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Eternity Avowed - Obsidian's first person action-RPG in the Pillars of Eternity setting - coming November 12th(?)


Nov 21, 2010
Codex Year of the Donut
I guess games like M&B avoid all these by having the player fight against NPCs of equal agency and proactivity who can do all the same things as the player.
That's the thing that I don't quite get about modern CRPGs. Mount & Blade was released in 2008. A huge chunk of fantasy media involves fairly decent sized battles. Yet, there's never really been a successful marriage of the two. You can still have your player power fantasy story, but when you're doing faction quests, you're typically not only building your reputation but you're also building up that faction. New Vegas' fight at the Hoover Dam was pretty close to it, though, but it still feels somewhat scripted.
Yes - that would make sense. Running a kingdom, go on quests in a map like BG1 - maybe a much fancier version of Birthright: Gorgon's Alliance but more focus on main char development, and not the Crusader Kingdoms level of ... wait a second... that could be something.

Either way, You choose a class - you pick from a list of classes a la Morrowind or create your own class. You go around and solve problems and get rewards, and raise an army. Once you level up enough, you attack a weak castle. You have your typical M&B 200 v 200 or whatever battle. Once you have a base of operations, you
  • Healers - go around healing and buffing the team, and fights with a war mace - depending on your character focus. Maybe raise the dead as undead to fight during battle.
  • Fighters - go toe to toe, or ride around in mounted combat but actually use the +2 Greatsword plus feats
  • Mages - use crossbow, spells (entangle, fireball, whatever) - eh, M&B with fireballs (on both sides) would be pretty awesome. Maybe with real world Myth: Soulblighter level destruction and teraforming when blasting the castle (which you'll have to pay to fix later on, if you take over the building)
  • Rogues - do idiotic flips and stabs in combat for the Assassins Creed crowd ... sigh. An unstoppable, unrealistic, killing maching. Doesn't raise an army, takes on 200 mounted knights while standing there like an idiot - picture Legolas or whatever
  • Bards - play music during combat, then get captured and suck off the enemy to escape
I guess I would like to see something like this - I liked M&B but the game outside of combat was a bit shallow.


Oct 5, 2017
Is it a Zoomer or a Soylennial thing to use these type of terms non-stop



I post news
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Jan 28, 2011
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Is it a Zoomer or a Soylennial thing to use these type of terms non-stop


Now it's really official: Obsidian confirmed with PC Gamer that Keener will in fact portray Kai in Avowed, and also shared the rest of the talent behind the game's main cast of companions. Here's who you'll be meeting on your travels through the Living Lands:
  • Brandon Keener, who we've already talked about, will give life to Kai, a coastal aumaua soldier
  • Mara Junot, best known as the voice of Ikora Rey in Destiny 2, will portray Giatta, one of the ocean folk from the Vailian settlement of Fior mes Ivèrno
  • Anjali Bhimani, who portrayed Medusa in Stray Gods and Commander Natara in Starfield, is Yatzli, a hearth orlan wizard
  • Scott Whyte, whose many roles include Rathma in Diablo 4, will give voice to the boreal dwarf Marius


Aug 21, 2023
This kind of depends on the writing itself. It's always kind of silly when you present the player with a world ending threat as well as fairly powerful factions in the game that the player can join and side with, and then those factions all seem to fuck off near the end when the player faces the world ending threat. If you're going to toss those two things together in the same game, you're going to have to do some masterful writing to explain why those factions have no interest in saving themselves, because they're part of the same world that's going to get ended if the player fails.
Yeah, this is the issue. I think New Vegas handled it well but you still get the feeling that nobody except you is really proactively doing anything, and whoever you pick is guaranteed to win as they're blssed with having the most important person in the universe on their side. People in the world do at least mention how they're preparing to take over the Strip but when it comes down to it, nobody can do anything without the player. It's even more odd in a game with so many sidequests because the entire conflict will pause until the player does something to activate it, with both sides in stasis until the player's ready.
Pathfinder kingmaker had timed quests so the bad guys won if you took too long, but nearly everyone got super mad when they took 3000 days to do anything and something bad happened and immediately wrote a bad review or modded it out.


Jan 18, 2024
No romance? Should be incline to about 95% of codex, then

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