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Expeditions: Rome - the final Expeditions game from Logic Artists


May 9, 2019
Well the obligatory nods to diversity and slavery aside, where exactly is he wrong? The accuracy of Expeditions:Rome is skin deep and essentially a theme park version of the real thing, its "authencity" is that of a hollywood movie like "Gladiator" so that the average doofus can recognize it. Just ask your average normie what ethnicity Cleopatra was or where the name comes from and despair. Historicity and good gameplay are often mutually exclusive and rare is the historically accurate game that manages to have good gameplay- too often you have to serve popular stereotypes and sacrifice accuracy for a satisfying gameplay loop.


Dec 11, 2016
RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag. Pathfinder: Wrath I helped put crap in Monomyth
All said and done this Devereaux chap seems to have some tremendous Imperial butthurt.

well, since he's professor specialized in Roman history, of course he's got opinions on the consequences of imperial powers. I've been following his blog over at acoup.blog for quite some time and he's written a bunch of interesting stuff, either on more pop culture viewed by the lens of a military history (on Lord of the Rings, Games of Thrones, Paradox Grand strategy games) or on more historic subject like Sparta, material production in pre-modern era, fortifications, trench warfare... Yes, he's got his (liberal) biases, but I found his writing enjoyable, mostly easy to follow and instructive.


Sep 25, 2012
Strap Yourselves In Serpent in the Staglands Shadorwun: Hong Kong Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag. Pathfinder: Wrath I'm very into cock and ball torture I helped put crap in Monomyth
All said and done this Devereaux chap seems to have some tremendous Imperial butthurt.

well, since he's professor specialized in Roman history, of course he's got opinions on the consequences of imperial powers. I've been following his blog over at acoup.blog for quite some time and he's written a bunch of interesting stuff, either on more pop culture viewed by the lens of a military history (on Lord of the Rings, Games of Thrones, Paradox Grand strategy games) or on more historic subject like Sparta, material production in pre-modern era, fortifications, trench warfare... Yes, he's got his (liberal) biases, but I found his writing enjoyable, mostly easy to follow and instructive.

Abu Antar

Turn-based Poster
Jan 19, 2014
Enjoy the Revolution! Another revolution around the sun that is. Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Wrath I'm very into cock and ball torture I helped put crap in Monomyth

DevDiary 19 - Legion Battle Update and Gamepad Support

Ave! After a small break, we have another DevDiary for you with an update on two of the major things we’ve been working on for Expeditions: Rome. Since our last update, we’ve made excellent progress on the new legion battle system, and we’re pleased to report that it’s shaping up to be a lot more interesting than the old minigame. At the same time, we’ve been working to improve our gamepad support to get rid of the cursor emulation in most parts of the game, to make it a better experience to play Rome from the comfort of your couch.

First, let’s take a look at the state of the legion battle system. If you didn’t read our last DevDiary where we talked about our plans, you may want to go and skim over it now so we’re all on the same page before you read on.

All caught up? Great. Now: our technical designer Casper finished a prototype implementation of the improved legion battles a week and a half ago and started working on some basic rebalancing. Once this was in place, we were able to play around with the system and get a sense of how it feels. As hoped, the changes have both made the legion battles easier to understand and greatly improved the sense that your stratagem choices really matter. One wrong decision or reckless risk taken can cause the death of one of your centurions or mean the difference between the enemy army scattering or retreating to fight another day.

The fact that you now interface with the system entirely through the specialisation points from your centurions and stratagems, gives you a better overview of the ebb and flow of battle. The unpredictability of the previous behind-the-scenes dice-rolls is replaced by which stratagems are played by your enemy, but since you get some up-front information about that, you can adjust your choices based on what the enemy does. This adds a feeling that your enemies are working against you, which supports the fantasy of legion command much better than the randomness of the old system (and makes you curse your enemies when they counter your Artillery points, preventing you from reaching the next tier in that specialisation).

One discovery we made as we were testing was that we still needed to keep the more specific direct effects on the outcome cards. As you may know from playing the current game, the stratagem selection you get at the end of each battle changes depending on whether you won or lost. Since these cards take effect after the outcome of the battle is already determined, it made little sense to keep adding more points to the specialisations, since many of the specialisation effects are no longer relevant once the battle is won or lost. For this reason, you’ll still see specific effects on those cards in the new system, such as Show Mercy costing you a few Morale points while replenishing your Legion Manpower with fresh recruits.

Once we knew that we had achieved what we wanted with the new system, Casper started working with our intrepid UI designer Anca to update the interface to look good and communicate the new features. A lot of work was put into adding new animations to help the player understand what’s happening. The tutorials have also been updated, explaining the legion battles in substantially more detail than the old system was.

