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May 5, 2018
Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag.
I will play it, but I just need to have a clear head from all of the well summarized critiques that are floating around. A comparison would be a well written and spoiler free review of The Last Jedi; once a case has been made and evidence give that the film has a political slant that doesn't weigh in equal measure with any talent, I'd rather not watch it at all, because it will actually damage my enjoyment of previous Star Wars films when I re-watch them. I'm a bit autistic like that.

In comparison to TTON - everybody has just said its just boring, so I'd rather wait until I've played W3 and The Bard's Tale to see evidence that InXIle can still make a game - otherwise its just a deep, dark, black hole of autistic despair resonating in my head that there's just no talent left in the gaming industry.


Dumbfuck Repressed Homosexual In My Safe Space
Apr 28, 2004
In comparison to TTON - everybody has just said its just boring,

Just FYI - the discussion surrounding TToN is very similar to what everyone on RPGDOT was saying about ToEE when it came out.

The same type of retarded hipster posers that apposed crpgs then are the same exact kind doing it lately. Hipster retard posers are gonna hipster retard pose - their only constant is having super bad taste and hating real crpgs.


Dumbfuck Douchebag! Village Idiot Repressed Homosexual Possibly Retarded Edgy Shitposter
Sep 14, 2013
mmhmm I'm sassy crpg fan that don't need no good game

Real crpgs suck!



backlog digger
Sep 10, 2010
Vigil's Keep
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Name and shame:

To my defense(?), I have not played Wasteland 2 yet (or nu-Torment, for that matter).
Funny how I ended up cancelling my pledge for WL3 and still have not started to play WL2. I did start Nu-Torment, but my interest in it kind of fizzled out after a few hours.

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