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  1. Darth Canoli

    Grimoire V2 Short Review (or is it V3?)

    I thought it was V2 but Game version is 3.something. I'm not going to babble about the game roots or the history of the game's development or whatever else, it has been covered already and it's not my thing anyway. What I'm going to do is to list what I like and what I dislike, nothing more and...
  2. Cryomancer

    Did first person died on RPG's?

    On late 80s/90s : Wizardry games Might & Magic games Ravenloft : Strahd s possession + Stone Prophet Ultima Underworld TES 1&2 : Arena & Daggerfall Menzoberranzan Dungeon Hack System Shock. Eye of the Beholder DeathKeep We also got great first person RPG's on 00s and 2010s(not dungeon...
  3. samuraigaiden

    Grimoire in the October 1997 edition of CGW magazine

    It's just a neat thing I found when browsing the archives of this old PC gaming magazine. If anyone wants to check out the complete edition, you can find it here http://www.cgwmuseum.org/galleries/index.php?year=1997&pub=2&id=159
  4. Feyd Rautha

    Golden Era Games, CMB and Grimoire merchandise

    I would really love to have some sweet Golden Era merch! What I want: 1. Grimoire tshirt (main menu print or something) 2. Believe in Cleve tshirt (with Cleves face on it) 3. Believe in Cleve coffee cup 4. Tshirt with mounted turtle on it and slogan: -"In Grimoire you can ride on turtles"
  5. howlingFantods

    Incline Anyone beat Grimoire? Have you divined its systems?

    Grimoire on the codex is analogous to Finnegan's Wake on /lit/. A lot of people talk about it, but almost nobody has finished it. Prove me wrong; I could use some pointers Edit: Crispy has some good pointers actually so ignore that part if you want, but I'd like to hear from someone who beat...
  6. Dorateen

    Interface Theme

    The option to configure the Interface Theme in Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar is a nice touch. Completely cosmetic, but can perhaps add to the atmosphere as one is engrossed in this legendary adventure. So what theme are people using to play through Grimoire? Sylvan seems like it...
  7. Iznaliu

    Grimoire now has a Wikipedia article!

    Check it out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimoire:_Heralds_of_the_Winged_Exemplar Complain about it here: ↓↓↓↓↓
  8. luj1

    What would Grimoire's flaws be? Genuinely curious

    balance? poor accessibility (if you consider that a flaw in a retro blobber) Obviously bugs What else? Any fundamental design flaws? I'm honestly trying here
  9. oklabsoft

    Indie Lurking II: A Madness

    Lurking II: A Madness (Released!) from OKLABSOFT Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Windows Buy us a couple of pints ($10) and you could be immersing yourself in a party-based classic rpg experience lovingly crafted in the early Ultima style. No Kickstarter, third party engines, or...

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