The other major update we’ve been working on is proper gamepad support. As you know if you’ve tried to enable controller input while playing Expeditions: Rome, the current version relies heavily on cursor emulation. Our first priority was to remove cursor emulation from the exploration, worldmap, and combat parts of the game. The character is now controlled directly by the Left Stick outside of combat. Movement uses the same sort of pathfinding as you get if you hold down the left mouse button when playing on mouse and keyboard, so your character will automatically move around objects, avoid obstacles, and so on. It can take a little getting used to, but it feels very organic after a moment, and prevents you running into walls.

In combat, the camera moves freely but the cursor is replaced by a crosshair at the center of the viewport that selects characters and tells them where to go. You can of course still cycle characters with the bumper buttons as you’d expect. Skills are cycled with the D-Pad by default, and the face buttons swap weapons, toggle the character tooltip, and reset the camera focus.

The next big task before we can consider the controller implementation final is to update most of the UIs to get rid of the cursor emulation as well, allowing you to navigate with the D-Pad and the sticks instead, and assigning new shortcuts to common functions. We’ve already updated the dialogue panel so you cycle the options with the D-Pad and continue or skip with the face buttons, and we’ve just updated all the UIs related to character creation as well. We’re probably going to keep the cursor emulation in the party panels (the skill and inventory screens) since it allows you to read all the tooltips and frankly makes inventory navigation faster than if you’d have to navigate with a D-Pad, but we have other solutions for all other interface panels.

The legion battle system may be released within the next couple of weeks, but you should expect full gamepad support around the beginning of April. Thank you so much for playing Expeditions: Rome and giving us your feedback, and please do join our DevStream this Wednesday, March 16th, at 1:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM GMT at http://twitch.tv/thqnordic. We’ll show off a little of the new legion battle system and answer your questions about it, about playing Rome with a controller, or really about anything you’d like to ask about the game.



Nov 4, 2012
The Satellite Of Love
Not to be a whiny bastard but I'm like an hour in and I'm pissed about being made a Legate. What's this weird-ass battle system where lots of icons move at each other while I choose cards?

I feel like Conquistador was already a pretty perfect formula - you control a small party (made of people of your choosing) and that's the scope of the game. You walk around on the map doing CYOA shit and getting into turn baesd battles. It was great. What's all this new stuff? I don't want to gather crafting supplies to build a base! I don't want to control armies! Shit! I just want to lead a small party entirely made of people with the "RACIST" trait and then aggro them by inviting locals into the team!

The scope of this one just feels too big and the extra systems are a distraction from the best thing in the game, the small turn-based battles.


Nov 4, 2012
The Satellite Of Love
Playing some more of it and, to dredge up shit from the last few pages, the special objectives in combat are annoying as hell. What's the point of even building characters to suit a playstyle if you end up just having to haul ass over to a set location within four turns anyway. Plus virtually all battles have reinforcements, fuck off.

Super annoying because again, the combat is the best thing about the game - but not only do they make you do a bunch of dumb world map shit before actually getting to the combat, but when you finally actually get to some proper gameplay, it's rendered an annoyance because it's a matter of "find out how to beat this in X number of turns" or "try to move the whole party over here while guys keep spawning next to you".

How hard is it to just make a turn-based combat game? Please! PLEASE


I post news
Staff Member
Jan 28, 2011
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Oh, it's here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/987840/view/3090039166233275265

Patch 1.3
Bug Fixes:

● Added some additional checks to ensure the Legion Battle crowd music stops after the battle ends.
● Fixed an issue where un-assigning the Player Character from the Hospital assignment early could cause issues.
● Fixed an issue on the Rubicon involving letting the intro cutscene player and then loading the auto-save can get stuck on a black loading screen.
● Fixed an issue where it’s possible to get the briefing for Pacifications even though the quest is not active under certain circumstances.
● Fixed an issue where the Arcana Imperii achievement would not unlock with some dialog branches.


● Made it possible to access the Outpost Manager features from the world map so long as you are “near” a controlled Outpost:

  • Water will automatically be replenished when within range
  • No food or water will be consumed when within range of the outpost
  • Praetorians that are done with assignments will be set back to Ready State
  • Can assign Praetorians to tasks
  • Can pick up crafted items

● Added a few new tutorials for the new features.
● Changed uncompleted Pacification Quests to fail after Sieges are completed instead of when the Siege quest is started.

Balance Changes:

● Adjusted the balance of multiple Legion Missions. Mostly reduced some of the reward ranges and reduced slaves cost on a Pacification Legion Mission variation. Notably reduced the Food rewards from Hunting Grounds.



Legion battle system revamp

In the latest patch 1.3.0, we have revamped the legion battle system. The system has been streamlined to rely fully on pitting your centurions’ command specialisations against those of the enemy army to unlock particular effects that can turn the tide of battle. All stratagems have been redesigned to add or remove specialisation points, and several balance changes have also been made to the system. Most importantly, manpower attrition is now based fully on the size of the opposing army.

