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Larian General Discussion Thread


Jun 13, 2019
It's funny how literally the most successful CRPG of all time did not get a review here.
Tbh the game is super big and you gotta do at least two complete runs to properly review it with how much content that's missable.


Jun 15, 2009
There is an incredibly strong bias against Larian here.
It would been easier to say what studio the Codex doesn't have a bias against or just pure hatred towards tbh.
Yes but the few guys making the news should be more neutral. In this case, it's very important information: new studios and two new RPGs are upcoming. These are likely to be of a much bigger scope, and I dare to say, much more exciting than what I see on the front page. For example, a coat of paint on a 43-year-old game, and some other pixel art garbage cashing in on nostalgia, pretending to copy Goldbox games while including nothing at all reminiscent of those games, and being more primitive than those decades-old games.

It's funny how literally the most successful CRPG of all time did not get a review here.

Larian and BG3 completely mind broke the codex.
Of course, it's not getting a review. Codex's style is edgy and critical of RPGs, which is hard to do since it's the best RPG ever made. If you start to write something that way about BG3, you have to keep the same standard for everyone else; then everything else is complete shit compared to it. The next exciting things are coming from Larian. There's absolutely nothing else, maybe a Fallout 5 done by Obsidian at best. Being extremely optimistic, some UFO indie dev might come out of nowhere, but most of the indies are primitive, backyard projects that do not improve upon 40-year-old games. It broke Codex's mind, but not only that. The first thing other developers said was not that they will strive to do their best and match it, but 'don't expect anything like that from us ever,' and indeed we will never get anything nearly as good from them.


Huge and Ever-Growing
Nov 5, 2014
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May 30, 2007
Sound track elevated a mediocre or slightly below average role playing game.

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