for future upgrades, prizes and hookers. But mostly hookers. If we raise some sort of ridiculous amount, I promise I will upload my own browser based web games to increase load on the server even further and put all that extra grunt to good use.

In return for donating, you, the sucker donor will get:

* Some kind of yet to be determined custom tag (possibly a monocle) that won't be offensive because we're trying to move away from all the inappropriate racist jokes. Ha-ha.​

* As this is a Codex fundraiser, you will get full ad-free status for all donations, along the following lines¹:​
- $10 USD = ad-free for 3 months​
- $15 USD = ad-free for 6 months​
- $20 USD = ad-free for 1 year​
- $35 USD = ad-free for 2 years​
- $50 USD = ad-free for 3 years​
- $100 USD = ad-free for 7 years​
- $150 USD = ad-free for 10 years​
- $250 USD = LIFE-TIME ad-free, some kind of even more special tag or something i dunno lol​

* Gallery Space¹ - just as soon as I make that work again.​

* My solemn pledge that I will get off my butt and make more of the stuff I have half-built actually work around here.​

* The privilege of knowing you've helped the Codex.​

¹What will actually happen - when my awesome payment / donation system is brought online before the end of this year - is that you will get "Codex Cool Credits" in return for your donations. You will be able to spend these credits in our special store and buy ad-free, gallery space and other perks (like maybe let you do special things in my web games if I ever actually get around to those) based on the prices shown above. You could even hoard them and perhaps wait for even more awesome goodies to come later. Like maybe the option to ban people for limited periods of time or something - I'm thinking about it and why not steal ideas from Something Awful?

If, for some strange reason, you only wish to donate to a particular cause - simply find the little + sign in the PayPal donation thing and enter "Only for Server", "Only for Auction" or "Only for Indie-Go-Go" or some other combination of words that make your intent clear. I figure I have to do all this shit manually anyway so why not make it even harder on my self?

And so, Codexians, the rest is up to you.


And enter your username / details here:

Win a Wasteland 2 NPC, Weapon or Location

Does this sound good? BECOME AN NPC, WEAPON, OR LOCATION in the Wasteland 2 world! We will get your name and (if relevant) a picture of you to add your general likeness to the actual shipped game. Brag to your friends and beg them not to take you out with a Meson Cannon.

That includes all previous awards (which, if I've done this right):

COLLECTOR'S EDITION PREMIUM BOXED VERSION which of course contains a worn cloth map and old school instruction book. But additionally comes with Wasteland miniature and Wasteland 2 faction badge.

Your boxed collectors edition copy of the game will be AUTOGRAPHED BY BRIAN FARGO, ALAN PAVLISH, MIKE STACKPOLE, CHRIS AVELLONE and other key development team members.

5 digital copies of the game.


The digital soundtrack and digital concept art book.

A lv1, lv2 and lv3 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

A limited edition numbered collectible coin and a WASTELAND 2 POSTER.

WASTELAND DOOMSDAY PREPARATION SURVIVAL KIT. All your doomsday needs in a themed Wasteland collectible bag.

Episodic Novella (Part 1 & Part 2) on the Wasteland 2 world created by Mike Stackpole, a NYT bestselling author and a member of the original Wasteland story team. The Novella will give hints and clues being built into the actual Wasteland 2 game.

Your name in the credits in a special thanks section.​

With special thanks to Brian Fargo of InXile (formerly of Interplay) who has contacted us:

Noticed you are trying to raise money for a server and I'd like to help pitch in for all your support through the years. We'd be willing to throw some money in and maybe give you an NPC from Wasteland to auction off for more money.
I appreciate the passion you have had for RPGs over the years and you were all very supportive of us during Kickstarter so it only seems right to reciprocate. How about we give you 1 of the $1,000 tier awards away for you to raffle off. Hopefully you get at least half of the value of it. And I'll personally kick in $500 so you get real close to your goal.

You don't need to play up my donation as I'm not seeking any personal glory.​

The RPG Brian Fargo Memorial Codex is very gracious of Brian's donation and NPC / Weapon / Location. All those who donate will get a raffle ticket for every $25 (your donation divided by twenty-five, rounded down). So if you donate less than $25 - your name does not go into the raffle because you suck. If you donate $25 - you get one ticket. If you donate $99, you get three tickets. If you donate $500 - you get 20 tickets (that's 20 chances at having your name pulled out of the hat).

We will run the server drive until the 31st December to allow everyone an opportunity to give us as much money as they possibly can.

List of Donors

> 5x Raffle Tickets
  1. Lonerville
  2. Temaperacl
  3. Erzherzog
  4. Groof
  5. silver crowaxe

    2x - 5x Raffle Tickets
  6. hakuroshi
  7. simmschn
  8. tilting_msh
  9. MessiahMan
  10. mindx2
  11. airhead
  12. ogg
  13. 4too
  14. Palikka
  15. Tramboi
  16. maverick
  17. talan
  18. VentilatorOfDoom
  19. Spectacle
  20. Humanity has risen
  21. mediocrepoet
  22. andrewthemerry
  23. LeStryfe79

    1x Raffle Tickets
  24. Jarpie
  25. evdk
  26. Piety
  27. MaskedMan
  28. kentable
  29. toro
  30. Sitra Achara
  31. Abraxas
  32. Angthoron
  33. wormix
  34. Yaar Podshipnik
  35. TheSHEEEP
  36. suejak
  37. idonthavetimeforthiscrap
  38. charles-cgr
  39. OldSkoolKamikaze
  40. felipepepe
  41. CappenVarra
  42. SlavemasterT
  43. Ulminati
  44. Anac'raxus
  45. Szioul
  46. Apexeon
  47. Azira
  48. Trojan_generic
  49. BlitzKitchen
  50. scarletguard
  51. skuphundaku
  52. alkeides
  53. MicoSelva
  54. Major_Blackhart
  55. [earney]
  56. agentorange
  57. [Atkinson]
  58. boger
  59. Pegultagol
  60. Curious_Tongue
  61. Gerulas

    No Raffle Tickets
  62. Bumvelcrow
  63. [Gotfredsen]
  64. SuicideBunny
  65. Minttunator
  66. ashen
  67. Infinitron
  68. Fuck_The_Banks
  69. Markman
  70. dibens
  71. Zarniwoop
  72. goatvomit
  73. nicebrain
  74. Hirato
  75. Harg Harfardarsse
  76. Mrowak
  77. Marques Cornwallis
  78. CrustyBot
  79. Jaedar
  80. majestik12
  81. kthan75
  83. Carrion
  84. Dhralei
  85. Morkar
  86. DDZ
  87. Fretrider
  88. Rhuantavan
  89. markec
  90. Grunker
  91. Hobbit Lord of Mordor_
  92. [Gola]
  93. zMonk
  94. kubics
  95. Executer
  96. Wavinator
  97. Azalin
  98. jagged-jimmy
  99. treave
  100. turel69
  101. insukk
  102. Weierstraß
  103. yeye
  104. Angelo85
  105. MurkyShadow
  106. drexciya
  107. [Dergay]
  108. niektory
  109. Primordial Soup Nazi
  110. Roman K
  111. Awor Szukrarz
  112. domisPL
  113. LittleJoe
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