The tutorials surrounding legion battles and centurion recruitment have been updated to account for the changes, and expanded to explain the system in more detail. Along with the built-in UI elements that provide an overview of how elements of the system work, we hope that you will find this system to be more straight-forward and more engaging than the previous design. Have fun!



Glory to Ukraine
Feb 19, 2020
anima Bȳzantiī
Dope. Real life means I didn't get any further than finishing the first region (act?), but this is as good an excuse as any to continue it. Really glad they made all those outpost features available from the map, that was such a continual time waste.

Quite the shame that they're shutting down the studio, given the degree of attention and care they seem to be paying to user feedback.

Also how did you just tag me in this, Infinitron? (I don't see my name mentioned. o.o)


Dec 28, 2013
Guys what is the patching and expansion plan? Like with all games nowadays I wait for them to be totally complete so that's usually 2 years I think.
I'm currently playing ATOM but Id like to play this when its all finished.


Nov 20, 2019


May 5, 2012
Guys what is the patching and expansion plan? Like with all games nowadays I wait for them to be totally complete so that's usually 2 years I think.
I'm currently playing ATOM but Id like to play this when its all finished.
No anounced plans yet but THQ Nordic is doing a digital showcase in kek a few months and Rome is clearly featured in the teaser at the 36 seconds mark


Mar 22, 2015
Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
Wait my main character class is SHIT.

Is there any way to respec in this game to the light melee class?


I post news
Staff Member
Jan 28, 2011
Codex Year of the Donut Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Wrath I'm very into cock and ball torture I helped put crap in Monomyth


DevDiary 20 - Death or Glory DLC

Ave Legate! The day has finally come! Today we are releasing the DLC expansion we’ve been working on for Expeditions: Rome. Pop open a flask of passum or mulsum and get comfortable because this DevDiary will have a lot of information.

The DLC is called Death or Glory and will center on gladiators and gladiatorial combat. Death or Glory introduces the new playable Gladiator character class to the game with its own unique armor type and an exotic “Scissor” off-hand weapon (pronounced “Skee-sor”). It also adds a new set of side quests to each of the three campaigns – featuring new characters – where you visit gladiatorial arenas and rise through the ranks to face the champion.

Once you become the champion of each arena, you will unlock the option to continue to play randomized matches to your heart’s content, and if you don’t have time to replay the game’s story, you can also access these new quests directly from the main menu as a special Gladiator Mode where every fight will level you up and award randomized loot and legendary items.

Work on this DLC started in earnest right around the release of the game. We had already settled on the gladiator theme, and the art department had started making assets and setting up the levels before Rome was released. Once Rome was out, we were able to informally poll our fans on Discord about how they would like a DLC for Rome to work, and the overwhelming consensus was that it would be best to add new features and content to the main game to shake up the replays. With this in mind, we designed the structure of the quests to fit into the main game as well as to work in a stand-alone Gladiator Mode, and we set about applying all our knowledge of Rome’s existing character classes to designing a new class that would fit into the existing features and feel different and exciting to play.

Let’s break down all this exciting new content.

First off, the Gladiator class. When you start a new game with the Death or Glory installed, you will have the option to play this class yourself. Alternatively, you may choose to change Deianeira into a Gladiator. If you disable that option, she will remain a Princeps as she originally was. Gladiators can also now be recruited from the barracks, and if you assign them as Centurions they will apply a unique bonus in the new legion battle system if chosen to command just like every other class.

The Gladiator class comes with a full set of 24 class skills and is no doubt the most diverse class in the game, with each of its skill trees focused on a distinct type of play: the Secutor is a heavily armored defensive fighter; the Retiarius is a cunning and mobile skirmisher with many tools to manipulate the movement and positioning of enemies or allies; and the Provocator is a bold showman that can bolster the morale of allies or wear down the morale of their opponents.

Setting the class further apart from the existing classes, the Gladiator’s special class stat is Retaliation. This is a percentage probability that the Gladiator will get to make a free counter-attack against any enemy who hits them in melee. This is different from a mere Attack of Opportunity in that there is no limit on how many Retaliations can be made per turn. The Gladiator has an inherent Retaliation chance which can be further bolstered by the new Gladiator armor, helmet, and the exotic Scissor weapon.

The Scissor is an off-hand weapon which is essentially a gauntlet with a hooked blade affixed – like a punch-dagger, but weirder! Only the Gladiator can wield it. In addition to a full set of new weapon skills, it also introduces combo skills for all the existing off-hand weapons in the game. A particularly fun combo is to use Retaliating Strike to apply a couple of stacks of Retaliating to yourself, which increases your Retaliation Chance, and then follow up with Riposte which deals extra damage for each stack of Retaliating you have. Legendary scissors with new charms can also be found throughout the game, such as the scissor called “Invictus” that allows a second counter-attack to trigger against the same attack.

