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Game News dreeps, possibly the most exciting RPG currently in development


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Jun 18, 2002
Tags: dreeps

It's not often I post news, so when I do, you know it's something important. Something so ground-breaking that the industry will forever be defined as before this point and after this point.

Today, that point is dreeps. dreeps is "the first Alarm Playing Game". Here's the low-down straight from the developer who contacted us:

The Concept
dreeps is a game for people who don’t have the time to play RPG anymore.
Just set the alarm and you’ll be able to enjoy an RPG-ish adventure with this Alarm Playing Game.

First, here is the trailer and the website links:

dreeps Website

How to play dreeps
It’s very simple.
Just set the alarm. 
That’s it!

Before going to bed, set the alarm and dreeps main character, a robot boy will sleep too.

On the morning, wake up with the alarm, go to school or work, and the robot-boy will go on an adventure, walking through fields, valleys and toward bosses dungeons located on peninsulas.

Once you defeated the bosses in dungeons, you will got a new alarm. If you set it, the boss will become you companion and go on adventure with you.

You can watch how the adventure is going on your iPhone when taking a break or just by putting it on your desk, any moment that fits your lifestyle.

Particularities of dreeps
1: Since everything is activated by setting the alarm, it totally follow the player life rhythm. By having a good sleep, the hero will regenerate as well, a healthy life will have impact in the game.

2: In classic RPG, getting results is one of the main award, but dreeps which is a game you just let turned on, emphasises more on the process, the strange landscapes you’ll see, the music you’ll hear, during the adventure. There’s no text in the game because we prefer to let people feel the ambiance and think themselves about the story. Each experience and interpretation might be different.

3: Since you just have to set the alarm before going to bed, even the people who don’t have time to enjoy their favourite RPG anymore or light user can enjoy an adventure too.

The release will be first on iPhone. For the moment, we have got any plans on Android.​

Sure, it's for only for iPhone now but rest assured, this exciting break-through in innovative game play will no doubt be coming to a PC near you!
Oct 19, 2010
I like how the guy who hasn't got time for RPGs spends all his time sleeping, eating and looking wistfully into the distance


Aug 23, 2012
good. make em productive. not time wasters for once.
dumb fucks


Waster of Time
Sep 15, 2006
Finnegan's Wake
I liked how the characters looked exotic but still a little human-like. And controlling them while they walk through a dystopian landscape, meet friends, eat, sleep, stare off into the distance and check their pads looks like a lot of fun. Especially the pads, gives a nice Star Trek crossover feeling.
THough the main question remains:
But will it balance?


Jan 14, 2014
I hope next someone will make an RPG for people who have time but don't have the motivation to play.


Feb 5, 2007
so a tamagotchi game then

Much disappoint, after the title. This is BS.

I hope next someone will make an RPG for people who have time but don't have the motivation to play.
I'm more interested in RPGs made for people who like RPGs, if I'm honest.

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