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  1. rap2h

    Heroes of the Seven Islands - Hand-drawn tribute to classic RPG and comics

    Heroes of the Seven Islands will be published on Steam early 2025. It is a (poorly) hand-drawn tribute to classic role-playing video games, such as might and magic 3-8, and franco-belgian comic albums. The Steam page is not released yet, I would be glad to see you on my (almost empty)...
  2. Champions of Krynn or Pool of Radiance?

    It's finally time to get on some gold classic which I never played before. But which of the two should I choose? Also, is anybody able to tell me if the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures is compatible with the custom modules? The community is still active! http://frua.rosedragon.org/...
  3. Cryomancer

    Pathfinder Your favorite Lord of Nothing archetype/sublcass

    A video explaining all of them. 00:00 Reanimator (Alchemist) 02:13 Flesheater (Barbarian) 04:46 Hagriven (Bloodrager) 05:48 Ghost Rider (Cavalier 09:24 Separatist (Cleric) 10:18 Winter Child (Druid) 12:03 Tandem Executioner (Hunter) 14:27 Dual Cursed Oracle (Oracle) 17:23 Tortured Crusader...
  4. MerchantKing

    Vapourware Ironmode games

    Designing a game around Iron man mode and to only be played with the Iron mode seems natural for a crpg. It's good for role playing since you can't save scum.
  5. darkfader

    If I really enjoy Underrail, which games should I look into?

    For some odd reason I am unable to enjoy party based RPGs (cRPGs?) due to the party mechnics, so I picked up Underrail and highly enjoying it. I like the fact that nothing is handed to me on a silver platter, and with some patience, I am able to progress (solving/thinking). With this in mind...
  6. Hello, new to site and looking for recommendations for crpg

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I was thinking I could ask you guys for some recommendations for CRPG games since it's a genre I'm really enjoying but can't seem to find a lot of games that I actually thoroughly enjoy. For reference I am a really big fan of the original Fallout, I really...
  7. Looking for an old CRPG.

    In the game the player will choose one of several female characters as his wife, one of the women is a skeleton, later will change back to living human form. The game is probably before 2010.
  8. Fallout Fanatic

    Various CRPGs I like

    I don't know how to title this or if this is the right place to post this but I want people to know: Classic Fallout Modern Wasteland Kenshi Death Trash Disco Elysium (I haven't played much of it yet though) These games are awesome and inspire me to make my own setting which I hope can be used...
  9. Feyd Rautha

    Indie Tales from The Dancing Moon

    Website: https://dancingmoongame.wordpress.com/
  10. Vaeltaja

    Chronicles of Vaeltaja: In Search of the Great Wanderer - colorful open world grid-based blobber - now on Early Access

    [/spoiler] EDIT: Made some edits in the description found in the spoiler tags and changed new screenshots.
  11. NecroLord

    Most useless cRPG companions.

    Who do you consider to be the most useless and insufferable companion in any cRPG? I mean the most absolutely dogshit companion you know. Here's mine: 1. Garrick. This motherfucker is about as useful as a kick in the groin. Seriously. Have you guys ever bothered including him in your...
  12. Tytus

    CRPGs with high companion count.

    Most non-Japanese RPGs when it comes to party size stick to the 2-6 format. With a few outliers like Dungeon Siege with 8 characters or Wasteland 2 with maximum of 7. But were there ever any game that tried for the LOTR (TM) sized party of 9? Or bigger? What Western or European CRPGs with...
  13. Cryomancer

    Naval battles in RPG's. Good examples(UnderRail) and awful examples(PoE2)

    Ship and naval based combat are part of RPG's since the original D&D. Many retroclones have rules for this type of battles. That said, cRPG's aren't different and many offer naval combat. The best example of naval combat in a CRPG that I saw so far is the jetski in UnderRail. 15 types of Jetski...
  14. Darth Canoli

    Decline Character creation screen starts with race selection or worse

    In a Pen & Paper RPG, at least when I used to play, you'd start to pick your role in the party. And the role was basically your class, sub-class and skills specializations Fighter (Tank or damage dealer) Rogue (A lot of specializations possible, from party's "face" to Assassin with a lot of...
  15. Tyranicon

    Incline What would have to happen for a 2nd cRPG Renaissance?

    For discussion purposes, the first cRPG Renaissance is largely considered to be between the mid 90s to the early 2000s. Games would include seminal works such as Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Arcanum, etc. While cRPGs are still most certainly a niche genre, over the last few...
  16. Cryomancer

    RPG's with great cryomancy/hydromancy/etc

    I have a topic to discuss necromancy in RPG's ( https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/best-necromancy-on-rpgs.130867/ ), Other aspect of magic which I really enjoy is the cryomancy, hidromancy and similar stuff. Recently, I tried to do a Azata Cryomancer(Elemental specialist - cold) run in PF:WoTR...
  17. Cryomancer

    Which retroclone/OSR game would you wanna be adapted into a CRPG?

    My vote? Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, because it offers : More cohesive fictional world and very conanesque More unique subclasses. You can play as really unique classes, like a cataphract, cryomancer or a runegraver. A lot of cool adventures to play Amazing artstyle. Just...
  18. Cryomancer

    What determines the immersion of a RPG?

    I can't just write a definition, however, IMO there are a couple of things which increases the immersion. Mechanics and lore being in line and making sense in the context First person perspective Music fitting the ambiance. More realistic or gothic artstyle. High lethality(except in few...
  19. Cryomancer

    Why psions are so rare in RPG's?

    I just don't get why. We got a lot of AD&D/2E adaptations in 90s and the unique CRPG which allow psion PC's is the Dark Sun games(Shattered Lands/Wake of the Ravager which is a bit underrated imo). None of the 3rd edition D&D adaptations from 00s allow psion PC's. Temple of elemental evil, nwn1...
  20. Cryomancer

    Water is the most underrated element on fantasy.

    Is very common to allow players to summon fire, earth and air elementals but no water elementals. Most of infinity engine games and even some modern games like Solasta has this problem. In fact, during the chapter 5 of the underdark of BG2, when you use the "freedom" spell to do the quest of...
  21. Tihskael

    What RPG(s) do you really like but are too ashamed to admit on the Codex?

    I for one really like this obscure gem which came back in 1996 I believe.
  22. Young_Hollow

    Find me an RPG that does these things......

    -Is isometric -Has good character creation and skill system like SPECIAL (ie multiple skills and you don't level into the entire skill tree in one character / playthrough) -Has real time combat -You can play as a single character (no problem if its party based, but single character should be...
  23. dippy

    Solo dev interested in your your opinion about a turn-based isometric RPG inspired by Fallout 1/2

    Hi guys, Long story short: I'm a solo dev who's developed a heavily Fallout-inspired branching narrative isometric CRPG with turn-based combat over 15 years ago. A lot of the choices back then were based on my personal preferences (never liked fantasy and cannot stand real-time combat) and...
  24. Lesser known JRPGs, sci-fi settings, odd themes, experimental subjects, fan-translations, etc...

    I wasn't actually sure whether this topic was better off in the general RPG forum or the JRPG forum. It's rare these days to actually feel like you are exploring a brand new world, experimenting without any guide, not knowing where to go, not knowing what a spell/command even does. Every FF...
  25. Zerth

    Arcanum On tech manual effect and ingame conflict between magick/tech

    I debuted on the patched Arcanum campaign with a human, about 10 hours IG and currently exploring tarant. So far, I've been alloting points mostly on throwing/lockpicking/haggle and electric/explosive disciplines, and my goal is to end up maxing mechanical in order to build me an army of...

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