As if that weren’t enough, Death or Glory also adds a couple of new tactical items that can be purchased from the arena merchants: the Acid Flask, which eats away enemy armor, and the Hunting Trap which can be placed on the ground to damage and cripple the first enemy who moves into it.

With all these new toys to play with, you’re going to need some worthy opposition as well. To this end, Death or Glory will add a new arena to each of the campaign maps where you are invited to participate in matches against formidable gladiators. These opponents will test your tactical cunning in encounters using the new Audience Approval mechanic: every fight in the arena imposes certain conditions that will raise or lower the Audience Approval depending on your actions. Reaching a certain level of Audience Approval or gaining enough of it in one turn will grant powerful buffs to your whole team, allowing you to turn the tide of a tough fight. If Audience Approval falls to -100 you will lose the match, but if you can raise it to +100, you will be victorious.

Humans are not the only opponent you’ll have to contend with. In the famous Lion Arena of Lower Egypt, you will face ferocious beasts that will test your tactical skills in entirely new ways. Male lions hang back and wait while female lions work together to take down their prey. Lions do not choose sides, however, and if you are cunning in your positioning, the beasts may be just as dangerous to your human opponents as they are to you.

Each arena has its own champion that you must defeat in the end if you wish to become the champion yourself. Doing so will earn you special prizes, including the privilege of using the unique color themes and emblems of the arena for your praetorian guard or your legion. Moreover, you will unlock the option to engage in repeatable, randomized matches to defend your title. Return to the arena any time you’d like after you become its champion and simply request a match. Random enemies will be spawned, Audience Approval conditions will be chosen at random, and there will even be a chance for catapults or traps to appear to shake things up. Don’t worry, any tactical items you spend in a randomized arena match will be refunded at the end of the encounter.

If you access the arenas directly from the main menu through the Gladiator Mode, you will get your full party of companions starting at level 5, with complete freedom to assign all your skill points as you please. You will also be given a random drop of items, and between each fight you will gain 1 more level, another random loot drop including 1-3 tactical items, and exactly 1 legendary item. In this mode, injuries are automatically cleared after every encounter as you are not allowed to leave the arena to treat them, but tactical item charges do not replenish. Only when you become the champion of an arena are you permitted to leave the level and move directly to the next arena. Becoming the champion of all three arenas in Gladiator Mode will reward you with a unique Victoria Statue trophy for your tent or villa.

As you can hopefully tell, Death or Glory adds quite a significant chunk of new stuff to the game, but that’s not even all. At the same time as we’re releasing the DLC, we will release a patch with a new content update that includes new companion dialogue sprinkled throughout the game, four new Roman legendary armours to find as loot, three new dagger-dagger combo skills, two new hair options for each gender, some new portraits for certain NPCs, and a slew of new quality of life improvements all over the place. Plus of course more bug fixes and balance tweaks than you can shake a tersorium at.

We’re extremely excited to release this big new update to you all alongside Death or Glory, and to read your reactions to everything. It’s been a hectic but wonderful time for us since release, balancing our work on the DLC with the ongoing response to your feedback, and we’re very proud of everything that Death or Glory adds to the game. Please drop by our DevStream today at 9:00 AM Eastern / 2:00 PM BST at http://twitch.tv/thqnordic to chat with Senior Producer Brad Logston, Creative Director Jonas Wæver, and our hard-working combat designer Hans Emil Hoppe-Rauer about Death or Glory and the big update, or whatever else you’d like to ask us about.

Until then, Valete!


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Jan 28, 2011
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Patch changelog: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/987840/view/3184616030954367784

This update contains several major changes to class skills, including one skill for the Princeps and one for the Veles that have been replaced entirely. When you load an old save after this patch, you will be offered a one-time opportunity to refund all skill points and reset the skill trees for your entire party.

New Content and Features:

● Added 3 new dagger-dagger combo weapon skills for players who want to go full Duel-Wielding Rogue.
● Added 2 new female and 2 new male hairstyles to character creation based on certain available portraits.
● Liviana’s and Claudiana's portraits will now reflect the skin color of the Player Character. No more "adopted" status effect.
● Archelaus, Theophilus, Damianos, and Warmaksan now have character portraits.
● Added four new unique Roman armors with associated new charms that will drop randomly throughout the game.
● Added a charm to the Boar Talisman as it was the only unique item that didn’t have one.
● Added some new branches of camp dialogue for all the companions throughout all three campaigns.
● Added new camp dialogue for all companions reacting to your chosen romance.
● Added new camp dialogue for most companions reacting to a certain choice in the quest End of the Aedui.
● Added companion banter after the Ambiorix’s Warning encounter in case you win, so the quest doesn’t end as abruptly.
● Added a warning message on screen during the preparation phase whenever the enemy will get the first turn in an encounter.
● Added a warning message if you attempt to load into a level without a full party (you can still enter, you’ll just be warned that it may make things too difficult).
● When attempting to load into a level where a certain character is required to enter but that character is currently assigned to an outpost assignment, an option to remove the character from the outpost assignment has been added.
● Similarly, updated the Siege Follower Selection so that any character assigned to outpost assignments will be unassigned, allowing them to be chosen for the siege.
● You can now add followers to the party by double-clicking on them when selecting which members to take in the follower selection UI.
● Added an option to show or hide the UI so you can take prettier screenshots.
● It's now possible to target characters by clicking on their character portraits on the HUD during an encounter.
● Pacification quests are now automatically tracked when received.
● The wardrobe in the player’s bedroom in the villa in Rome can now be used to replenish tactical items if the legatus tent is upgraded to at least level 1.
● Added a new tutorial about Morale that will trigger the first time a character breaks.
● Added an option to permanently dismiss the VIP recruits from the Barracks.
Bug Fixes:

● Fixed an issue with the Berber headband clipping through Bestia’s head.
● Fixed a flicker in the facial hair of Dumnorix.
● Continued game stability improvements (crash bugs).
● Fixed an issue with a water jug being out of reach in the family villa during the Res Publica quest.
● Fixed an issue with the autosave icon not going away during the Awjila siege.
● Fixed a nonfunctional ladder in Mytilene.
● Fixed an issue in the Smuggler’s Cave with a couple of hexes that would cause the character’s legs to not animate correctly.
● Fixed an issue with Legio Victrix getting stuck at the Lugdunensis outpost under certain conditions.
● Fixed an issue with equipped unarmed weapon skills being replaced by newly unlocked ones.
● Fixed an issue with the character’s legs not animating correctly on a certain hex in the Hidden Roman Campsite level.
● Fixed an issue where under certain conditions the crafting times would not be reduced when a Praetorian with the Crafty trait was assigned to the armory.
● Fixed an issue with Gracing Shot getting removed after its first shot and made it a toggle.
● Fixed an issue with the character’s legs not animating correctly on certain hexes in the Chalkedon siege.
● Re-positioned some characters that were positioned at bad spots during the Last Stand quest.
● Fixed an issue with hired praetorians losing their custom names when rehiring them in the barracks.
● Fixed a rock in the Gaul Creek Camp pacification level that the player could fall through.
● Ficker a flickering texture issue with the POI UI graphic on the world map when using the “hold to move” method of moving the character.
● Fixed a bug where you could open menu screens while a legion battle was pending.
● Fixed an issue where the character’s legs were not animating correctly on certain hexes in several levels.
● Fixed an issue where some stats on the legion stratagems would not appear when clicking between the different tabs of the workshop UI.
● Fixed a minor jitter of the weapon swap button on the character’s weapons in the inventory UI.
● Fixed an issue in the Troas Fishing Village where a rooftop wasn’t completely fading away.
● Fixed some pathfinding with the hexes in the Senate.
● Fixed an issue with Caeso not staying down after the encounter in the Senate.
● Fixed an issue with the Lunge skill not adding critical damage from helmets.
● Fixed an issue with the Legio Ferrata emblem not unlocking.
● Fixed an issue with Rousing Speech having a 1 second linger at the start of its animation.
● Fixed Alexander’s Spear making stunned and knocked-down enemies stand up and run away.
● Fixed an issue on the Cliff Pass Overlook level where players could get stuck in place if they happen to be standing on a certain hex when the encounter is over.
● Fixed a minor collision issue in the Memphis level.
● Fixed a fence you could walk through in the Coastal Village level.
● Fixed an issue where the Tax Collectors side quest could be accessed slightly before it was intended to be.
● Fixed a pathfinding issue with a bad hex in the Alesia siege.
● Implemented a retroactive fix that will fix some save files where the legion was stuck during legion missions due to navigation issues (the navigation issue was fixed on a previous update).
● Fixed an issue with some male NPCs in the Africa region missing an arm.
● Fixed an issue with the +Armor Shred buff from the Shredder passive skill getting removed when playing through multiple encounters. Also restored the ability to existing save files.
● Removed broken Erithas Medallion upgrade which required the unique material and therefore was not possible.
● Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck on a certain hex in the Gaul Cave level.
● Fixed a translation issue for the subtitles on the opening cinematic in Spanish.
● Fixed some translation issues.
● Fixed an issue with the health bonus from Dumnorix’s shield not applying the health boost.
● Fixed an issue with the movement bonus from the Ancile shield not applying to characters.
● Fixed an issue where in certain levels ally characters were not added to the correct team (in the background) so their damage numbers could be affected by the game difficulty setting.
● Fixed an issue with the Sunder class ability still being able to be used even if the character was disarmed.
● Fixed the charm on Caeso’s armor describing the wrong effect for the Indomitable status.
● Fixed an issue with the Herding Cats quest being able to be improperly completed.
● Fixed an issue on the second encounter in the Alexandria Siege that could cause the player to get stuck on the map.
● Fixed an issue with Turius Orestes’ dialog involving more than 1 Pacification quest when only 1 Pacification quest is active.
● Added an option to delay the Alexandria assault in Turius Orestes’ dialog in case you still have pacification quests left to do.
● Fixed a potential issue where the VIXI ambush in the Cliff Pits level might retrigger but not be allowed to actually start a 2nd time, causing you to load into the level with no enemies around and be able to just leave again immediately.
● Fixed the Beach Village being called “Rural Village” in the pacification tutorial.
● Fixed an issue in the Chalkedon siege where under certain circumstances characters who had not been part of the previous encounters would not start with full health.
● Fixed an issue with the Rhianus NPC during the Divide and Conquer quest with some of his dialog not matching the scenario outcome.
● Fixed an issue with Meddur having dialog related to Sekkura before speaking to Lunja about it first.
● Fixed an issue with Suppressing Shots not consuming an action point under certain conditions.
● Fixed an issue with possibly getting stuck on the Greece world map, near the Nikomedeia area.
● Fixed an issue with world map POIs appearing when the POI is on cooldown.
● Fixed an issue with characters not getting incapacitated if enough stacks of Burned was placed on them.
● Fixed an issue with mission timers sometimes not being correct.
● Fixed an issue with some decals on the Gravesite level not displaying correctly.
● Fixed some overlapping UI text in various languages.
● Fixed an issue with Julia’s unique armor rolling base stats instead of affixes.
● Fixed an issue with Caeso’s helmet not having any affixes on Tier 3.
● Fixed an issue with Dumnorix’s shield Piercing resistance not being correctly applied when equipped.
● Fixed an issue on the Beach Village pacification (release captive legionarii) with certain hexes having cover when they’re not supposed to.
● Fixed a bug where the "pick-up" step of "A Better Lorica" quest would not complete if you directly dismantled the armor in the chest.
● Fixed an issue with weapons not being properly positioned in the character’s hand under certain conditions.
● Fixed an issue with a door not having collision in Alesia.
● Fixed an issue with Spin Attack only hitting a knocked down enemy once instead of five times.
● Fixed the charms of Caesar's sword, Meddur’s shield, and Tutankhammon’s Dagger not working if moved to other items via crafting.
● Fixed an issue with the auto-level button on the skills page not allocating points to some skills when used.
● Fixed an issue with Hortensius and Corvinus using invalid weapons during the Ambiorix’s Warning quest.
● Fixed an issue with the Boar Whisperer using invalid weapons during the Boar Whisperer pacification quest in Gaul.
● Fixed an issue with Julia’s “shooting” animation not playing correctly in some situations.
● Fixed a harmless but rather alarming issue with some hexes catching fire again when loading a save file in the family villa during the Res Publica quest.
● Fixed an issue with the Temple Fire side quest not working correctly under certain situations.
● Fixed an issue with the “You have unspent skill points” still appearing on screen after disbanding the legion in Rome.
● Fixed an issue where the Arcana Imperii achievement would not unlock in some of the dialogue branches that led to the player being made Proconsul of Egypt.
● Fixed an issue with the damage previews displaying on friendly characters under certain situations.
● Fixed an issue in the Troas Fishing Village where the player could get stuck between two wooden planks
● Fixed a progression blocker during the “In This Mess” quest under certain situations.
● Fixed a progression blocker involving the Alexandria siege with Raia under certain situations.
● Fixed a progression blocker on the Tiny Desert Camp pacification under certain situations.
● Fixed an issue with fleeing enemies not counting during encounters with “reduce enemies” conditions.
● Fixed an issue in the Collegium Bacchus that could potentially cause a weapon to get deleted if assigned to Deianeira before visiting the level.
● Fixed an exploit with the cancel movement option which could be used to avoid Attacks of Opportunity.
● Fixed the enemies being too low level in the hostage holdout in Lungundus Village.
● Fixed an issue with the staff weapon skill Shove not displaying any info in the combat log when used.
● Made it possible to walk between two of the tables in front of the barracks in all the outpost levels that you previously had to walk around.
● Fixed some minor rock collision issues in the Tiny Desert Camp level.
● Fixed an issue where the player character themselves could be assigned to go hunting in the Menhir Merchant travel event.
● Made some updates to address an issue with the controls not being functional on the worldmap after exiting a legion battle (please let us know if this still occurs).
● Fixed an issue in legion battles that could block progression if the enemy manpower reached 0 during the battle.
● Fixed one of Lurco’s triarii in the Ambiorix’ Warning encounter wielding veles equipment, and added a few more skills to some of his party members.


● Updated Corvinus in his boss fight to only camouflage when he is hit and gave him Tactical Advance to avoid Attacks of Opportunities.
● Added an auto-save trigger at the start of the 3rd encounter during the Awjila Siege.
● Translated some Roman Numbers to the appropriate Chinese symbol.
● Updated the Rousing Speech skill to make characters cheer, similar to Rally (with a 60% chance to cheer).
● Made some tweaks to the falling rubble in the Senate encounter for better animation, physics, and collision.
● The POIs on the world maps for repeatable legion missions will now disappear when the mission is on cooldown and then reappear when the mission is available to be done again.
● Minor art improvements in the Regia level.
● Minor art improvements in the Chalkedon siege.
● Lowered the POI icons for milestones on the world maps to be a little closer to the object.
● Moved the point of no return warnings from the Assault Alexandria and Besiege Alesia goals to their respective preceding briefing goals since it is already too late once you get the former.
● Added similar warnings to the end act 1 and end act 2 goals in Rome.
● Tactical items now show their charges in the inventory UI.
● Added action points display to encounter tooltips for characters that have more than 1 action point, so players can see that bosses have more movement and can possibly do two actions in a turn.
● Changed Secundus' portrait to the tan version to match his skin color.
● Made several changes to the “Social” perk:
○ Added unique notifications to the “Bath” assignment in that you will now be told which legion gained Morale and how much.
○ Updated so that it cannot increase Morale anymore if the legion has more than 25 Morale.
○ Increased the task duration from 32 to 35 hours.
● Set up the recruits in the barracks so that recruits that use a character portrait from the character creation pool will have their skin color randomized (less likely to match a portrait used by the main player character).
● Added a new goal to the quest “A Carpet Befitting a Queen” to explain that you must complete the quest “Diplomatic Distractions” before handing over the carpet to Cleopatra if “Diplomatic Distractions” is started while “A Carpet Befitting a Queen” is active, since Cleopatra leaves the Court of Heaven at that point.
● Added Scaevola (in the background) to the Senate during the Spoils of War quest if certain story decisions are made.
● Increased soundtrack variation by using the more “intense” music tracks in more places:
○ The Insidiis track now plays during the Mytilene siege, the Corvinus and Cassius fights in the Fishing Village, the Theophilus fight, both Forest Caravan pacification encounters, both Mountain Camp pacification encounters, the Fallen Tree, the Life or Money fight, and the main Warehouse encounter.
○ The Bellum combat track now plays during the Alexandria Assault, Festival Riot, VIXI (Decimus) outpost, Gravesite, the Aqueduct, Field of the Dead, Dangerous Dunes, Mirage Warriors, and all VIXI ambushes.
○ The Ingentia track now plays in Ambiorix Warning, Sacred Grove, Woodsman’s Cabin, Tribes marching, Forest Fire, Roman Hunters, and the VIXI ambushes.
● Tweaked the reverb effect in the player’s villa and the Smuggler’s Cave.
● Updated the icon for the Gracing Shot status effect.
● Updated the amount with which the approval ratings for Praetorians adjust when selecting dialog choices. This should make the approvals for Praetorians swing a bit more as you play.
● Daggers can now roll with a higher number of skills.
● Updated the encounter during the A Bouquet of Red Flags side quest to behave more like the practice fight in the outpost.
● Updated the Eagle Eye class skill: Your next bow attack cannot be resisted, will ignore shields, and has 2 charges.
● Updated the logic during the Assault on Alexandria mission to keep Raia from speaking if she dies during any part of the fight.
● Updated the description of Calida’s armor charm to say it works for any skill charge.
● Removed regular item crafting schematics from loot tables as they seemed like superfluous clutter.
● Updated Barrage to not say that it requires an action point in its tooltip. Made it so the skill cannot be activated if the character is missing an action point, since it would just be wasted.
● Updated the Tactical status effect and Tactical Advance tooltips to mention that they prevent trap activation.
● Updates to make sure Raia does not appear in certain areas and isn’t mentioned in the dialog if she is not in the party.
● Updated Ranging Shot to reveal traps; should reveal traps when an arrow hits an area similar to how it reveals Camouflaged characters.
● Updated Mark Target skill: Can be used on any spotted target. Marked has no duration (lasts forever on the target) and will spread to the nearest enemy if the character is killed by any ranged attack. Increases damage to the target by 25%. Upgrade to 50%.
● Oil thrown onto bonfires will now catch fire.
● The door in the Proconsul’s Villa in Africa will now automatically open after the encounter if the player did not open it.
● Updated some dialog in the Temple of Apollon if the player opens the chest near the temple before speaking to Theophilus.
● Updated the localization for the names of a couple of characters.
● Adjusted the position of some of the items in the inventory and skill UIs.
● The Lucullus’ Warcamp outpost has been renamed to “Eresos”, since it was weird that it was still called Lucullus Warcamp after his legion moved to another outpost.
● Updated Feint skill tooltip to mention that it is usable on friendlies.
● Added a status effect display for the Quick Feet passive skill.
● Swapped around cavalry breakpoints 6 and 9 in the new legion battle system, as it made more sense in terms of the use of those breakpoints.
● Added a 5x speed setting for the world map.


● Updated the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Pila to always shred 2 Armor points and only gain +1 Shield and Health damage from a tier upgrade.
● Updated tacticals which deal damage to not be able to inflict critical hits.
● Updated loot based on feedback:
○ Fewer item crafting materials (such as bowstrings) dropped from loot tables and from dismantling items.
○ Increased drop chance of good and pristine salvage when dismantling items.
● Adjusted the balance of multiple Legion Missions in regards to the amounts of rewards given (most noticeably food) and reduced slave cost.
● Updated Reaping so that it does not reset the cooldowns of tactical items, does not trigger when tacticals are used, and only triggers on melee attacks. Yes, it’s another Reaper nerf! You have only yourselves to blame ;)
● Added affix ranges for Bludgeoning Damage for swords, and also removed the upgrade set of Penetrating Damage tier l, so you can no longer acquire tier 2 or 3 versions as they gave the same stat range to roll anyway (less clutter).
● Made a small update to the Accuracy affix stat ranges.
● When Morale gets broken, it is updated so now it removes all Shield Strength from the broken character.
● The Lure class ability now has 2 charges instead of 1.
● Overdrawn Shot was too much of a no-brainer; now it applies Fatigued to self which reduces accuracy by 20% and crit chance by 10% for 2 rounds. Stacks 3 times.
● Updated the Ranging Shot skill as follows:
○ Double Accuracy range.
○ Spotted lasts 2 rounds.
○ Duration of the Ranging Shot zone is reduced to 2 rounds.
○ It is now a Free Action with 3 charges.
● Blood Thirsty now only grants a 10% increase in damage on its upgrade.
● Born Ready now gives flat starting amounts of focus max (4, 8, 12).
● Warhorn now has a smaller radius but will increase with upgrading.
● Updated Tactical Advance to apply Coordinated rather than trying to restore 3 movement through the Tactical Advance upgrade status. This is more intuitive and eliminates stacking with Logistics.
● The upgrade to the Deathblow skill no longer increases its damage multiplier from 50% to 100%, but instead allows the skill to combo with Stuck and Crippled as well.
● Lowered the Max Health multiplier from Calida’s unique armor base stats. Also its charm now only grants a 20% chance to refund skill charges instead of 50%.
● Bestia’s armor grants 15-25 --> 40-50 --> 65-75 Focus Max now, depending on the tier.
● The Reckless ability has been updated to increase damage by 25% and then 50% upon upgrading.
● Reduced the number of enemies in the Corvinus fight during Act 4.
● Gave Corvinus the Eagle Eye ability and added Ranging Shot to the other archer in his group.
● Updated the charm of Achilles’ Spear so it no longer has a 5% chance to retrigger on every turn.
● Legion battle balance tweaks:
○ Increased attrition (from 1% of strength to 2% per tick).
○ Increased cooldown of attack events by 1 day so they don’t happen as often.
○ Made travel events not trigger when close to a friendly outpost. Attack events and quest events will still trigger, however.
● The Rallied damage buff from the Banner of Mars has been reduced from 25% to 20%.

Known Issues:

● In certain situations, some of the Archers in the Africa Arena can go idle.
● When equipping the Gladiator Trident, the Retaliation Chance stats fail to be added to the player’s stats.
● The Hunting Traps will be unable to be placed in some narrow places even though it appears they can.
● When upgrading/unlocking buildings in the outpost, the Barracks tent can sometimes go missing. Reloading the outpost will fix this.
● Two characters can occupy the same hex if their pathfinding is interrupted.
● There are some ladders in the game that can’t be interacted with.
● Movement points can be lost if the character walks into a camouflaged enemy in the Amphitheatre.
● The Distracting Blow Unarmed Weapon Skill fails to prevent Lions from performing Attacks of Opportunity
● Some of the takedown animations play awkwardly when performed on a NPC in the Amphitheatre.


Jan 1, 2021
Is this it for the game or do they have more DLC/expansions planned?

Hopefully more DLCs. A sequel would be great, but since the developers are moving on to do "NFT" games the possibility of that happening is likely zilch unfortunately.

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